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Hype, Counter-Hype, Awesomeness, and The Last of Us

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(posted this earlier on my G+ feed: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112410201331427945983/posts/adjvwUsBD5G )

Just got done playing The Last of Us.

Anyone who tells you that it isn't as good as the hype is one of either:

1. Never played it.
2. Is more interested in being "different" than truth.
3. Is a lying liar who lies.
4. Someone who disagrees with me and is therefore evil and wrong Very Happy

One point against it; I hadn't been interested in this game previously because people were trying to make political points regarding the culture war. Those points were based around "ZOMG! Female character that isn't a sex object!", something which has never, ever happened in a game before right? ...right?

And then the DLC goes for token gay character. Though admittedly, it wasn't just shoehorned in the usual "LETS BE AS OBVIOUS AS POSSIBLE" way.

As Ellie might have said: I am so fucking sick of the fucking culture war.

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The Last of Us is an amazing game and it's easily in my top ten. Glad you enjoyed it.

Left Behind is also one of the best DLCs right alongside Lair of the Shadow Broker IMO.

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GZ for finally done playing The Last of Us  Very Happy

An amazing game with great characters and so many great moments.

It´s one of those games everybody should have played at least once for the experience.

And it´s the only game/Movie that made me cry in the first 10 minutes  Embarassed (the only other Story that did that was the Book "The Innocent Bone" from Cody Mcfadyen).

But it didn´t made me cry as much as Clannad 2nd Season (god to this day I can´t listen to Dango Daikazoku without crying Sad  ). Well, and Nier.

Last edited by Atheru on Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:37 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Because Stupid ...)

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Atheru wrote:GZ for finally done playing The Last of Us  Very Happy


And it´s the only game/Movie that made me cry in the first 10 minutes [...]


Within 5 seconds of the game reaching the point where it would accept input I knew it was going to be 1. horrible, and 2. great. The setup for the prologue is brilliant: if you so much as see the box art you know what is going to happen, but you don't know when, where or how. This makes the player just as scared as the character would be. After getting part way into it I restarted the game for [reasons], and it was just as scary the second time around the house when I knew what was going to happen. The prologue is the antithesis of the ME3 corporeal starchild.

By far my favorite part is winter, the playstyle is pretty close to my "natural" fighting style of focusing more on agility than toughness.

Also, they put INCREDIBLE effort into the details, just one that stuck out to me: pay attention to the color of Sarah's pajamas, then remember the ending. Speaking of the ending, when the twist happened I knew the consequences, but was simply too pissed off furious to care, just like [redacted] is. That is good game design.

I wouldn't object very strongly if there were a lorerun/exploration/etc on this..........

Oh and I had to stop for the night partway through the ending, was so wound up with worry that I had to look up the ending on wikipedia. That huge emotional yank it gives in the beginning only had 10 minutes of setup, they had 10 hours to setup the ending.

Last edited by FooQuuxman on Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:11 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : re: looking up the ending)

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FooQuuxman wrote:

Sorry, old WoW habit^^

It stands for gratz (gratulation) like lol for laughing out loud or gg for good game.

And yeah I wouldn´t mind a lorerun of it too Smile

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Eh, the problem I have with this game is how nothing about it interests me, the third person shooter/stealth hybrid gameplay (which seems to be the current standard for most games) has nothing unique about it and I have absolutely no interest in most zombie apocalypses.
Oh and I also don't technically own a PS3/4.

To me it's one of those games that despite having a shit ton of praise heaped on it and probably lives up to the praise, holds absolutely no appeal to me (Others would be almost anything Bethesda makes).

I just want Naughty Dog to make another Crash Bandicoot, even if it's legally impossible.

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The Last of Us is a great game in my opinion, one of the best of the last generation. But I can easily see why people would disagree with that. Even if they've played it, they don't have to be a "lying liar", "interested in being 'different'" or simply wrong if they don't think it's as good as most people say it is. It's not a game for everyone and it's a flawed game, even from my perspective.

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