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Fallout 4 Character sharing

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1 Fallout 4 Character sharing on Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:47 pm

Good day people of the wastes!

Now with fallout 4 on the horizon to bless us all with holy radiation I began thinking of what kind of character i want to create.
Should it be a intelligent smooth talker that will show the wasteland that the pen/plasma rifle is mightier than the super sledge OR should it be Crusader of the wastes that will purify the land from the mutants and heretics with Chainsword in hand.

While I’m still trying to decide on it, I thought I ask you good people what kind of character you are going to create and why.

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2 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Sun Nov 08, 2015 6:11 pm

I'm honestly totally undecided on this. So many possibilities. For the first playthrough, live on stream, I'll probably let the viewers help dictate it but for my own playthrough later? Man. I've played crazies, violently disturbed, innately good, and mercenary type chars in Fallout... not sure what else I can go with without descending into hideously evil.

The Lorerunner
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3 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:04 pm

A veteran of the Battle of Anchorage, Lucius comes home to his family only for a month before the bombs fell. As he awakes from Cryo, he finds the world as a eternal battlefield, and he must end it. With more violence.

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4 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:59 am

I'm not getting Fallout 4 until either Black Friday or after Christmas. I think I may need to exile myself from the internet during this time.

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5 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:23 am

I'll make somthing stealth focused haven't decided on other things depends how the game plays out i'll update as i go if i remember Smile

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6 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:04 pm







O'Brien was a simple everyday man just trying to support his family. He certainly was not the healthiest person in the world, he had an unknown condition where the simplest of cut to his body would bleed out like a waterfall, even broken bone's or a black-eye would be even worse for poor O'Brien. By sheer luck he was able to find himself a wife who then bore O'Brien a beautiful baby who did not suffer the same illness O'Brien. It was the happiest day of  O'Brien's life. He worked a normal everyday job at the office, chatting up customers like crazy, he was a leader, but he simple didn't know it yet.        
O'Brien lost everything, his wife, his child, the home they worked so hard to get, everything was just gone. He wants to due right by his family by helping others.

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7 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:29 am


S - 1

P - 7

E - 1

C - 4

I - 7

A - 7

L - 1

Serena is a loving mother and wife. Abit innocent and naive, but when faced with the reality of The Wasteland she leans on what she's been taught by her husband. Adequate sniper, who's perceptive, intelligent and agile. As a person she tries to find and see the best in everyone and is nice to everyone that treats her well. Though she is not above the occasional sarcastic snark or using her feminity to get her way.

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8 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:37 pm


S - 1

P - 8

E - 1

C - 8

I - 8

A - 1

L - 1

Pragmatic and adaptable. She went to school to become a Lawyer, and is able to read people well enough to get what she wants. She's good with a pistol and loves the Power Armor but uses it sparingly. She attempts to get on everyone's good side if for nothing more than information and caps. She can use her wiles to get what she wants, yet feels guilty since she feels she is betraying her husband's memory when she does.

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9 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:51 am

Fiona Love (maiden name)

S - 4

P - 2

E - 3

C - 8

I - 2

A - 9

L - 1

Action Girl: Action Point regeneration increase
Blitz: Major VATs melee distance increase
Ninja: Sneak Attack increase

Tertiary Perks
Inspirational: Companion Performance increase
Local Leader: Enhanced Base Building / Management

A naturally born sociopath having managed to integrate into pre-bombed society with the "help" of the government, who realized her potential in her early years. A genuine spook with a fabricated double-life (and no real emotional attachment to her supposed family), manipulation, survival and conflict are just another day at the office. Though not particularly suited to political critiquing, even she could see through the various missions arrayed upon her career and understood well what direction the world was turning. Unlike many other wastelanders, she's found the current state of the Commonwealth to be quite liberating and revels in her newfound freedom to conduct herself as she sees fit, without the yoke of governmental oversight.

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10 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:55 pm

I'll give you the complete rundown on my very first character so far:

Name: Riley

S P E C I A L - Permastats
1 7 3 6 5 6 1

Focus playstyle
Ballistic weaponry, gun crafting, stealth killing, and "careful diplomacy"

Perks so far
Black Widow 2 (don't you f***ing judge me!)
Action Girl 1
Gun Nut 2
Gunslinger 3
Medic 1
Rifleman 2
Scrapper 1
Sneak 1

Apparently I murdered 2 people?? There was that one scav I didn't see until he nutted out because I invaded his personal space...

Riley was a stay-at-home wife who picked up a few things from her military husband Nate. When he was called to active duty, she went back to school then, and after four years of schooling, some hands-on paying jobs for students, and receiving a visit from Nate on shore leave, she earned a degree(s, Ph.D, whatever) in Engineering(or something) and Business, and shortly afterward continued her student job professionally through a straight-to-work program she signed up for. And also had a baby.

After the beginning of the game happens, she wakes up to the wasteland, yada-yada-yada. She had learned to shoot during her high school years, and from target practice it was a sharp but gradual progression from giant roaches to mutant rodents to self defense and then fighting the good fight - and also killing raiders as a favor to the people of the land. She'll never forget where she came from though, and remains who she was before the world ended, seeking a peaceful resolution to all problems - if you don't count the cruel, hostile lead-headed bastards who deserve it along the way.

Pic here
When she's not wearing a fashionable dress, glasses, and a toupe...

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11 Re: Fallout 4 Character sharing on Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:59 pm

S 2
P 4
E 2
C 8
I 6
A 4
L 3
Key Perks
Black Widow
Lock Pick
Attack Dog

Jessica was a spook(spy) whos cover was blown and had to return to the states where she met Nate and had a baby, after the bombs fell and what happened in the vault does not trust anyone so the only companion she will take with her is dogmeat whom she met after leaving the vault. her skills from her past have served her very well in the wasteland so far...

** I would post a picture but i don't know how to upload to the forums Razz

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