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Judge the previous game, then introduce your own.

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I thought it would be good to try and get some feedback about games you enjoy that other people might not know a lot about. Hopefully it's not too similar to other threads. Just for conversation's sake. Be as light or in depth on review as needed. Looking forward to reading other people's choices!

This is a relatively recent game I like, but might be in the minority:

I enjoyed Alan Wake a lot and was dissapointed that it will not be getting a follow up. I don't think the story is particularly groundbreaking and I could see why it's not for everybody. The concept and cliffhanger were pretty good imo and it the story/gameplay flowed together well. The gameplay was decent with Interesting scenarios, boss battles, enemies and collectibles. Some thrilling survival scenarios and "thriller" survival horror.

Very minor spoilers, no specifics.

Overall I enjoyed piecing together the mystery of the game together, myself and via other people's analysis. Had great fun trying to find meaning in the imagery used in the game and the cliffhanger. After defeating the last enemy we achieved what we set out to achieve, but also unsure what price we ultimately paid to achieve it. There is even confusion about what we are experiencing is or was reality, which made therory crafting quite interesting. Overall, maybe not a story you've never experienced before in one form or another, but also not a lazy rehash and executed well.

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For crying out loud! Spoiler tag fail.

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... And just notice the other nearly identical thread. ABORT!

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