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Timeless and the Temporal Cold War

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1 Timeless and the Temporal Cold War on Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:39 pm

Long time viewer, first time poster, who should have done this a long time ago.

Anyhow, I was glad to to see that Archengeia (aka Lorerunner) has resumed his Voyager Ruminations and with a particular favorite of mine, no less.  As soon as Arch asked where the Time Cops (Temporal Integrity Commission) were, I started getting excited.  This struck me as a very reasonable question, given TIC's (possible clock humor by the creator of the organization?) generally wish to preserve the timeline.  The is another episode where their absence is notable, namely "Endgame" the series finale.  

This would seem to support Arch's assertion that Voyager was integral to history.  The most probable scenario is that Voyager's survival is necessary for the Federation to triumph in their ongoing conflict with the Borg Collective.  Granted the Borg threat in the future was never really addressed in either "Timeless" or "Endgame" (though that is more of a critique of the latter rather than the former), but given that Janeway is said to have wrote the book on the Borg it seems only logical that Voyager would be key to the defense of the Alpha Quadrant.

I also concur with Arch that laying the seeds for the Temporal Cold War was a missed opportunity in Star Trek Voyager.  Even without deliberate seeds, however, groundwork had already been laid out.  Personally, I would have found it interesting if the events of "Timeless" (and/or "Endgame") were actually the catalyst that set off the Temporal Cold War.

While the TIC and the Federation might argue that Voyager's survival was necessary, some factions out might take issue with what could easily be seen as the Federation using time travel for their own benefit.  This would be especially true if the Temporal Accord existed already, and therefor the Federation was also seen as making exceptions when it benefited them.  Personally, I enjoy villains who I can sympathize with on some level, or whom when can agree with their issues even if we disagree with their methods.  As Arch pointed out, "Timeless" is stronger for having Captain La Forge as the antagonist with the idea that in each others shoes he might be doing the same as Chakotay.

As a final point, I also think it was a missed opportunity not to have someone from Voyager kick off Enterprise .  I know we technically had Zefram Cochrane, but I think it would have been awesome if, instead of the lackluster Agent Daniels, the Temporal Agent was Seven of Nine, or perhaps even Tuvok.

Anyhow, that's my two slips.

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