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SGX: Bioboosted Defense

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1 SGX: Bioboosted Defense on Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:00 pm

Klorel's Ha'tak in orbit over Earth- March 1998

“Well on the bright side, my hand isn't blurry anymore,” Daniel Jackson stated as he stared at it.  The blinding effects of the Goa'uld shock grenade finally wore out for him.  Everyone else was about the room standing around.  Except Jack O'Neill who was searching for a way out of the cell.

Finally.  Took the rest of them long enough! Lieutenant Alexander Anderson thought to himself.  He had been the first of the team to recover from the Goa'uld version of a flashbang, surprisingly faster than even Teal'C.  Add in that he was the only one who hadn't suffered the blindness after-effect that everyone else was complaining about, and Anderson was left wondering how much effective his own body mods were compared to Teal'C's prim'ta.

The sounds of heavy footsteps alerted them to the incoming Jaffa.  “Teal'C,” Jack whispered.

Shadows through the deceptively thin-looking door showed the silhouette of one of Apophis' Serpent Guard as the helmet came open.  Jack and Teal'C got on either sides of the door ready to attack whoever came through.  A hand signal from Jack sent the rest of the team hugging the wall on the other side of the room.  The door slowly came up to reveal Teal'C's friend and mentor, Master Bra'tac.  He did not look pleased at all to see them.

“Bra'tac,” Jack queried.  The only response was a backhanded fist to the face.  He hit the corner and fell to the floor.  “Oh God!”

“Fools!  Hassac! You doom yourselves.  It is all I can do to keep you alive.  Do you know all I have done to regain the trust of Apophis and join this campaign?  Hmm?  Hmm?” Bra'tac exclaimed facing the three on the far wall.

Teal'C stepped up to him.  “Tek'matte, Bra'tac.”

His mentor turned around to face him.  “Hello again, old friend.  Your son grows strong.  One day, he will be a great warrior.  But you should not have come.”

“I stand by my friends.  I believe this world may be our hope in one day overcoming the false gods.”

“Yes.  As pathetic as that may seem at the moment, I agree.”

“You do?” Daniel asked.

Anderson had to suppress a chuckle at Bra'tac's dismissive comment.  He looks down at our soldiers when the Jaffa's only real advantage is in close quarters,  he thought.

“I may have been able to save this world had you not interfered.”

“Hey!  What you do think we've been trying to do?  It is our world we're talking about,” Jack stated as he got back up.

“Enough human!  This is not the place to talk of these things.  I have been ordered by Apophis himself to execute you.  An order I intend to disregard.  Come!”  The team filed out after Bra'tac left.
Relic's Point, Mount Minakami

The liquid rushed in to fill the space where the two Guyvers now stood.  The scientists who were helping them yelled over the radio that they were danger.  Agito reassured the Director of Relic's Point that the liquid didn't seem to be having any effect on them.

From the opposite side of the small room they entered the wall separated and bloomed open.  Sho stood on the lip of the door, agape at the inside of the Creator ship.  “This is the interior of the Relic?” he asked.

They floated down to the floor.  Whatever part of the ship this was had organic growths stretching from wall to wall and crisscrossing all over the place like reinforcements bars.  Noises permeated through the liquid that kept this area filled.

“Makishima!” Sho exclaimed.  The door they just came through closed of its own accord.

“This spacecraft may not have had a fixed entrance and exit in the first place.  If a life form clad in bioboosted armor—if a Guyver wishes it, an entrance will open and a path will form.  But the subcutaneous tissue layer will secrete corrosive fluids to hinder any forcible entry.  I'll bet it was designed that way on purpose,” Agito explained, formulating based off of info the Director told me about previous attempts to enter the ship.


“Director Odagiri, where are we now?” Agito asked over the radio.

“You are just underneath the tissue-like layer, in one of the many segmented, small rooms.  They are thought to be either living areas or storehouses.  Continue on course towards the center of the ship.  The navigation control room, or main bridge, should be there,” the Director stated, watching the live feed from the camera over top Sho Guyver armor.

“Understood.”  The two Guyvers headed in a random hoping that it led them where they wanted to go.
“Here are your weapons.  You will need them,” Bra'tac stated as he slid an MPK-5 across the table SG-1, and a member of SG-5, sat at.

“Uhm Bra'tac, you mentioned something about saving the world.  Care to elaborate?” Jack asked.

“By assaulting Klorel, you have made that impossible.”

“Why?” Daniel interjected.

“Among the Goa'uld, a pharaoh's power is more often challenged by their son's than by their enemies.  Once we had joined battle with your world, I was prepared to lead my wing against Apophis, in Klorel's name.”

“Apophis would assume your attack was ordered by Klorel and reciprocate.  A daring plan,” Teal'C mused.

“I had hoped to drive a stake of mistrust between them.  Now I fear they will bond against their common enemy.”

“What bond?  Klorel's dead,” Jack stated.

“He will rise again.”  Jack adopted a worried look.

“The sarcophagus,” Daniel explained.

“Wait a minute.  You put him in that thing to bring him back?” Jack asked.

“I knew it would delay the attack until he arose.  Perhaps when the warships of your world attack,” Bra'tac said.

“Excuse me, did you say 'the ships of our world'?” Sam asked.

“Surely you have such vessels.”

Daniel answered, “Well, we have a number of... of...”

“None.  We have no warships, and barely a presence in space.  The most definitive advantage the Goa'uld have over us,” Anderson responded, cutting Jack off before he could say anything.  Bra'tac stared at them dumbfounded.  Jack shot the SG-5 member a glare from the table.  “Sorry sir.  Had to be honest with him.”
It had taken some time, but they found the bridge.  They had to pass through the room where the Guyver units had been pulled from.  Sho was just thankful that this and the previous wasn't filled with acid.  They floated down from the tunnel the ship made to their presence and came to a stop still suspended in the air.

The only things of note in the room were various sized circles of black and a central platform that looked like a circular dais.

“So this is the main bridge?” Agito asked.

“If this is the cockpit, then how do you pilot this thing?” Sho responded.  Suddenly, the control metals on their units lit up.  The black circles started to glow white.  Shortly after, a flash of light changed the color of the room from green to blue.  Both Guyver dropped to the floor on their feet.

They could feel the ship shaking as it began to awake from its eons long slumber.  “Makishima, is that...?”

Something on the dais began to glow blue in a manner similar to their control metals.  The glow started  to resemble a forming candlelight causing Sho to look up.  “There's the same kind of thing on the ceiling!”

The two points formed a beam between them.  Where they connected coalesced into a ball of energy that expanded and compressed when the beams stopped feeding it.  Sho felt himself being pulled into the air.  “I'm...”

“Fukamachi!” Agito said before he was pulled as well.  He sent a mental command to the armor to counteract it.

“I'm being pulled towards it!” Sho yelled in desperation.  A blue glow emitted from Agito where a belt would be.  “Makishima!”

“Use your gravity controller!” Agito ordered.  “Get a hold of yourself!”

But, it was late as Sho was swallowed by the sphere.  “Fukamachi!”

Sho couldn't hear anything outside of the sphere he was trapped in.  The control metal in his head started to seperate from him.  Sho yelled out in pain as his body went limp.
Stargate Command, Earth

General Hammond watched the display depicting the incoming ships.  “They still haven't moved from this position?”

“No sir.  Not for the past 18 hours,” Sergeant Harriman replied.

“What in God's name are they waiting for?”

Colonel Samuels piped up, “My mission analysis team at the Pentagon believes they're waiting to see what moves we make.  Amazingly, neither the Russians nor the Chinese have detected the Goa'uld presence yet.  Of course, they're not looking.  So, from space, we should appear to be a vulnerable and unsuspecting world.”

“Got them just where you want them, do you Samuels?”  Hammond asked, trying to wipe that smug grin off the Colonel's face.

“Sir, there may be another reason why they haven't attacked,” Harriman answered.  He showed on the monitor a bright flash of light from what looked like the bridge of the alien craft.  “We just completed the computer enhancement.  There was an energy burst; coming from what may be the bridge of one of the ships, recorded at 1750 hours.  Just before they stopped?”

“That's it?” Samuels questioned, disbelievingly.

“For all we know that flash, whatever it was, could be part of the ship's normal functions,” Hammond stated.

“Except that burst came from within the ship itself, sir, and it was fairly powerful,” Harriman corrected.

“Maybe an explosion?  Or an accident?” Samuels queried.

“Or sabotage?” Hammond added.

Harriman wondered, “SG-1.”

Samuels chuckled at the idea.  “I hardly think so.  For one thing, it's impossible to gate to a ship.  Forgive me, sir, I know how important SG-1 is to you but this is wishful thinking.”

“So's your plan, Colonel.  That hasn't stopped us from going ahead with it,” Hammond stated bluntly.
Sho had done it.  He had taken control of the ship.  Through the control metal he could feel the engines, the reactors, every part of the ship; and he knew he could control all of it with but a thought.

“So what do you think, Fukamachi?” the Director asked over the radio.  “Would it be possible for you to move the Relic to bring down the base?”

“I think it's possible,” he answered.  “Only, it has been dormant for a very long time, so in its present state, it lacks the energy necessary to operate.”


“Ah, but have no fear.  Right now, the Relic is sucking energy from an underground heat source.”

“Underground heat source?” his friend, Tetsuro, queried.

“Yes, I sense a large intense heat source about four kilometers beneath us.”

“It's a magma pool!” Director Odagiri exclaimed.

“It looks like that is where the Relic has been drawing the energy from to sustain itself all this time.”

“It seems that underground energy is indeed being drawn up towards the Relic,” the Director seconded after looking at the sensors.  “Fukamachi, how long will it take to replenish its energy stores?”

“If you just want to fly the ship, and hour or more will do.  We'll hurry in any case.”

Sho could overhear the conversation that was occuring in the observation room about the earthquakes the Relic was causing and how their options for escape were almost non-existant.  “Director Odagiri...There is at least one safe place for you to take cover.”

“What do you mean, Fukamachi?”

“Sho, you don't mean...” Tetsuro interjected.

“The Relic...Inside the Relic.”
In orbit over Earth

A grey alien with a head about the size of its body sat in a tiny one-man spacecraft, enjoying the show unfolding in orbit.  Two of the Goa'uld Ha'taks were coming to fight the planet of humans he had identified as Earth.  Cryptosporidium, or Crypto-136 to its friends,  couldn't stand yet another world populated by humans.  Even worse, this 'Earth' had billions of the damn things inhabiting it.

“Ah Crypto, too bad you forgot to bring some snack for the show.”  Just as it was starting to relax, the sensors began to wail.  “Oh, what now?”

Crypto got its feet off the console and sat normally again.  Something was picked up on an island on the side of the world.  Whatever it was, it was growing in strength.  “This better not be a waste of time.  I want to watch those headworms burn some monkeys already.”

Luckily the cloak was still working so those the Goa'uld didn't pick up the low engine flares of Crypto's ship as it headed for the dark cloud that formed out of nowhere.
The noise of the engine and the feel of the deck moving beneath made everyone nervous.  Teal'C stated after Bra'tac came near him, “We accelerate.  Klorel has risen.”

Bra'tac nodded.  “The the campaign has begun.  Once we launch, we will do what damage we can.”

“How many are in your wing?” Jack asked.

“Three,” Bra'tac replied.

Jack had a bit of trouble registering that fact.  “Three?”

“Teal'C makes four.”

“Oh well, four.”

“I have trained these warriors since they were Chal'ti.  They have sworn their lives to me.  It is no simple thing to ask.”

“And we appreciate it, believe me.  But what are the odds of taking out a ship like this with only four gilders?”

“A Goa'ul attack vessel is heavily armed, shielded, and capable of launching a legion of gliders against us.  I would say slim,” Teal'C answered.

“Okay, call me a pessimist, but I think it's time we came up with a new plan.”

“We offer to lay down our lives for your world, human.  You cannot ask more,” Bra'tac said.

“No, I can't.  But I think a better idea is to get the other guys to lay down their lives for their world first.  Hmm?”  Bra'tac gave Teal'C an incredulous look as they glanced at each other.  Jack turned his head to ask Sam, “How long before the C4 goes?”

She checked her watch.  “41 minutes sir.”

Returning his attention to Bra'tac, Jack stated, “Okay, with luck this ship is going to blow within the next hour.  It might be a good idea for us to get to the other one.  Can you do that?”  Bra'tac smirked in response.
“Great!  Energy replenishment is complete.  Activate thrusters!  I'm taking the Relic spacecraft up to the surface!”

The ship punched through the concrete poured in around it and the structures above it.  If not for the untimely arrival of Richard Guyot, they would have gotten out of there without any trouble.  Now the Director was dead, having intercepted the bullets intended for a trusted ally of Sho's, Masaki.  After a scuffle, Guyot was thrown over the side and into the depths below.

Masaki was even now on top of the ship struggling with his dying body.  Sho had opened up a tunnel for him to enter the ship, but something seemed to distract him.  As he was about to enter when Guyot grabbed him by the ankle and hung him upside down.  It was even a fair fight as Masaki's body was giving out on him.  To help his ally, Sho sent a command to the ship to drag Guyot down into the corrosive toxin of the tissue layer.

He had to relent when Masaki reminded him of the Unit Remover that Guyot now bore on his right arm.  When Guyot realized who was controlling the Relic, he threw Masaki to the ground and started to twist Masaki apart to bait Sho out.

The arm was ripped out at the same time the ship burst through the top of Mount Minakami.  With a mighty scream, Sho appeared on top of the craft when the barriers came down.

“So you finally came out, Guyver 1,” Guyot said.

“You damn fool!  Why did you come out?” Masaki angrily asked.

“Keep your promise and let Mr. Murakami go, Guyot.”

“Very well, I'll give him back.  After all, I've got no more use for him now.  However...”  The crystal on his head started to glow bright red causing Masaki's to do the same.  “I'm giving him back as a corpse!”

“Guyot!  What do you think you're doing?”  Cracks formed in Masaki's crystal, came together, and finally shattered it.  “Mr. Murakami!”

With a flick of his wrist, Guyot threw the dying man several metes away.  Sho managed to catch him before he hit the ground.  As he laid Masaki down, Guyot activated the Remover device and pointed it at Sho.  It was then that Agito snuck up behind through a tunnel he created, the right breast of his armor uncovered and aiming the mega-smasher at Guyot.

Guyot swung around and they both fired.  Both beams missed their target.

Sho stayed with Masaki during his last moment of life.  When he did pass away, Sho turned his head to the enemy.  “Guyot,” he stated the name through clenched teeth.

After laughing a bit Guyot stated, “The Guyver units never were toys that kids like you should have been playing around with in the first place!  I'll tear that armor off you without any further ado!”  He aimed the device once more at them.

“Guyot, I won't forgive this!”  Sho yelled at the top of his lungs.  He ripped open the left breast of his armor and charged up the mega-smasher.  “I will avenge Mr. Murakami!”

Agito yelled something at him and Guyot replied to it while aiming the device right at him, Sho didn't hear any of it.  “Die, Guyot”

Before he could get the attack off, beams and balls of energy started impacting around the hull.  It threw Guyot to his stomach and out of the way of Sho's attack.  Sho managed to recover from landing on the shaking ship and closed the breast.  He leapt back to Agito who had also been thrown down by the attack on the ship.

“The Zoalords?!  They've come to Japan?” Guyot questioned agasp.

“Who the heck is doing that?” Sho asked.

“Most likely, the Twelve Zoalords,” Agito responded.

“The Twelve Zoalords?”

“Damn, with both Guyvers and the Twelve Zoalords showing up now, I'm at a clear disadvantage,” Guyot stated to himself.  He hopped over the side and slid down the ship.

Sho caught sight of him before he could vanish.  “Guyot!  You're not getting away!”

“Fukamachi!”  Agito attempted to follow but a beam sliced through the shoulder joint of the armor and severed it.  He cried out in pain.

Sho spun around at the scream.  “Makishima!”

“Don't...Don't let Guyot get away!”

A quarter of the way down the ship Guyot said to himself, “As long as I have the Remover, I'll have as many chances as I need to recover one of the Guyver units.  I'll withdraw for now.”

His thoughts were interrupted by a yellow light that shone brightly right in front of him.  A coalescing vortex of energy stopped him from moving.  “Wh-What's this?”

Seconds later, the vortex exploded with blinding light.  In its place was a golden figure of staggering size surrounded by an aura of yellow.  The figure spoke without moving its lips, “Where do you think you're going, Richard Guyot?”

“A-Archanfel?!” was all Guyot could sputter.

The figure brought his hand up, and Guyot was pulled towards him.  “I will have your Zoacrystal back now,” Archanfel stated.  Guyot weakly pleaded as the figure push his hand into Guyot head and extracted the crystal.  “And the Remover as well.”

Agito shot a ball through Guyot's chest and sent him plummeting to the depths.  “Fukamachi, use your smasher!  Hurry!”

Sho prepped both of his mega-smashers while Agito got one of his own ready.  “Who the heck is he, Makishima?”

“I don't know, all I can say for sure is that he is an enemy!  A very dangerous one at that!”  When the cannons were charged up Agito yelled, “Fire!”

All three beams converged and headed for Archanfel.  The crystal on the yellow figure's head glowed purple, erecting a barrier around him that redirected the beams back at the Guyvers.  They smashed through the Guyvers, through the ship, and caused side of the mountain it impacted to explode in a massive fireball.

The last thing Sho saw was Agito and Masaki vanishing in the blinding light.  The last thoughts he had was of his friends before he vaporised.

With a screech the ship exploded.  The shockwave raced out across the valley around the lone mountain.  The only thing left was Archanfel who hovered over the hole the ship created on its earlier trip.

From deep below, he saw the rising red-orange circle.  It shot out of the hole and poured over the lip and down through the valley.  But Archanfel's thoughts were on the Remover that was now lost.  Gripping the crystal he took from Guyot, he glanced over at Masaki's corpse nearby.
“By the Ancient monkeys!” Crypto exclaimed.  It had never seen a ship like this is all its life.  The power it was emitting dwarfed any it had seen any other produce.

But, what was even more intriguing were the figures all around the ship.  Beams that Crypto had only ever witnessed being fired from ships were coming from what looked like humans.  When the golden figure appeared, Crypto decided to get a bit closer to really examine things.  The ship hovered lower until it was but a few hundred meters away over the vessel.

A blaring noise from the sensors distracted Crypto from the confrontation.  What it reported left the alien agape.  Quickly, it opened a channel with another of its kind, Orthopox-13.  “Pox, you're gonna want ta see this.”

Crypto sent the message from the sensors before the feed was disrupted.  The alien saw it was a massive beam going through the ship.  It decided to try and leave, but the resultant explosion happened too quickly for that.

The craft smashed into trees and crashed into the side of a hill.  Crypto felt pretty banged up by it but managed to grab the zap-o-matic and escape the ship.  It didn't get too far before its legs gave way and it collapsed.  The last thing Crypto saw was a human in a robe approaching.
Colonel Samuels had his ear to a phone.  “That's it.  They're in a geo-synchronus orbit over the United States.  Lock in that attack profile and advise the President we are go for launch.”

The TVs displayed two naquadah-enhanced missiles go flying out of their silos and head straight for space.  They went over to another console tracking the projectiles to their target.  The Sergeant announced, “Vadenburg reported a good launch.”

“Yes!” Samuels turned to Hammond.  “I'm sorry sir.  For what it's worth, I seriously doubt SG-1 is aboard those alien ships.”

“Weapons should reach their targets in four minutes,” Harriman reported.

Hammond looked to him.  “In the meantime, let's keep moving through to the Alpha Site,” he ordered.

Harriman grabbed a phone to state, “Group nine, prepare to disembark.”

“Sir, we might as well wait and see the result of our strike before moving more people through,” Samuels said incredulously.

“I don't think so.”

“Evacuation may be unnecessary.”

“From your mouth to God's ear, Colonel.”
The group gathered on either side of the open door.  “Have you more of this 4C?” Bra'tac whispered.

“It's called C4,” Jack responded just as quietly.

“And the answer is no.  We used it all to take out this ship,” Sam piped up.

Daniel spoke from the back of the line-up, “You guys must have something left.”

Bra'tac nodded to the Jaffa behind him.  “We shall cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“You know, that particular cliché doesn't always work,” Jack rebuttled before they progressed down the hall.
“The warheads have separated.  One minute to go,” Harriman reported.

“Any indication of countermeasures?” Hammond asked.

The response came from Samuels.  “I don't think they're gonna know what hit them.”

Hammond sighed.  On the screen the missiles drew ever closer.  “Thirty seconds to impact.  Still no countermeasures,” came another report from Harriman.

Samuels was off to the side whispering to himself, “Go, go.”

Closer and closer they went.  “Impact in seven, six, five...”  At the moment of convergence the screen merely stated 'TRACKING LOST'.  “Space Command say that the warheads struck some kind of energy field just prior to impact.  No damage.”

“Tha'ts impossible,” Samuels exclaimed.

“NASA confirms sir, the Goa'uld ships are still up there.”
They advanced through the halls when the ship shook a significant amount.  “What was that?” Daniel asked.

“Something may have impacted the shields,” Teal'C observed.
On a cliff overlooking the devastated valley Archanfel stared at the ruins of Relic's Point.  The eleven remaining Zoaloards all knelt in a semi-circle behind him.  “Implement the plan,” he ordered.
The clank of a MPK-5 dropping to the deck caused everyone to spin around and see Lt. Anderson clutching at his head.  SG-1 became worried about when quills burst out of his back, ripping through armor and clothes.  His face morphed to that resembling a boar.  Fur grew and covered his skin and a couple of tusks sprouted out of his mouth.  The shoulders became spherical with three round objects sticking out of each.  As he grew in size his posture became more hunchbacked.  When it was completed Anderson was a massive boar-like humanoid that towered over everyone else.

Everyone except Daniel aimed their weapons at him.  “What the hell just happened?” Jack questioned.

“I...I'm not sure.  It wasn't voluntary.”

“What do you mean it wasn't 'voluntary'?”

“That's just it.  I felt someone give the order to transform and I had to obey.”

“Transform into what?” Daniel interjected.

“A Zoanoid.  Diegel, one of the few American made breeds.  'A new class of warrior', at least that's what Cronus Corporation kept saying.”

Bra'tac brought the head of his ma'tok staff weapon back up, and the other Jaffa did the same.  “We can deal with this later.  Right now, we need to escape this ship before your C4 explodes,” he stated, wary of the monster standing before them.

Jack lowered the gun.  “Ah right, but when we when get, you are going to have to explain this,” he stated harshly, finger pointed up at Anderson's face.  Anderson scooped the fallen weapon off the ground and hurried after the others after they continued on.
Hammond reached the gate control room after the call he had with the President was cut short.  “What's the situation up there?” he asked.

“Don't know sir.  We lost contact with Space Command and NASA just a moment ago,” Harriman answered.

“I was updating the President just now when he had to get off.  He stated that reports about something bizarre were flooding in from around the globe.  You don't think the other nations have learned of the Goa'uld, do you?”  He aimed that last remark at Samuels, who was sitting in a chair in the corner since the missile attack failed.

“I don't think so.  Russia and China had none of their satellites pointed in the general direction of the alien vessels.”

“Well I want to know what the hell is going on out there.”
They progressed slowly down the wall hugging the wall.  Jack, up front, had a zat'nik'tel pointed ahead.  Zat fire from two Serpent Guard stopped them in their tracks.  They unleashed an unceasing barrage into the wall they were hiding behind.

Anderson ripped out one of his quills and ran into the open.  He threw it as the Serpent Guards switched targets over to him.  One was impaled through the chest and quickly died.  The other managed to hit the zoanoid with a couple of zat blasts before Jack managed to double-tap him.

Bra'tac leaned out from cover to survey the scene.  “Not bad.  The pel'tak is two decks above.  This way!”

The others rushed on ahead as Daniel helped Anderson get back to his feet.  Surprisingly, he wasn't dead or even knocked out as per the usual effects a zat'nik'tel had on a person.

Through the ship the group weaved their way without too much trouble.  It was only when they partway the right deck that they stopped again.  “Looks clear,” Jack said.

“No.  There are sentries in every corridor,” Bra'tac corrected.

“Carter, how many grenades?”

“Two left,” she replied.

“Grenades?” Bra'tac asked, turning to Teal'C.

“A crude explosive device.”

“I'll take care of them,” Anderson whispered, handing his gun over to Daniel.  He crept up to the opening, and charged inside.  The two Jaffa barely had time to react before he crashed into them.  Massive furred hands slammed them against the wall and caved their chests in.  Anderson shook his hands clean before heading out to give the all-clear signal.

They didn't encounter anymore guards on their way to the pel'tak.  Taking cover on either side of the door, Jack whispered to Bra'tac, “All right, here's what we do...”

Bra'tac cut him off, “I will lead.  You follow.”  He went to the other side of the entrance.  A hand gesture send his two Jaffa followers in.


“You will know when it is time.”

“Whoa.  You're just going to walk in there?” Daniel asked.

“I am Klorel's loyal servant.”

Anderson and Teal'C advanced as far as they could after Bra'tac left.  They could overhear the conversation from within.


“My lord, Klorel.”

“Come.  Witness the power of your god.”

“I cannot.”

“Why do you defy me?” Klorel asked incredulously.

“Because you are not a God.  You are a parasite within a child and I depise you.”

“Jaffa, kree ty!  I am your god!  And you will feel my wrath!”


From outside the pel'tak Jack ordered, “Let's go!  Daniel, watch our backs!”  Sam handed over her MPK-5 and rushed in with a pistol.  Jack was the first inside.  He saw a continuous orange beam stretched from Klorel's hand to Bra'tac's head.  The sound from the zat'nik'tel being discharged several times alerted the Serpent Guard who promptly swung around to challenge him.  Jaffa, loyal to Bra'tac, send blobs of plasma flying into the room.  Anderson, after a bit of concentration, lets loose with three black balls that fly from his shoulder and ripped through the Jaffa they hit without struggle.  It was followed by a series of quills that flew from the top of his mane, killing even more Jaffa.  Teal'C pulled Klorel away from Bra'tac.

“Jaffa, tal'shak,” Klorel yelled.

Outside the room, Daniel saw the approach of two more Jaffa.  He unloaded on them with 9mm Beretta and MPK-5 fire.  The closest enemy fell under the weight of fire that penetrated his armor.  A plasma bolt, that impacted the wall near Daniel, was all the other could achieve before he died.  “Jack!” he yelled as a third came around the corner.

This managed to hit him in the shoulder that sent Daniel sprawling to the deck.  He recovered as the Jaffa approached, and ended him with a spray of bullets.  Jack appeared from behind the bend and knelt  next to Daniel.  “Daniel,” he said before peaking out into the hall.  With the area clear, he shoved the zat'nik'tel in his jacket.  “Damn it.”

“I'm dead anyway.  Just get out of here.”

“I am not leaving you behind!” Jack screamed.

“Get outta here!  You're just going to blow up with the other ship anyway!  What difference does it make?  Go!  Just go!  I'll stay and watch your back.”  Jack reluctantly got up and left him.

Back inside, Bra'tac was fiddling with the control console.  “He's staying behind,” Jack told them.

Sam made a face that told of her confusion at the proclamation.  Before she could say anything, however, a chime came from the console.  “Come,” Bra'tac said.

They waited for the rings to activate.  After the flash, they were before Apophis and three of his Serpent Guards.  The enemy tried to aim, but Apophis ordered them to restrain when he saw Klorel was their hostage.  Bra'tac indicated for them to follow him.  “If you fire upon us, I will kill Klorel,” Teal'c proclaimed.

Apophis' face was twisted in rage.  “Bra'tac, how dare you betray me!”

“I have spent one hundred and thirty-three years worshiping false Gods.  No more!”  He shot the control console for the ship before departing the pel'tak.  Teal'C tossed Klorel away before leaving.  To ensure they didn't follow Teal'C shot the door control with the zat'nik'tel, promptly handed it back to Jack.

“Colonel, the C4 on the other ship goes in six minutes,” Sam announced.

“How do we blow this one up?” Jack asked, looking at Bra'tac.

“When we were on Klorel's vessel, I directed it closer to this one.”

“If we disable the shield generator of this vessel, both will be destroyed in the explosion.  Two birds with but one stone,” Teal'C commented.

“This way,” Bra'tac said.  Their destination was not too far away, and they reached it with nary a sight of anymore of Apophis' guard.  Once they reached the railing that overlooked the target Bra'tac pointed downwards.  “The shield generators are far below.  There, in the bowels of the ship.  We must climb down several decks, through the length of the ship.  Then taking our weapons, we must...”

Jack took out a couple of grenades from his jacket pocket, primed and dropped them.  The generators were knocked out in short time.  “Grenades,” Jack noted to Bra'tac.

“This vessel is no longer protected by an energy field,” Teal'C observed.

“So, that's it?” Sam asked.

“That is it.”

“I think what the Captain is asking is, what now?” Jack stated.

“Now we die,” Bra'tac replied.

“Well, that's a bad plan.  Where are the glider bays from here?”

Bra'tac lead the way out and to their last destination.  They moved swiftly but cautiously through the corridor.  They crotched outside the door that opened to the bay.  “Carter, you and I will go in first.  We'll take up position to...”  Bra'tac made a hand gesture to stop him.  “Nevermind.”

“Observe,” Bra'tac ordered.  He produced a shock grenade from behind him.  Teal'C forced open the door big enough for the grenade to roll into the room.  A blinding light and an overloud screeching noise later, Bra'tac stated, “Now that was a grenade!  Come!”

They sped their way to the four closest Deathgilders in the bay.  Jack ended up with Bra'tac while Teal'C was by himself.  “Human, put this on,” Brat'ac said, tossing a headset back.

“Will you stop calling me that?”

The cockpits rose up and locked with the body of the machines.  Afterwards, they dropped out of the ship and sped away.  The gliders were affected by the blast that occurred when the ships collided and exploded.  “Bra'tac?  Bra'tac!  You okay?”

Bra'tac brushed his fingers over the injury to his forehead.  He decided it wasn't all that bad.  “Not bad, for an old man.”

“Colonel?  Come in.”  It sounded like Sam over the radio.

“We're okay, Captain.”

“Same here sir.  But I don't think we bought ourselves much time.  Our glider's had it.”

“I concur,” Teal'C chimed in.

“We got cooked pretty bad in that explosion.”

“Captain?”  Jack said, trying to stop her.

“We're low on power, and in a fairly low orbit, so I don't imagine it will be too much longer before we burn up in Earth's atmosphere.”

“Captain, take a look.”

Sam didn't need to crane her head up much to see Earth.  Seeing it safe brought a smile to her face.  “It's beautiful.”

“Yes, it is.”

“We saved it.”

“Yes, we did.”
The President could only shudder at the reports that were constantly coming for a few hours on.  First, the Goa'uld Apophis tried to burn the world from orbit, but these were something else.  Militaries around the globe were fighting against and losing to a force of monsters that sprung up on every corner of the planet.  There was not a country that was being invaded by these things.  But the latest one proved a hard one to swallow.

“V-Virtually annihilated, you say?!  Our army is the pride of the world!  What is the meaning of this?  What manner of monsters are we up against?  Where did they come from?  Where have they been hiding all this time?!” he asked, his fear rising with every question.

“Do you really want to know, Mr. President?” his aide responded.

“Y-You're on of...” the President started to say as the man in front of him transformed into what appeared to be a purple ape.

“We have been right beside you all, for quite some time now.”
Archanfel returned to the same spot where he witnessed the destruction of Relic's Point the night before.  He wanted one last look at the place where the last legacy of the Creators was destroyed.  His loyal followers knelt behind him.  “We have taken control of all areas,” one of them reported.

“From this day forth, we of Chronos shall rule this planet.”
In orbit over Planet Furon

“Incompetent fool.  I never should have sent you,” Orthopox glowered at the screen.  It had taken a while for Ortho to reconstruct the fragmented data burst sent from 'Earth'.  Ortho only had the hope that the legible parts of it were true.  But, whatever cut the stream would have killed Crypto-136 as well.

Another Furon walked into the room behind him.  “What's shaking Pox?  You look a little...What's the word?...constipated.”

All Orthopox could do was sigh.  “Let's just say that I hope you prove to be less of an evolutionary step dead end than your predecessor.”

Crypto stretched its head.  “Ya lost me,” it stated.

“Shall I tell you a secret?  Few of our people know this, but the DNA patterns in our cloning banks are becoming more degraded with each new clone.”

“That's bad, right?” Crypto asked.

“Only if we want to maintain our immortality through cloning.  Of course it's bad!  I sent Crypto-136 in search of a planet we visited many eons ago.  A planet seeded with pure Furon DNA.  But I lost contact.”

“Let me get this straight.  You sent me...hurr, him, Crypto-136 to a hostile planet, and he's disappeared.  Maybe captured, maybe even being tortured as we speak.”

“Well, I wouldn't jump to any conclu...”

“I bet you wouldn't,” Crypto said harshly, pointing a finger at Orthopox.  “Let me tell ya something Pox.  You're a smart cookie.  But there's a time for thought and there's a time for action, and this is one of those times.”


“The second one.”

Orthopox took a few seconds to ponder that thought.  The Furon scientist let out another sigh.  “Perhaps you're right one-three-seven.”

“Course I'm right, you kidding me.  A Cryptosporidium captured by a bunch of monkeys!  We gotta go in.  We gotta crack some cranium!  We gotta rescue him—me, he's going to rescue me—I mean we gotta—He's gotta, I gotta...Brains, man.  When I get to blow things UP!?”

“Patience, Crypto.  Patience.  I take your point.  Prepare the Mothership.”

“Takes what I'm talking 'bout.  So, what's the name of this crummy planet?”

“Our destination...the planet, Earth.”
Cidonia, Mars

Something on the surface of the planet watched the whole affair in safety, thinking that it would soon have to shut down and move to another potential planet.  But then the two Ha'taks exploded.  It was intrigued, but then worried after an examination.  A message was shot into deep space about the situation.  The conversation continued for quite some time while the unfolding events on Earth.

After the Cronos Corporation took over, the decision was made.  The weakened state of the world's fighting forces presented itself on a silver platter.  And the facility would have to be expanded and reinforced to suit the new demands and challenges.

Yes, it seemed humanity possessed the solution.  And these bio-engineered, genetically modified Zoanoids would be the key.

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