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Guest Featuring Hatsune Miku(Jim Sterling on Enix's vendetta toward ATB)

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Archengeia seemed very excited for the real-time combat. All well and good, but Square's efforts to leave turn based combat in the dust for...no reason whatsoever, have me stuttering, "Ummmmmmm..." because there are several games that are still popular today, and a few not-AAA games that feature turn based combat that huh, get this, were well-received. I'm starting to parrot the video now, so here, take a look, take a listen, and take a holiday because you deserve it. Also, you are looking absolutely stunning today.

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I can't help wonder where the line is in a remake before it's an entirely new game with some characters I knew from a story once doing stuff. I mean, I have to admit I was expecting a graphical update with a smoother story presentation and translation and, if we were lucky, some more content that connected the game better to the games that came later. I don't think I was the only one. I can't help wonder what else is going to change and if I'll even recognize the game after all is said and done. I'll still try it in the end to make up my own mind but I have to say I don't appreciate the anxiety Square Enix.

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I've decided that when I get my hands on this game, I'm going to play it like it was an action-rpg game instead of a remake of FF7, and derive my enjoyment from what the game is and not what it could have been.

That already helped me keep the hoype levels at "Huh. Interesting. I'll buy it.". It feels healthier somehow.

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Honestly, I echo Javan's thoughts here. Sure, it's FFVII, and I'll enjoy a better-realized take on the story regardless of the battle system they use, but ultimately, having the game adopt an action-RPG coat of paint isn't necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. Like I've said numerous times, I love the ATB system to death, and the original game will always be there if I want FFVII with ATB. But I also love how Square does their action-RPGs (gee, big surprise coming from me, right?), and I have no doubt that I'll absolutely enjoy this one, considering the way it seems to be implementing said mechanics.

This is not just the KH/ARPG fan in me speaking, but the Square/FF fan in me backing that sentiment up. Square has been consistently putting out really good action-RPGs since the original Kingdom Hearts, at least 90% of the time. Many of these actually come from the FF series itself. Crisis Core, Type-0, and FFXV are the most prominent examples here, but there are numerous others out there as well.

Remember, guys. Above all, this is not a remaster, this is a full-blown remake. As a result, it's bound to have some re-imagined and/or updated elements. Don't judge it based on how it is different from the original, but by how well it updates FFVII as an overall experience for a new generation. After all, the story, setting, and characters are going to remain true to the original, and that's really what's important, isn't it?

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I'm in the boat that thinks changing the combat style isn't a bad thing at all. Turn-based combat isn't my favorite style of gameplay.

The bigger offenses would be drastically cutting content and misrepresenting the story.

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My thoughts are simple: in a game such as this, I don't care about the gameplay, as long as it is fluid.

Now the story, that's what I'm looking forward to. Smile

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Eh, I'll give it a fair shake. I always try to. It's just nice to be able to talk about anxieties. It takes away their power and helps cleans the soul and all that.

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I am in agreement with you guys, the focus is not on how a different combat system will make the game worse, but that Square is moving away from ATB. I would prefer if they came back to that combat system for some of their games, because it still works and it's still enjoyable, and there was never a majority outcry over how apparently bad or outdated they seem to think we think it is.

What will really make or break the real-time combat is individual party member AI and the AI of the party as a whole. You let me know how that goes, 'k?

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I've never thought JRPG style turn based in that style (FF1-FF9, really) are really that good. I thought FFX had the best and most fun to play version of it, but I don't really think it's a modern system that is very compelling. Another great example is Chrono Trigger, which just felt WAY more fun to play for me than any of the mainline FF games of the era did, which is the largest reason it's my favorite 2D JRPG.

If I want a turn based game I play a really deep strategic game like FE or XCOM. ARPG is the future of the RPG, I think. Unless they want to make games with NWN/DA:O/Pillars of Eternity style combat. That is at least a complex form of turn based combat.

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I've been thinking about this thread again lately and thought I'd put some more of my thoughts out there.

While I can't speak for anyone else I'm not defending ATB. I'm just asking if it's really the same game if you change almost every way a player interacts with it. I'd be asking the same thing if someone decided to do a remake of Kingdom Hearts with Xcom-style interface or Baldur's Gate with a TES style interface.

Yeah, the stories would be the same, but the way we interact with a world and the way we do things is part of that experience, at the heart of the videogame experience if we are honest, and it's at the heart of this debate. Frankly I don't blame people for being upset if they liked the old way. And true, they can play the old game but they have every right to express disappointment in the remake for going entirely beyond what they wanted. And I don't like that argument anyway. It reeks of the whole "You can play your 360" malarkey Microsoft pulled at the start of this generation and look where that got them.

Anyway, I'm ready to explore Midgar again and tap Shinra in it's metaphorical scrote for crimes against the planet. So come out already Sorta-FF7!

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