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Koperiat Saga

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1 Koperiat Saga on Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:57 pm

I reactivated, and did not recognize my surroundings. Some sort of cottage, simple design. I slowly looked around the area I am in. Rolling off the straw bed I head to the edge of the loft, and look down at a simple Kitchen and fire place. Two wooden, well crafted arm chairs where the only pieces of furniture, besides the magnitude of chests, cabinets, and boxes. The light coming from the windows confirmed it was some time during the day, before the sun had set.

I knew I did not belong here, so I jumped down off the loft, causing the floor to shudder and creak under my weight. It was only from this angle that the ladder came into view. Shrugging and peaking around to see what lay under the loft a work shop comes into view. This Cabin is well built, and well lived in, that means some one has to be nearby.

Outside the cabin was the goal, and the destination. At the door I stopped and searched my mind for the data on how to open the door. I knew it shouldn't take any time at all, but it was taking a few moments. This is something that is not right with my mind, though finally I figure out how to open the door with the handle. I wonder what else is broken besides my data access, it could be a lot of things.

Outside, the cabin is a little field with herbs and other plants growing, more or less a clearing in the middle of a wooded area. Leading out from the door was a path, I started walking down the path. Heading to somewhere else for my mission, whatever that is, is not here. Completing my mission is something that I know I need to do, its all I really know.

“I am glad your well enough to walk already, but I didn't expect you to be fixed and up by this point. You were really broken when I found you after the storm. Do you know where your going?” A voice comes from behind me, from around the far corner of the cottage. Turning I say a young medicine women with Ruby coloured hair tied in a pony tail going down to her knees. Dressed in a simple single colour dress, she smiled at me.

I opened my mouth to ask her a question, opening and closing. The Data required for me to speak is not coming to the fore front of my mind. It was either never learnt or its just another lost piece of data. I am very unsure what it is. Tilting my head left, my spin right and scrunch my face as I study her face, paticularly the green emerald eyes.

“So you don't recall how to speak?” She says which I can only nod to. “Well, that's strange, maybe you were more damage then I thought in that storm. Oh well. Do you recall your name?” I could only shake my head. “Well my names is Xik'ta, and that path splits half a mile into the woods. The left path will lead to the abandoned castle in the woods, the right path will lead to the country side. If you follow it, and at the cross road take the right path it will lead to Kipa the Capital of Torzeng.”

I nod, bow, and turn to the road heading deeper into the woods away from the hut. My gut leading past the fork to the abandoned Castle. Not knowing how, yet some how knowing where the mission is needed to be completed. The questions, do I have a name and why cant I speak plague my mind as I walk on wards.

By the time I get to the crossroad, two things have occurred in the mind. First I haven't really seen anyone else so far, and the sun has moved a good deal in the sky. The latter makes me realize that I do not need to sleep or eat, for tire is not something that has occurred. All living things need to eat or sleep, let I do not, does this make me dead, or what is the new question added to my head.

As the day wore onto night, and the night dragged into day I moved closer and closer to the castle. The walking always at the same pace. Passing people set up for the night, weather they by themselves, in groups, or caravans, they were set up. Sometimes there was a guard watching the groups, and they stopped to talk at me. Only a few times was I chased off because of the lack of communication.

The city started looming in the distance had a castle in the middle, and a good three sets of walls. One for the outside, one for the inner city and one for the castle itself. It looked just like I knew it would. Though I had no idea what part of the city I needed to search. Though my gut told me I should start with the outer city.

The outer city would have less guards, less rich people, and just more people in general. Getting through the outer gate was easy for a traveler with no weapons on my body. Wandering the streets of the city for hours on end always coming back to the Roofeeus Bakery. There was something about this place that no matter how much I searched I always ended up back here.

The only thing I could think of doing probable wasn't the smartest thing, or the most
logical thing, but it was the first idea to pop in the noggin, and
therefore it was what I did. I stalked Mr. Roofeeus home to his
house, and then perched on the roof across the way to keep an eye on
the house. The moon went up and set as the house had the eyes on

The sun rises and goes to right above when I see Mrs Roofeeus come out of the house and
throw out some liquid. Probable waste, but the pain in my head hurts
so bad I nearly fall off the roof. The pain being a flood of
information as I unlock the mission details. I move silently and
swiftly as I move from roof to roof to the ground, and sneak across
the street up onto another roof.

The Backers house is where I am heading quietly making sure to stay in the shadows. Entering into the house threw the same open window Mrs Roofeeus was in earlier.
Entering and then remaining still, I used all my scenes to track
down my Target, moving swiftly and quickly.

I had to strike without making a sound. Leaving the house I couldn't help but smile.

My mission was complete. The bakers wife was dead, now I just needed
to return to the base.

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