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Yeah Dragon´s Dogma finally for PC and it rocks again!

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As the title says Dragon´s Dogma finally came out for PC and it´s a really great port.
The graphic looks of course a little bit dated but still looks really good and they improved a lot with the shadows and the Viewing Distance.

Hear is a Video to show the improvements they made over the old PS3-version.

But what really stands out is that the FPS limit is gone and you can FEEL it.
It´s so damn smooth and plays like a complete new game, the loading times are WAY shorter than before.
And you can already mod the graphical fidelity and even can mod infinite sprint into the game. But what´s way more important, you can mod the old title song back into the game Cool

The Berserk armors are gone unfortunately, but there will be modders for sure that will bring them back in the game, that you can count on and as we all know, games like that will only bloom brighter in the good old PC Modding environment.

So who else is playing this gem again? Wink

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I swear to GOD, this is the combat system I wished Dragon Age: Inquisition had, having an absurd amount of fun! Hell, even Dark Souls could take a page from this book and consider the Grapple system. Just imagine if this franchise gets legitimate co-op! I'd love to pick up my teammate and hurl them at a flying griffon Very Happy

Also, while the character creation system has its limitations, it's quite refreshing to see a myriad of body types and musculature / weight between them all the way up from children to the elderly, even have a measure of effect on their stats (nothing drastic as far as I've seen, but it's there).

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My wishlist for Dragon Age 3 begins with "better writing," and ends with "please, God, any combat system but this." It was so, so, so boring.

Anyway, back on topic: HELL YES!

I don't know when I'll have time to buy (let alone play) the PC port, but I'm fairly excited for it. (Gotta get through the re-releases of Wasteland 2 and Original Sin first), but I'm looking forward to it. On the PS3, the game was phenomenal, but the sheer... ineptitude (I assume) of the programmers was just as impressive. Even doing the things they did to hide/mask the poor draw distance... even letterboxing the screen so there'd be fewer pixels to render... the game STILL couldn't even manage a stable 20fps.

Gameplay-wise it's an absolute gem. Story-wise... not so much. All the cool stuff with the Dragon (so, so, cool) gets a bit overshadowed for me by how intrinsically creepy the pawn system is (IE the whole slave race angle).

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Narratively, I think the writing staff could have done a whole lot better utilizing the "less is more" angle, much like Dark Souls capitalized on with great success (though with FAR more nuance and backstory to damn near each and every being you came across in that world). As it stands, Capcom RARELY is ever known for compelling storytelling (games they were only the publisher don't count *cough* Okami *cough*), and I can only imagine what would have been, were the lore of the game crafted by seasoned writers in the level of Obsidian and the like.

VERY THANKFULLY, the port has been a huge success, and with it came an absolutely required level of optimization. While I hear tales of PS3 Dragon's Dogma performance making the un-modded Dark Souls blush, the game performs with excellence on a wide range of PC systems, and there are plenty of options available for the enthusiast market to take advantage of and push the game well past the fidelity it enjoyed on the last gen console.

As for the pawn system.. frankly, I want to see it in more games, expanded upon to add even further levels of customization.. but I'm apparently a creepy guy with a fetish for manipulating marionettes Twisted Evil . Thing is, my mind just swirled with possibilities when I got just a cursory glance of the idea behind Pawns and the possibilities therein, were they to be handled with respect from a writing perspective. ESPECIALLY a little *spoileryspoily* business that happens later in the game. SO many stories to be had.

I'm also a huge, huge sucker for adaptive, emulative AI, and even if it's not that advanced, I love the idea of "training" a companion to behave in a way I feel will "fit" them and help them succeed. This is another major hook I wish to see more of in gaming's future.

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Well, they could have just made it a "mercenary" system like Pillars of Eternity/Icewind Dale. You can still have the whole adaptive AI thing without making a race of mindless slaves.

And that would have given them the opportunity to give the NPCs something approaching a personality, which Dragons Dogma really, really needed. The pawn dialog is just so, so, so bad... at the very least Capcom should have recorded lots, or any number, really, of comment variations.

Oh well.

And thanks for making me sad (again) about Clover.

To be fair to Capcom (there's something I never thought I'd say) Clover was technically still owned by them, even if it was semi-autonomous, and the lack of any good follow-up on the franchise could just as easily be attributed to Kamiya's absence as Clover's dissolution.

Of course, I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd rather have an Okami 2 than all of the games Platinum has ever made.

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Arsene Lupin wrote:Well, they could have just made it a "mercenary" system like Pillars of Eternity/Icewind Dale. You can still have the whole adaptive AI thing without making a race of mindless slaves.

I understand what you're saying, but I personally believe that the potential showcased in, for instance, the quest "Bestowal of Spirit" and its implications for Pawns, I can't in good faith recommend their concept be completely snuffed - it simply requires more, it deserves it, as it potentially could have an emergent, strikingly surprising level of gameplay/narrative interplay.

I'd love to explain what I mean, though I fear any more will unfairly rob what little mystique Dogma's narrative has.

Arsene Lupin wrote:And that would have given them the opportunity to give the NPCs something approaching a personality, which Dragons Dogma really, really needed. The pawn dialog is just so, so, so bad... at the very least Capcom should have recorded lots, or any number, really, of comment variations.

This. This, so very much. I weep for what might have been with a little more love given to both the game's writing revolving around them, expanding on the glimpse of brilliance there is, and make an earnest push to place it at the forefront of presentation quality.

- More than 2 voice sets with unprofessional modulation, for each gender.

- More lines, preferably growing in nuance, intelligence and emotion the more they "learn".

- Greater ability to influence aspects of their behavior (namely rabid line repeating, potential skill combinations, specific scenario prioritization, etc.).

- And, most importantly, address the implications of what many people view as a "slave race".. design scenarios that communicate from their alien perspective, delve deep into those who do not perfectly fit the mold of the commonly understood Pawn, what they were, what they could be, what they shouldn't be and what they "want". Again, the possibilities here just entranced me more than any Capcom writing team could manage themselves.

Arsene Lupin wrote:And thanks for making me sad (again) about Clover.

Ah.. my sympathies; I'd forgotten about what happened with the studio. Take heart, though: in today's market, anything can happen.

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Well, yeah. The best/most-optimal response to any instance of terrible writing is either "write something else" or "write it better."

(And in many cases those two options are not mutually exclusive).

And look, I'm all for being optimistic. There have been some *amazing* things happening in the Games industry lately (what would be really amazing would be coming up with a better collective noun for the industry, though...)

But those changes are largely occurring in the West. Game development is just as conservative as ever in Japan, and the bigger the company, the more conservative (oh my god, Nintendo). While I could maybe, maybe see Platinum making another Okami or game like it, I do not see them (under any circumstances) being able to buy back (or license) the Okami IP from Capcom.

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Just to repeat and expand my opinion from another Thread:

This Pawn System; this Combat System, but redefined by Platinum Games; the Nemesis System of Shadow of Mordor; the Storytelling quality and Eye for detail of CDPR and Blizzard mixed with a little bit craziness of Yoko Taro and BOOM, would be my Game of the Millenium Cool

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I have played around a bit in Dragon's Dogma for the first time and I find the combat fun as hell, but the story presentation is really poor for now. Yes, "less is more" can work, and I kinda pierced what is happening and why(though less enthusiastic gamers would be utterly lost), but it is nowhere near well presented as in Dark Souls. At all. Compare the intro to this game to Dark Souls, and Dark Souls is the dragon that(spoilers cause some may have not played Dragon's Dogma):

ate your heart in the beginning, with Dragon's Dogma's intro being you.

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