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Star Trek: A Different Price

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1 Star Trek: A Different Price on Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:23 pm

A very short fanfiction based on how I would've ended Star Trek (2009). It's the first story I've written in a few years, so please don't be gentle; be honest. Smile

It was hard for Lieutenant James T. Kirk to realize it had only been a week since he had stopped Nero from destroying Earth. And since he had graduated from Starfleet Academy and received his commission early. Today, he would step back aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as Captain Christopher Pike's new Tactical Officer.
Kirk tugged at his new red shirt and stepped into the shuttle hangar at Starfleet Headquarters, where the younger Spock stood, waiting stoically. Kirk noticed immediately there was something wrong. Spock's uniform only had Lieutenant Commander's stripes. “Hiya, Spock. I guess Pike's already up?” Spock nodded. “Well, can't keep him waiting.”
“We have little choice, Lieutenant. The hangar crew is working on an issue with the shuttle.”
“Okay.” He tried to hide the fact that he had noticed, but Spock's stare convinced him it was impossible. “I know you probably mind me asking, but what pin-headed Admiral decided you deserved—?”
“Mister Kirk, may I remind you that you are speaking of a superior officer?” He paused. “I assume you want to know the answer to 'why?' more than the 'who?' I can only say it was the shameful way I treated you aboard the Enterprise.”
“They know about that?” Kirk was genuinely astonished. “I kept that part out.”
“I am aware. However, it was in my report. As well as those of other members of the bridge crew.”
“Well, I'll see what I can do to fix that.”
“I would prefer that you do not do so. I have accepted full responsibility for my actions.”
“I'm still going to fight it. It's not fair.”
“Life is seldom fair, Mister Kirk.”
“Just call me Jim. My point is, it's not right that you get kicked down while they put me up on a pedestal. Especially with all you've—.”
“Excuse me, sirs!” one of the shuttle mechanics came up to them. “Galileo's fit as a fiddle and ready to fly.” He handed Spock the datapad with the repair list.
“Thank you, Chief,” said Spock.

Pike was waiting on the hangar deck when the Galileo touched down. Spock and Kirk stepped out from the rear hatch and saluted before standing at attention. Pike returned the salute. “Lieutenant Commander Spock and Lieutenant James T. Kirk, reporting for duty, sir.” Spock said.
“At ease, gentlemen. Good to have you both back.”
The lift doors opened and the trio stepped in. “Deck 5,” Pike told the lift computer. “Your personal effects are already up, and it'll be another sixteen hours before we're ready to leave dock. So you'll have time to unpack.”
“I'll be ready in four.” The lift stopped. Pike started out but Kirk cleared his throat. “Mind if I speak to you in private, sir?” Spock looked to Kirk, ready to speak, but it was clear Kirk wanted to see it through and wouldn't back down.
“Of course. See you on the bridge at oh-nine-hundred.” Spock acknowledged with a nod. Pike led Kirk down to his own cabin and after the door shut behind Kirk, he sat down at his desk. “Take a seat, Jim. What is it?”
“It's about Spock, sir. Why was he demoted?”
“I shouldn't have to tell you what he did. But tossing you into an escape pod and throwing you down onto a planet with dangerous wildlife without even giving you a damned phaser! And when you managed to get back to the ship, he beat the living snot out of you and tried to strangle you with his bare hands!”
“Sir, he only kicked my ass because I provoked him! Just ask Scotty or Sulu, or Uhura or anyone else who was on the bridge!”
“I don't know what you said to him that pissed him off, and frankly, I don't care,” Pike said, trying to keep an even tone, “but that does not give him the right to attack a fellow officer.”
“I was a cadet then, not an officer. I did what I did so that I could take command and get to Nero before he destroyed Earth! And after what he's been through, you can't just throw him under the bus like that! You can't—!”
“What I can't do, is let someone who wears a Starfleet uniform to outright assault another person, especially a fellow crew member. We have a brig on these ships for a reason. The demotion stands.”
Kirk leaned back in the chair. After a minute, he spoke. “At least note my objection in the record, sir.”
Pike shook his head. “No. And that's my final decision. There's no excusing what he did, even if you were being a jackass.”
Kirk edged toward Pike. “Sir, I was lucky. My father died while I was being born. Spock had to watch helplessly while his mother fell right off a cliff! That would mess with anyone's head! Probably got to him more than most people, since Vulcans aren't supposed to feel jack squat, no matter what happens! They aren't supposed to feel anything. He doesn't deserve to be kicked down after losing his mother, his home, his people! And sure as hell not while I get a free pass!”
Pike stood up. “I appreciate that you're finally being honest. But he crossed the line twice. And he is accepting the responsibility and the punishment with all the dignity and grace I've come to expect from him. You, on the other hand, will pay a different price. You graduated right when you told me you would. And you get an officer commission, and head of a department aboard the Federation flagship. And you will walk onto that bridge tomorrow morning and every morning, knowing that you are there because you pushed your commanding officer and former teacher over the edge.” Pike tapped a button on his desk, and the door opened. “Dismissed, Lieutenant.”

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