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Ideas for a FF8 playthrough

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1 Ideas for a FF8 playthrough on Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:53 pm

Hello fellow gamers. Greetings from the place of despair where I currently find myself. What place is that, you might wonder - a place that compels me to want to play FF8. Now, now - I know you will pity me and pray for my doomed soul, but before you put me out of my misery, hear, or rather, read me out. I've been thinking on a way to make FF8 an actually interesting and challenging game to play, without resorting to no-junctions challenges and whatnots. So here’s some considerations from a guy who spent too much time mastering a game that no one has a legit and sound excuse to have played as much as I have…

Levelling is easy and tends to make the game slightly harder. This becomes even more apparent if the player has low level spells to junction. Thus, a way to make the game more challenging would be to restrict higher level spells. The method I came up with is to tie them to certain bosses, so storyline progression would result in stronger spells to junction.

As for weapons, I would only be able to upgrade them as soon as I got the magazines. Not, regarding limit breaks – the game breakers –, characters would only be able to perform them once per battle. Thus waiting for a bigger threat level, in order to increase the time available for Duel/Shot, the quality of magic in Selphie’s slots, and the amount of hits and finisher in Squall’s or Rinoa’s limits, would be a strategic decision more than just something than happens when spamming limit breaks. Also: the amount of limits Quistis could learn would increase with each boss.

SeeD (lol) exams would not be used to increase the SeeD (lol) level, as FF8 characters are, as everyone knows, dumb as rocks, and should therefore be paid accordingly.
No healing items can refined from cards.

So here’s the spell list:

Initial Spell: Scan (because SCREW YOU!)
Ifrit (you’ve betrayed Shiva!) - Fire
Star Wars guys - Blizzard & Thunder
Jay Leno's distant causin (aka Elvoret) - Cure
X-ATM spider thingy - Blind
Granaldo - Sleep
Laguna Dream #1 - Water
Fake President / Gero*2 - Silence & Zombie
Exit Timber - Aero
Laguna Dream #2 - Berserk
Sacred - Life
Sacred & MINOTAUR - Protect & Float
El Diablo (I'm totally stealing this one from Spoony) - Demi
Iguion - Shell
Seifer - Life
Edea - Confuse
Laguna Dream #3 - Fira
Biggs & Wedge 2 - Thundara & Blizzara
Gin & Tonic - Cura
BGH - Slow
Giant Squids - Drain
Obesity poster-child/NORG - Stop & Dispel
BGH II - Esuna
Raijin, ya know? - Reflect
Raijin & FUJIN - Break & Double
Cerberus - Haste
Seifer (again) - Firaga
Seifer (yet again) & Edea - Blizzaga & Thundaga
After the white SeeD (lol) ship - Curaga
Ruby Dragon - Aura
Laguna Dream #4 - Regen
Abadon - Quake
Laguna Dream #5 - Tornado
After Lunar Pandora passes Esther - Flare
Propagator(sssss) - Holy
After getting Ragnarok - Full-life
Odin - Death & Pain
Tonberry King - Triple
Porn/Jumbo Cactuar - Meltdown
Bahamut - Meteor
Ultima Weapon - Ultima (wasn't that obvious?)
Omega Weapon - Apocalypse (because it's a freakin' awesome spell and save editor)

I don't usually like to go to disc 4, so I've made this list ignoring the bosses after the point of no return, except for Omega, but Apocalypse is there just because it's cool and has the best spell name evah!

PS: I laughed my ass off writing this and it probably shows. I've also done this from memory so there are probably some balance issues and things that could be better.

Please, give me some feedback. I know the idea is kind of weird, but I am a weird guy. What can I do but be weird? Recommendations, suicide suggestions or letters filled with anthrax are all welcome. Don't be shy now.

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2 Re: Ideas for a FF8 playthrough on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:19 am

I like the way you think. Here, have some stupid achievements to help you along your noble quest.

The Wheel's Stuck: Can only travel east, northeast, or southeast when flying Balamb Garden.

You are the Yu-Gi-Oh. That's You: You must win all of the cards before leaving an area for the first time.

Chatterbox: Must talk to everyone--thrice!--before moving on.

Merchanting is Hard: You can't sell anything.

Merchanting is Hard 2: Electric Boogaloo: Starting with the first item on a store's list you must buy the max amount of that item before you are able to buy the next thing on the list and so on. If you use any of the previous items you must purchase them back up to max before buying anything else.

You Wanna Get Nuts? Let's Get Nuts!: Every time Squall pouts you must yell a random quote at him, the crazier the better. If you want I'll prepare the list for you but anyone you know with a whacky sense of humor will do. NO PEAKING!

We Aim to Please: Only use ranged attacks on Odin.

You Are the Pan: When Squall is lost in time you must repeatedly clap and say "I believe in fairies" until Rinoa saves him.

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3 Re: Ideas for a FF8 playthrough on Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:20 am

I could never play this way, but would love to try an extensive gameplay mod of the game. So my idea is to find a hacker.

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