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idea for the end of the void war

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1 idea for the end of the void war on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:14 pm

Ok to set the stage. its the last few hours of the void war the galaxy is on fire. Whole races have been wiped out and the commonwealth its self has been pushed back the the imperial capital. As the battle rages through out the city on levels that make stalingrad look like a tea party and all civil. the enemy have pushed there way to the palace and are derectly threating the empress. cut to in the throne room in the palace. There sits a 17 year old girl made empress when her parents where killed at the wars start. speaking to her is an old family freind and top general.
(general) your majesty please reconcider we CAN NOT hold them much longer!(empress) i....i cant ...i dont know how. (general in a mush less loud and more clam voice) you know how its in your blood just act on instinct.(empress) no i dont i was never taught how to do it and.....and .....im afraid of what might happen.(general) what do you mean? (empress) i have heard about what happened the last time one of my family used our power. a whole galaxy ruined and those that were left fell into a state a total war that last to this day fighting over what was left. That was why we came to this galaxy to this planet and set about building a better society than we had left behind. and to never use our power to interfear.....and in some small way make amends for the one we destroyed.(general) I..... know what your ancestors did. Your father told me just what kind of people they where....but you are not them and your family has made admends but that is all being destroyed RIGHT NOW and you have to power to stop it.(empress) and what happen if i do and i repeat history and I am the one that destroys me familys legacy or even worse i ......i .....make thing worse than if the void won? (general) i dont have an answer for you all i can tell you is that if they win we will never get the chance to rebuild but if you use the power you have in you we might get that chance isnt that enough?
At that moment the door to the throne room is blown open and about 100 void troops rush in and the empresses guards rush to meet them. At that moment the general is hint in the chest buy a plasma bolt and falls back onto the floor the empress runs to his side and is now kneeling by his side in front of the throne. he look up at her and sats just before he dies ...please give us the chance. then dies in her arms. at that monent the leader of the void assault walks in with his eyes locked on the young empress. (void leader) at last the last of the false emperor desendents you filthy blood line END HERE!!!!! she looks up from the body of your general and live long friend (empress) wh...what do you mean? (void leader) your ancestors destroyed our galaxy and then ran like the cowards you are. it took 10,000 years to reach the bucher on his golden throne and MAKE HIM PAY and now we will make sure that what he did can never be done again and after we are done with you we will wipe out everything your family has touched. has his words hit her like a ton of bricks and she struggled to prosses his words it hit her that her familys sins had come for them after all they had done to make up for them. she didnt even know that anyone of her family had stayed behind. But what hit her the hardest was that where werent just after her they where after everything that they were going to destroy everything. the general was right if she didnt use here power there would be no chance for anyone in the whole galaxy. With that relization she desided to do the one thing she feared the most. (empress) I.....I cant let that happen. i cant let you kill them all even if it means the end of the commonwealth or the end of me. she stood up and faced the enemy general the palace crumbeling around her and tears streaming from her eyes she lifted up her hand and a small white light began to form in her hand. As it begain to grow and grow to the point that it took both of her hands to contain it . the enemey relized what she was doing to late for just as they tried to stop her there was a bright flash of light that engulfed the whole of the galaxy and just like that the void where gone....everywhere.
And so in a mostly dead galaxy in the middle of a fallen empire on a ruined planet in the middle of a destroyed city in a crumbling palace Kneeling in front of a broken throne there is a 17 year old little girl made empress way before her time surronded by the dead and dieing crying her eyes out fearful of the consequences of what she had done.

the pic that gave me the idea     https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/t31.0-8/10258814_546498665520211_1818593771463056556_o.jpg

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2 Re: idea for the end of the void war on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:27 pm

What is the context for this? In-universe and out.

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3 Re: idea for the end of the void war on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:50 pm

SilverDragonRed wrote:What is the context for this?  In-universe and out.

it at the end of the main event in my own setting and id supposed to be a big reveal moment i know there isnt much context for this but to give context i would have to retell a story 6 years in the making . i asked arch to give his opinion on this base idea that is in really early stages and he told me to post it here due to the fact that his is a little busy with the wow lorerun right now so i sorry for it coming out of now where

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4 Re: idea for the end of the void war on Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:13 am

There honestly isn't much to say. It sounds great for the beginning of a story. But, it's just that; a premise for a scene.

While the exposition needed for the dilemma is heavy-handed, it is also necessary for a rough draft. Biggest positive I can say is that the Princess is a easily understandable and identifiable character.

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