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My Theory/Explanation of Ganondorf's death scene in Twilight Princess

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For years gamers have speculated on Ganondorf's death scene at the end of Twilight Princess. It is a very odd scene, and I think Nintendo meant for this scene to be highly interpretative, given that they haven't commented on it. I'm here today to give my two cents as to what happened in my opinion. Late in the game Zant says that he got his power from Ganondorf, who I believe used Zant as an anchor of sorts to start the proccess of being able to manifest himself into the material realms of both the Twili realm and the Light realm, also known as Hyrule. I believe that Ganondorf had been in the Twili realm for a very long time, and as a result lost his body over a long period of time, but still kept his mind and and spirit intact thanks to the Triforce of Power. He then housed some of his power in Zant, who gained new magical abilities thanks to the Triforce of Power, and in turn Ganondorf gained the magic of the Twili, which he demonstrates during his boss battles at the end of the game. Thanks to this connection that Zant and Ganondorf shared, when Zant is "killed" by Midna by the power of the Fused Shadows, I don't believe he truly died. I believe that only his body was destroyed, and his spirit then went to Ganondorf, who was now fully manifested within the realm of light. Now we get to the scene itself, where Link has plunged the Master Sword directly into the wound that Ganondorf sustained when his execution was attempted. In this scene, after Ganondorf gives some final lines, we see the Triforce abandon him, and Zant's shown having his neck snapped in some featureless void, and Ganondorf finally dies, standing proudly on his feet. I honestly don't have an explanation for why the Triforce of Power abandons Ganondorf at this moment, while he is in his death throes. It has never happened in another Zelda game before Twilight Princess, and I don't think it's happened since. Maybe Ganondorf had sustained too many injuries in succession for the Triforce of Power to keep him alive, or maybe the Master Sword just dealt a killing blow that the Triforce couldn't handle thanks to Ganondorf's evil nature, I just don't know. In any case, Ganondorf is in his final moments. Since I think that Zant and Ganondorf were connected, the scene that shows Zant's neck snapping signifies that his spirit is dead, thanks to Ganondorf dying, and Zant's spirit being inside Ganondorf, they both essentially die at the same time. So, those are my thoughts on the matter. As always, feedback is appreciated. So long. Smile

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