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NEGAN! WalkingDead-S6-Finale. Smothered by a rant against AMC.

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The End of the World...resumes one year hence, stay tuned as ye await thy fiery doom.

Thank you for deciding to take time out of your day to read a half-rave half-rant(the good kind of rave, though I really created this thread leaning a little heavier toward the rant) about the season 6 finale of AMC's adaptation of the comic series The Walking Dead. And also to rip right into AMC's closed wounds because it's fun, and I make it a point not to forget the sins of corporate-minded businesses and service providers. And to remind people at my whimsy. All of my material on the subject expended in one giant, nasty load because that's how I do. I hope you enjoy it, but you shouldn't feel obligated to respond to it. Just laugh on the inside, I'm hot for tsundere crowds.

I won't really be spoiling much, unless you consider AMC spoiling it for everyone when we all learned that their finale would reveal Negan. Oh, and someone dies. Who is is it? Your guess is as good as mine, shall we spin the(hopefully) weighted wheel of Deathfortune together?

So we got to see Negan! I'm impressed, they went further than I thought they would and did more than just reveal the guy. Their play on his character was amazing too, in its own way. I've already spoiled myself on who's supposed to die, but they did a great job directing that build-up that I was genuinely wondering who it was going to be. But not because the actor for Negan played him well, but because it's a TV adaptation, and the people who make them follow a different set guidelines which borders on a mad hermit's ethos of and relating to the thoughts and interests of the people at large.

We should already know who it is. The reveal in question should not be a late reveal to merit merit a cliffhanger, it should not be a big surprise for the beginning of the next season. The build-up and the payoff of the scene I mean become diminished when separated by time. If this was actually the second-to-last episode, with the finale revealing who's dead, I wouldn't mind a gap of a whole one or two weeks waiting for the reveal. But cutting the narrative just shy of the payoff to come back to it half a year later deteriorates the scene's potential for being memorable - or rather, simply diminishes it in our minds with the passage of time.

And we know why they did it. It's a cheap tactic to boost views/ratings whatever, and by now they know we know. They just don't care. The views have just been climbing steadily with each season, that's all that matters to them. They want their forums spinning with people theorizing about who it's going to be. So actually, that's two things they did this for: increasing viewers and creating hype that was never necessary or merited in the first place - false, artificial hype, and more money. For who they see as shuffling, vegged-out drones, chomping at the bit at every--wait a minute. Is that a valid comparison peeking over the horizon that I've never seen because I live under a rock? Yes, and it's perfect for many other TV channels that focus on entertainment and drama. I'm not calling any names here, I'm just saying out loud the lullaby AMC whispers to itself every night while counting sheep. With a pentagram etched into the floor beneath its bed. In many ways we are like zombies when we watch our stories, but we're not stupid. We revisit, we remember. We learn. We lash out with our words.

AMC likes to tease it out before having us take a number - the wrong way(tell us something we don't know). Season finale was good, and the end - up until before the end end - made it great(oh, well that's new). Hey, they could have done it worse, and in fact have done so.

See season 2 and 3 because I wouldn't want anyone to forget the poor writing and directing and character portrayal so as to attempt to bite back at what attempt there may have been to wash out the stain the reputation of the executive producer who was holding the reins at the time. Because I am a spiteful and malignant bastard. ...This was not part of my intended rant, this is something completely separate and if you've read this far and are unhappy that you wasted your time doing so...well I can't do anything about that. And if I could I wouldn't, ha!

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Scott Gimple saved the show for me when he took over as showrunner. He seems like a guy who wants to make the best show he can possibly make. Turning the finale into a cliff-hanger doesn't bother much at all. I wouldn't be surprised if we get more in-depth with that scene in the beginning of next season (like showing the graphic detail). I wouldn't be surprised if AMC was afraid of the massive backlash that could happen if they killed off a favorite character, thus affecting the premiere ratings for season 7.

I think it's a no win scenario for AMC. Either disappoint with a cliffhanger or anger a ton of fans (if it's a major character, you know people would act unreasonably to it). The only way they could truly screw it up is to kill off a less important character like that one guy from Alexandria. Going from a cliff-hanger to just killing a character introduced a season or two ago would be cheap; it's HAS to be a major character that's been with the show for a long time. Btw, I know who died in the comics.

I don't want to focus on the negative. That scene was still awesome. Negan was played perfectly, and I'm not surprised by that at all. I don't think anyone doubted Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Minor spoilers for the episode...

The episode probably lasted too long, but I liked how Rick gradually went from being arrogant towards the Saviors, to not knowing what the hell to do by the end of it. Each encounter with the Saviors made Rick more indecisive. It also showed how far reaching the Saviors actually are. Instead of a band of people, they turn out to be an army (or at least that's the impression I got). I was tense through the entire episode with that tension being dialed up to 11 by the end.

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