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SWTOR stuff (mostly theories, rants welcome)

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1 SWTOR stuff (mostly theories, rants welcome) on Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:40 am

If you wanna say something that might spoil any class story arcs/chapters or quests, put it in a spoiler tag please. Thanks, pal!

So! I feel like a lot of the stock lines repeated by the Sith Warrior are cut-ups of one massive(generic) speech, made into complete and short sentences. If not, you certainly have a lot to work with if you wanted to, I dunno, write a fan fiction.

"Tell it to someone who gives a damn."
"Do I have to ignite my lightsaber to get your attention?"
"Your ego is over-inflated."
"Some elaboration is required."
"I'm here to kill you."
"I can't wait to start killing."
"You reek of fear."
"Looks like it's time for a bloodbath."
"Now you'll see what a Sith is capable of."
"I have yet to meet a challenge I can't conquer."
"I break beasts necks in my sleep."
"I will bring the Republic to its knees."
"There won't be a heart left beating."

This is going here because I'm F2P on Star Wars: the Old Republic, so I can't post in the SWTOR forums. What the fuck, right? So this is going here because heh, y'know, I gotta put it somewhere! Really though, I get riled up when it comes the Old Republic MMO. Can't wait for them to make another standalone not-MMO Star Wars game, except they won't will they? They're set for Star Wars, they've got the market cornered with their cash uxibeast. I must stop. (Arch buddy, come back soon man! We need you)

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Better yet, you could make a fanfiction with the stock lines of all the classes. They could have nice little stock conversations.

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