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Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion

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1 Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Wed May 18, 2016 10:10 pm

Hey, everyone. It's been a while since I last posted, but I've recently played a game that really had an impact on me and, as you could probably guess by the title, it was Life is Strange. It's only been about six hours since I finished the game and I honesty think that it could be one of my favorite games of all time. Which feels strange to say that considering it's not like a game that I'd normally play (in fact, some would say that it's not even a "game"). However, the emotional impact of that game is astounding and blew me away and I honestly think it's going to be a game that I'll remember ten years from now (and hopefully more than that). So my question for anyone who has played it is which ending do you pick and why? The reason why I ask this is because it seems that everyone rationalized which ending they picked for many different reasons and I find those reasons to be interesting to discuss. Personally, I chose the ending to sacrifice Chloe because I believed that Max had learned that her decisions would only lead to more chaos throughout the space-time continuum, she learned that she can't use her powers forever in order to prevent Chloe's death, that she shouldn't continue to change other people's lives (whether positively or negatively) in order to satisfy her own desires, and that on a macro level her actions had even negatively impacted the earth's ecosystem. So yeah, that's my personal opinion and I'm curious to hear everyone else's.

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2 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Wed May 18, 2016 10:44 pm

Disclaimer: did not play the game myself but watched a couple playthroughs of the whole game.

After episode 5 came out, I noticed alot of people comparing the ending to Life is Strange to Mass Effect 3. Lots of potential that didn't live up to expectations. From what I have seen, I have to agree. I grew interested in the games plot after watching a play through of episode 3 from when Max is at Chloe's house to the end of the episode. I was hooked and thought they really nailed the feeling of how nostalgic one could be going back in time to a significant moment in your life. I'm a sucker for time traveling stories that are used for improving a horrible situation into a better one (as long as they nail the emotion and feeling aspect).

Now to answer your question: The ending is an ethics question. The game spent so much time giving all these great moments between Max and Chloe that i feel like the universe gave max those powers in order to give closure with chloe for one last time. Thus, the universe also gives her the choice to sacrifice the town the chloe hates or sacrifice Chloe.

My choice: Sacrifice Chloe

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3 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Thu May 19, 2016 12:36 am

Yes, I think that's another great reason why I believe sacrificing Chloe is the more valid choice. Her powers were given to her in order to have closure with Chloe. However, I also think that you point out something that's very key to the game's narrative structure. Though Chloe is the catalyst for the plot, as the player you are given the opportunity to respond to Chloe in the way that you wish. You can be somewhat distant to her, simply be best friends, or have your relationship have romantic subtext to it. So if the player really likes Chloe and doesn't want that relationship to end, then the power is completely given to you of whether or not you'd be willing to make the sacrifice of destroying Arcadia Bay or her. Which I personally think is what makes the narrative so well written.

However, to address your other point about the ending having wasted potential, I honestly do think that that's a good point though. There were some characters' storylines that could have been developed a lot more and had been given closure regardless of which ending the player chose. And I think that despite how much I love this game, my biggest problem with it is basically the entirety of episode 5. Besides explaining that Jefferson was the main antagonist of the whole story, I somewhat think that episode 5 simply goes in circles for a while before it ends with the final decision of the game whereas all of that wasted time could have been used to give more depth to characters such as Nathan and Victoria (which probably would have impacted many people's final decision).

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4 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Thu May 19, 2016 1:20 pm

There's no ending I prefer over the other, simply because I don't think the story ended. I think there should be a Life is Strange season 2, with the same protagonist, and pick up where we've left off. There's still lots of narrative threads to play with.

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5 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Thu May 19, 2016 1:55 pm

Unforunately Zeiss, while there will be a season 2 of Life is Strange, there will be a new protagonist and group of characters. Episode 5 was the ending for Max, Chloe, and Arcadia Bay.

Source: http://www.youthhealthmag.com/articles/38284/20160211/life-is-strange-season-2.htm

On the topic of episode 5, it seemed like episode 5 was trying is hardest to convince the player to give up Chloe, especially with that nightmare sequence. @BigMac94 I agree that there was way too much filler in episode 5 and one thing that still bothers me is that there was never a resolution to Rachael Amber. Maybe its just me, but I felt like the developers were setting up for Max to meet Rachael Amber or something.

I don't know, like Zeiss says there's still lots of narrative left to dissect and after how good episode 3 and 4 were the finale feels like a letdown. I might pick up the game eventually just to experience for myself.

Edit: Going back to what I said about Rachael Amber, after all the build up throughout episodes 1-4, the only thing we learn about her in episode 5 is that Nathan overdosed her.

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6 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Thu May 19, 2016 4:26 pm

@Norulezx I agree that episode 5 had a great amount of filler content in it, but I don't think that the game simply starts to convince you to give up Chloe starting with chapter 5. Throughout the game in Max's interactions with Chloe, either Max responds to Chloe that she's being selfish (For example, while they're driving in the truck during episode 3 and Chloe mentions how she blames her father for all her problems) or when Joyce, her own mother, comments on the fact that she's a negative influence on people (I'm paraphrasing, but I believe that is also in episode 3). So I think the player has been given opportunities before episode 5 to question if Chloe is worth being around.

Also, in regards to Rachel Amber, I do think that it would have been better to explain more of how she became involved with Nathan and Jefferson, but I do think that it gives her more a sense of mystery if the player doesn't meet her. Especially with how interpretative her relationship with Chloe was. Some people think that they were romantically involved, others think that they were simply best friends, and then there's my own personal theory (which I haven't seen anyone else talk about yet) is that maybe they actually were best friends but Chloe wanted more from their relationship and Rachel didn't want to be romantic partners (which would also explain why she was in a relationship with Frank at some point).

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7 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Thu May 19, 2016 9:20 pm

Oh, I'm aware of the news concerning season 2. It's a shame, since the story they've set up is perfect for a second season. There's the possibility they were lying about the change of cast so they can surprise us later, but my cynical side tells me it's not happening. Too bad.

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8 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Fri May 20, 2016 1:55 am

For my thoughts, I will refer you to the following thread on Steam that got just one reply and probably a similar amount of views in the same ballpark range:

I was not happy. I hate these sorts of resolutions in plots involving time travel.

To echo someone's review, someone I forgot: what does letting Chloe die even do to the storm? Rewinding is causing the storm, doing it over and over, right? Well rewinding to before Max ever used her power doesn't change that, because she is still rewinding. Never doing it again does nothing to stop the storm that's already coming. Surprising, I know.

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9 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Fri May 20, 2016 5:43 am

A timeline where Max makes repeated uses of her powers causes the storm to happen. She creates a new timeline where she doesn't use her powers, thus preventing the storm from happening.

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10 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Thu May 26, 2016 3:45 pm

Zeiss wrote:Oh, I'm aware of the news concerning season 2. It's a shame, since the story they've set up is perfect for a second season. There's the possibility they were lying about the change of cast so they can surprise us later, but my cynical side tells me it's not happening. Too bad.

I disagree that it is a good setup for season 2. The two choices are so completely different that going through with them would mean basically making 2 completely separate storylines.

My opinion on the reason EP5 turned out as it did was because they had to tie it up, a low budget and probably some pressure from Square Enix to have it published(as I recall, they had been talking about delaying EP5 for some time after the original scheduled date, which didn't happen for some reason except speculative ones).

There is also the problem that they dropped absolutely everything regarding to Nathan except for that admittedly awesomely exectued scene with the voicemail. Both he and Rachel Amber got the short stick out of the cut content. Another issue I have with EP5 is that, if you weren't exactly going with the best friend/lover route with Chloe and was more connected with other characters too(and/or lover route with Warren), the game would still have Max speak absolutely the same lines every time even though it wouldn't make as much sense that "Chloe, you are my only one, the only important person in my world". It was just irritating both to me and my best friend.(I should try Chloe lover route tho).

As for my opinion on the game... I have already put it as my #1 on the TOP 10 list for the community because, even if the ending was subpar(and the nightmare sequence is best played by rushing through it), it was just too much of an amazing experience for the ending to drown that out(unlike ME3). As for mine and my best friends choice(I played the game through 3 times and once with her), all the times it was Sacrifice Chloe. Not only because that would be the "better" choice, but also because that was what made sense with the way we played Max. As far as ethic/morality, I think it's an impossible answer either way because both ways you aren't doing a good thing, and the consequences are better or worse depending on the viewpoint.

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11 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Thu May 26, 2016 6:54 pm

Oh, I think the way episode 5 ended makes it a perfect setup for a second season with the same characters. In summary, here's how I would do it: make both endings canon.

You would, of course, start the game in the timeline you chose. However, whichever Max you play, she cannot cope with the choice she made, and she starts to desire for Chloe to be alive/the town to be saved, and because of this, the mind of both Max swap with each other, thus making them witness the existence of the other timeline. After all, Max never lost her time powers. Then the fun starts.

Both Max cannot endure the strain on their minds as they switch between the two timelines, and they (along with the player) become confused about which timeline they're in, as the swapping becomes more and more frequent. And suddenly, you switch to an unknown timeline; the one where Chloe was paralyzed, and you're faced with the consequences of the choice you made while you were there. The mind swapping then becomes worse, and Max must discover a way to stop this before her mind(s) across all timelines break(s) unto itself/themselves. And the only way to do that is to confront NightmareMax, the one you encountered in Episode 5 of season 1, which I would make the true villain of the series as it is a creature who gave Max her powers to use her as a gateway into the fabric of reality by taking over Max's mind. Maybe even make her wake up in Jefferson's class (episode 1 of season 1) once the "battle" with NightmareMax is over and the powers are lost, but I would need the opinion of other writers before I choose this option. There are also so many narrative threads you could go back to with this story, like the Indians who lived in Arcadia, or the homeless woman near the dinner.

I don't know for you, but that sounds awesome to me.

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12 Re: Life is Strange Spoiler Discussion on Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:06 am

The root problem is the fact that Max's powers destroy time and space. It's like telling Superman that he has to start taking Kryptonite as a drug to bring him down to the level of the rest of the humans because continued use of his power will cause the apocalypse. The next game should be about separating the causality link between Max's powers and the apocalypse. Otherwise there is no meaning to the alternate realities and all the decisions she's made, even if she must revisit them for this reason or that in her quest to ultimately keep the timeline going as it always should have without the intervention of her powers.

Thing is about that ending, it looked over. It looked like the end of Life is Strange as a franchise, and it worked as a definitive ending. Even though it drained every ounce of care I had for it out of me. I'm not hopeful for another game, I don't even want one. It sits in my library uninstalled, so disappointed and unhappy that I am with it that I wish I could take it out of my library, remove the possibility of being able to install it ever again without buying it a second time.

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