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My Thoughts on Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls

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1 My Thoughts on Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls on Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:25 pm

I have been playing video games for many years, and yet there are several classic and otherwise essential games that I have no experience with. In many cases, this involves entire franchises. When Archengeia was going through the Final Fantasies during his marathon I was prompted to start digging my way through my backlog instead of letting it sit and fester. Now, I am playing through the Final Fantasies and have decided to share my thoughts on the games I play as I go here on the forum. I will be playing FF I - FF VII, FF IX, and FF XII. Hope you enjoy!

Just finished playing through the Dawn of Souls version of this game in my run through of the Final Fantasy series. Following Arch's advice during the marathon I refused to play the game without cheats. The most significant difference between his lorerun and my playthrough was that I turned off random encounters, mostly to get rid of the troll rooms. As a consequence of the cheating, sequence breaking happened all over the place but it was still surprisingly fun. One thing I will say in regards to the theme of the game, instead of focusing on order vs chaos, I thought that the main focus was on the passing of the torch from one generation to another, especially with the inclusion of Soul of Rebirth. If the gameplay wasn't so focused on grind with such a high encounter rate this game would be among my favourite games. The character deaths are very well done and used to surprising effect. On another note, a pet theory I've developed in regards to the connecting of FF1 and FF2 is that hypothetically FF2 serves as the origin story of the four heroes of light. This adds an unprecedented amount of depth to the otherwise avatars of FF1. It also provides for an intriguing story for Leon between the two games.


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