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No Man's Sky: Multiplayer Viability Extrapolation Video

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A little something I stumbled upon and thought worth sharing. Curious to know whether or not this will change since.. if not, I don't see myself playing this game, personally. Likely would be a decent title for stream content though.

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Gotta be honest, more than anything else that lowered my interest in No Man's Sky. Especially the dev quotes, which came across as either naive or pretentious, depending.

The Lorerunner
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Crying or Very sad That absolutely was what first came to mind when I watched the video, Arche: you looking forward yo the game as a vehicle for cooperative multiplayer. And from what I've seen, and as you've mentioned, these guys take direct dev feedback into account rather than just wildly speculate: their channel as a niche has dedicated a good amount of time following development for No Man's Sky, and so I don't dismiss it easily.

Now, there is a LOT of investment in this game, and provided there is enough push back and demand for more intuitive and player friendly systems for organized, cooperative play, they MIGHT be willing to change it.. but one really big example I'll point to is Journey, I believe on the PS3 which had an "organic" though unorganized multiplayer aspect.

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God, could the dev quotes be any more idiotic? You want multiplayer? Go somewhere else. Jesus, what is wrong with this guy? Way to alienate a huge chunk of your audience just because you think there are already plenty of multiplayer games out there already. The amount of smug in those quotes is just off the freaking scale.

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Seems like they always intended this to be more Journey than Minecraft as far as online goes, but they were so vague about what the game was going to be when it was announced that people ran with the idea that it'd be co-op or even something like an mmo.

It does seem like their online system is something they try to de-emphasize. If the game was intended to be single-player from the start with some online features thrown in, it's possible that the engine can't support than many players in a single area, and adding matchmaking would just serve to make the game's weak points more obvious.

Maybe that there's basically no server-side storage is an issue? Say I'm playing with my buddy, he logs off and I proceed to blow the place up, mine all the fish or whatever then leave. When he comes back he won't see anything I did, and when I come back I'll see... a bunch of resurrected sea creatures, probably? Not sure how that'd work.

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I wonder what kind of mod support the game will have. As in I'm thinking maybe forcing co-op gameplay into the game despite the devs.

The Lorerunner
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Mm, same channel only managed a theorycraft session regarding NMS modding potential, as I don't think it's been comprehensively addressed by the devs yet, but for PC, assuming the code isn't a nightmare (and they also don't get pissy about private servers / connections), that likely is one's best option. I worry, though, about it being so tightly married to the PS4 however.

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I think it can be played as a coop game with someone(s) so long as you commit to a scenario. Like, imagine playing with a best friend and coming up with a story of how you or your OC's were somehow communicating throughout half the galaxy or were IRL friends that were teleported on the fringes of the galaxy randomly and the best way to surely meet is to get to the centre.

Admittedly, this is just my thinking how to work around this "singleplayer MMO" thing with imagination. It's probably very insufficient compared to having actual coop and everything. I am just very commited to making it work like that if there's no other way to make it work, though.

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