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Satellite Reign (2015) Sneakily Added 4-Player Co-Op

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So hey folks.. I only just now saw that a hidden gem from 2015 by the name of Satellite Reign, the true spiritual successor to the old Syndicate games, recently added the ability for friends to join your game and possess one of your four operatives, making complex tactics a much more likely possibility.

If anyone happens to have the game and would like someone to join their team to cyberpunk it up, I'd be happy to come along. Don't currently have a campaign for anyone to join yet myself.

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So me and my buddy got in just a couple hours in with some wacky cyberpunk shenanigans. Quite stable, no DC's, only serious actor lagging when sprinting during combat, but it still updates properly, just visual rubber banding. You can freely assign as many or as little agents as you like to each player, which works because normally you'd be controlling all four anyway. Agents you are controlling are able to freely be upgraded and equipped as the controller likes, which may be a problem for hosts who prefer 100% control of all their agents' advancement, but when doing so with friends over VOIP, it's easily managed.

Host can freely save as normal, and if needed, reload the room to a previous save and reassign Operatives in case someone ****s the bed. Again, co-op module is still in "beta", but if you haven't played through Satellite Reign yet and are looking for how best to do it, multiplayer with friends is definitely the way to go. Cool

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