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Babylon 5 Rumination: Points of Departure onto Revelations

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Been attracted in by the B5 ruminations, and certainly enjoying them, and yes like the new intro sequence graphic too Smile ...not so much the music that goes along with the titles tbh

Haven't yet found the place people discuss B5 ruminations, so posting here incase I drift onto a spoiler. If there is a better place to post, tips from and longstanding member would be appreciated and welcome.

Babylon 5 Rumination: Points of Departure onto Revelations, just some random thoughts

In these early times, its notable to comment that Sheridan is 'bouncy' and upbeat , at least while keeping his mind in work, and he mentions gorging on fruit and is juiceaholic, just to give contrast to later.

In Points of Departure - Looking at Lennier eyes when he was going to defend Delenn's cocoon but more importantly after when Sheridan turns away, it appears at least to me that Lennier hated him immediately – just my point of view

Revelations- I see it was mentioned that they call Franklin as they knew he was an human doctor and would know more about human physiology. There is another possibility, specifically underlined by Delenn's assertion that this change was taken with the blessing of her government as it was made clear in points of departure that the change was not sanction by the grey council and they wanted her to wait. Lennier may have had no choice but to call Franklin,as they were trying to keep it on the down low, as her actions were against the ruling bodies wishes.

Always liked Garibaldi's first line after his coma (which he called the easiest money he ever made) in the last episode “Whats up doc” Smile

When Garibaldi was talking to the senior staff shortly after coming out of the coma, Ivonova, franklin and Sheridan if I recall. Does anyone else think it odd that Jack his second in command at the time was going to shoot him there and then in front of them all, until he was content that Garibaldi remembered nothing?

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