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Annoucement: Bad Movie Night on Skype this Thursday

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I lied, it's not on Skype, we're using Rabb.it to Braigwen's suggestion.

Little story of why we're doing this is Norulezx made the suggestion of why does Archengeia try doing movie commentaries. Suddenly, struck by lightning an idea occured to me to see if we might do commentary on ourselves on really bad movies. Fifty Shades of Grey immediately come to mind. Couple on Rabb.it call (at Braigwen's suggestion) and riff over the film.

Details: Thursday at 8:00 pm MST, starting viewing at 8:30 pm to get things set up and people settled. Pop in on Discord chat for invite to Rabb.it room. Bring alcohol XD

If all goes well, if we hit it off; maybe we could try other movies. Voting on what to watch next, maybe. We'll see first. Pop by the let you all know. Any questions, ask me on Discord chat. Any suggestions, I'm all ears.

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Will be starting in around 5 hoursish, if anyones interested and needs a link to discord look for the thread Deutsch made.

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in cxase anyone needs a link and does indeed wanna chat on the discord https://discord.gg/0lgtCNkjVvJWEMBk

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