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ESO Tamriel Unlimited, should I, or shouldn't I?

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I'm eyeing up ESO, now that it's a 1-time purchase. Anybody here have experiences with solo play in this game that can sway me toward purchasing, or is it worth it? I'm talking quests that have stories attached. Is/Are the main quest(s) story-rich? Were you satisfied having played through the story once to play again with a new toon?

DLC. With a purchase(or just subscription), you get access to all DLC, but after the subscription runs out, DLC becomes unplayable. Is it possible to buy DLC with Crowns(the microtransaction currency), or straight-up pay money just once for each of them to be able to play them forever?

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If you like the mechanics of MMOs then you might enjoy it but I found the story to be absolutely garbage. My own opinion, no offense to those who like it.

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I played it in beta so it may be improved now but, I did NOT enjoy it felt very lack luster and punished you for playing in groups.

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If you want elder scrolls just play the rpgs, if you want an mmo play WoW or Lotro. Just my two cents.

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I have it, it's not bad. Play often. I will say get used to walking and not having much gold early on. Other than that, it's fairly easy to get immersed. MUCH improved since the beta. If you do join, and join the dominion of elves, hit me up.

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I've played the open-world mess that is SWTOR("how can we take the sandbox/openworld concept and make it NOT FUN?"), so I am familiar. *note to self, save up for mount* Once I have the game, sometime in the near future, I'll be starting with a Bosmer going ranger.

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