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Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer (OMG! Arch, you need to see this!)

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btw Timothy Zahn and Dave Filoni collaborated for Thrawn...So any fear of Thrawn being not himself is out the window, hopefully. Also A new book confirmed too! Hype

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Oh ok, I won't watch it then.

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Why not?

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yes why not ZGoten? it looks so damn great Smile hope Arche does a video on it.

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Still not as good as the clone wars but it's getting there.

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the spoils: Season 2 finale:
Good, Maul's back! Last time it felt like Disney kicked him out of the window shouting "STILL EVIL!" like his connection to the Dark Side dictated where he was on the spectrum. The way they portrayed him, I didn't get the sense that he's EVIL, despite the certainty that he's no angel, so I was excited for him to be "Dark Side for good!" That's when they kicked him out the window.

The hopeful in me wants to see Kieran representing the original black-and-white perspective from the George Lucas films, with Darth Maul and the giant alien representing the Extended Universe. My doubts predict one blasting the other out of the water in accordance with the original black-and-white perspective.

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Cool! Can't wait.

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Thrawn not voiced by Marc Thompson

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