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Babylon 5 Rumination: The geometry of shadows

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1 Babylon 5 Rumination: The geometry of shadows on Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:45 am

Thanks Archengeia for another great rumination. Watching your rumination gave me for the first time a greater appreciation who and what the the Techno-mages are about.

I certainly agree they should have appeared in original B5 more, but as they only appeared here once, there was little to flesh them out so was left with the nagging feeling they were imitators/charlatans/wanna be 'real' mages Wink Later series had them in a great deal more, as well as many of the spin off films, and I should have modified my view, but still never thought too kindly of their actions and had a little voice at the back of my head saying the were just faking or bluffing their greater understanding of the universe. If it is possible from a technology philosophy to perceive the pattern that holds the past and the future all together (pagh'tem'far - if you get that reference) then this makes the techno-mages much more interesting.

A bit more spoilery
As we learn more about the Vorlons it would be interesting to explore the notion whether they were not only moving their own pieces on their large galactic chess board, based on knowledge of history patterns and cycles, but rather a possible ability to 'read'  or perceive possible futures using technology (as the end of season 4).

The Vorlons are perceived by the other races in the B5 universe to apparently be able to influence events by using mysterious or supernatural forces, the very the definition of Magic.

Michael Garibaldi: Ambassador Kosh has been a busy boy.
Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair: They say God works in mysterious ways.
Michael Garibaldi: Maybe so. But He's a con man compared to the Vorlon.

Following on from the techno-mages discussion however, all of the Vorlons abilities could be down to technology.

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