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My take on Star Trek Beyond's new alternate timeline USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A design

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Since this is going to be my first post here, first things first. Hello everyone, if you watch Archengeia's streams, I'm the same Chemik, I'm just coming (un)fashionably late to this forum party of ours.
Recently I saw Star Trek Beyond and I enjoyed that movie quite a bit. If you saw it as well, or if you at least seen the trailers, you already know that original Enterprise is destroyed in that movie, being replaced with another Constitution-class Enterprise A in the very last scene. This ship, however, unlike prime universe Enterprise A is not (externally) a carbon copy of its predecessor. New Enterprise was designed by Sean Hargreaves, who recently shared his finialized design on his Facebook page:

(if you are interested in more renders of this design, here is the link to his original Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/sean.hargreaves.design/posts/10207314089033945?pnref=story)
Mr Hargreaves said about his design that he wanted it to be "more evolutionary than revolutionary" and that he focused on improving structural weaknesses revealed during swarm ships attack on the Enterprise. I personally find this design quite interesting, definitely echoing both classic TOS Enerprise as well as the new ship from 2009 movie. However, to me this design works better as a predecessor to alternate Enterprise than its successor. In other words, this should be NCC-1701, while ship destroyed in Beyond should be NCC-1701-A. That being said, final design we seen in the movie is altered to resemble previous ship more closely (sorry for the quality, it is the only photo of the actual ship from the movie I can find):

As you can see, when compared to Mr. Hargreaves design, neck was swept backwards like it was in the previous Enterprise, torpedo launcher was added to it and nacelle pylons were made slimmer. At the same time, the sharper saucer edge, narrower impulse drive (not visible on the photo, but visible during construction montage at the end of the movie) and nacelle design, were all reatained. We never got to get really good look at this finalized design during the movie and that prompted me to try and come up with Enterprise A design of my own, albeit based on what we got to see and hear from Mr. Hargreaves.
So, to begin, side view of the 2009 Enterprise:

To be honest, I love this ship. I consider it a perfect blend of modern, appealing aesthetics with many nods to the original Enterprise. There is one exception, however. Nacelles. In my opinion, they are way too big and too overdesigned. I really like the fact it was adressed in the design of alternate Enterprise A, and will also focus on adressing this design element in my redesign. So, to not delay anymore, my take on the Enterprise A:

At first glance, it may look like I didn't change anything, but there is a good reason for it. To be honest, I'm quite fed up with the changes Enterprise undergoes in every movie of this alternate timeline. So, I decided to stuck with the basic design of 2009 ship, to stress this is just a minor design update, not the full blown refit like TMP Enterprise was to TOS Enterprise. I think, if it will even happen in this new timeline, at 2260 something we are still a bit too early for the major refit and reconstruction of the Constitution class.
So, let me give a rundown of the changes I made. First thing - nacelles. I made them smaller and cut out some of the additional design elements, adjusting their position slightly, finally creating, I believe, more streamlined look for them. The deflector dish suffered damage very early on in the final battle of the previous Enterprise, so I made it smaller and I sank it deeper into the secondary hull, making it better protected as well as mirroring prime universe's refit Enterprise. Mirroring Mr. Hargreaves design, I also changed the edge of the saucer rim, my reasoning being, that, angled sharper like that, it stands better chance at deflecting attacks, plus it is a great nod to the TOS Enterprise. The final, minor thing I did is slightly extending the neck section connection to the saucer, hopefully giving illusion of sturdier connection between the two.
This is it, at least so far. I consider this design still a work in progress, so if further ideas present themselves, I'll be trying to incorporate them. Thank you for reading, and if you have any ideas or comments, feel free to share.
Also, sorry for neglecting the registry number on the nacelle (it sill reads NCC-1701, missing "-A", but I'm not that good in font manipulation).

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While I obviously disagree about the refit done IN the movie, the one you presented makes me curious a bit. It seems like a general shift away from new models, which is what happened in the prime universe, and instead a shift towards iterations of existing ones... which actually fits what we see in the kelvin universe in general. The only additional change I would add is strengthening the 'wings' leading to the nacelles, especially since we quite literally saw them severed in the movie so they'd be aware of potential shortcomings with those.

The Lorerunner
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Updated design. While I was generally pleased with previous version, I felt like I could do something more with the nacelles. Now they seem to resemble TOS era prime Enterprise a bit more. As for nacelle pylons, in my mind they were always straight on this updated design, I was just not sure how to properly show that in picture. The way I did it in the end also made the pylons beefier which fits the overall theme of strengthening the ship so I left them in. Two versions this time - with blue and red Bussard collectors - which one should I keep?

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