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Nerding Out on Telltale Choices: Batman EP1, Realm of Shadows

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So I just got done with the first episode of Telltale's series, Batman, and immediately I wanna to share my thoughts on what I did. But instead of going to the official forum, I want to talk here, cuz between these two online communities, I'm more involved with you guys! And this forum was made specifically for nerding out and discussing games, so that is exactly what I'm going to do. Very Happy

Just wanna say two things about their design choices. First, the way they presented the title was lackluster in comparison to their other games, and also a huge eyesore glaring back at the player. You found creative ways to show the title and opening credits in the Borderlands game! Just do that again! But less goofy.

Second, subtitles. If you're gonna put in black bars, you could at least put the subtitles in the black bars. The black bars were wide enough to take dialogue when it was long enough to be two lines of text on the screen! Seems kinda counter-productive to the idea of a "cinematic" feel to just poop subtitles in at the bottom just above the black bar. I wish the people in the business of formatting movies, for the big screen or movie night at home, would get it together.

My choices. I had fun with descriptive titles.

Invitation only
36.7, left Harvey at the door
It was just an instinct reaction to the guy saying he wanted a private meeting. I'd already refused to shake Falcone's hand, so I gave into his demand. Looking back, it could be said that I spared Harvey the PR nightmare of being claimed to have rubbed elbows with the mobster himself. That spells "campaign smear". He probably won't see it that way later on when we talk in EP2, because video games.

The reporter and the recorder
90.2, quoted "work of fiction"
You gotta get ahead of this sort of thing, and that's exactly what I decided to do. Depending on what you say, it's better than not saying anything at all. I think trying to say "it's not true" would kinda backfire, and people might be more keen to believe Batman's ignorance if he'd focused on "my parents are good people," because now I look like I'm denying the truth.

Criminal interrogation
50.4, broke his arm.
Broke the ribs. I don't want my Batman making empty threats. I wanted to get more information out of the guy, but I did not think I would completely wreck him. But I wanted to know if I'd completely tapped him for information, and it turns out that I had. I'm not sorry. I did not speak to the commissioner afterward. I did not think his subordinate would be in the mood to hear out a vigilante, and would likely begin to question her boss's lawful integrity if he was amenable to an exchange of information.

Free dirt
30.4, Vicki Vale
Commissioner Gordon does what the Mayor tells him, it's his job. He exposes his boss and gets canned, or he just sits on it. Maybe he gets hired again, whatever. If there was a chance that he'd be...out of commission, it later episodes, I'd rather not take it. So Vicki will likely be made a target, but witness protection is a thing, and I literally can protect her. I just couldn't respond and make any promises as regular billionaire joe Bruce Wayne. The promise of protection, if needed, has to come from the Bat.

The face of Batman
17.5, Monster
He was going to be arrested anyway, and there was always a chance of him walking. He certainly won't be walking for a while. I got what I wanted out of Falcone, whether or not I wanted it afterward. Batman doesn't have an image to protect, or at least that's how I want him to "begin". It will make Alfred's employ far easier for him to stomach the sooner he accepts that.

Oh, and one more thing: Only the fool thinks that he can escape his shadow in darkness.

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I think I'd make the same choices, if I played the game.

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Honestly the Vicki / Gordon one was the one I was most torn on. Both are good and bad options for different reasons.

The Lorerunner
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Does anyone else think it's weird that he gives the info to Gordon in his Bruce Wayne persona? It felt massively out of character to me.

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I think, and this may be me giving too much credit, that was part of the point. Several several times Bruce/Bats makes pretty rookie mistakes despite his skill, because of his lack of experience.

The Lorerunner
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You know, that's a good point. I'll wait and see how the rest of the episodes turn out before making final judgement but I'm worried it was more of a biproduct of the way TellTale tells stories. You know, so-and-so will remember that and such but they have to interact before that can happen.

Ah, the joys of working with well established characters.

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I didn't really want to go to Gordon because in my mind, there was a chance of Gordon connecting the dots. He works with the Batman. Bruce Wayne's stuff gets repo'd by the mayor. Bruce has his own personal beef with Falcone. Batman is looking into the incident with Falcone's chemicals(determinant knowledge), and later Bruce Wayne shows up with a whole lot of dirt on Falcone. I can't take that chance just because canon Gordon doesn't find out who Batman really is. And Vicki Vale won't pick up on it because she's not in on the understanding between Gordon and the Batman. She just knows that Wayne and Falcone don't get along and that Falcone's a notorious crime boss, so she might assume that Bruce spent a little fortune digging for that dirt.

Basically, comparing what Vale and Gordon know, showing up with an early Christmas present for Gordon looks a bit more convenient than it does going to Vicki. Or, it's taking a step closer than you need to toward the people who are acquainted with the Batman. And to keep Gordon out of the loop, Vicki can just say the evidence was sent by an anonymous source. People will be willing to overlook it, either being too happy or proud for her having what she needs to run the story, or else ignoring the anonymous source and focusing their anger on her to punish and make an example of. Then they connect the dots to the Batman when he shows up to save her or something, and Bruce Wayne is home free.

I'm gonna start saying "the Batman" when referring to the Batman.

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After downloading episode 2, I had to start over, my data wasn't saved. So that was not cool. But I think it was good that I had to do that. I got a chance to review some of the things I did based on the reasoning I had at the time, and examine a couple of choices based on their intended dilemmas and the information Bruce has when confronting them.

Brutalizing the criminal in the interrogation
I chose to recant this because it was not being played as kindness vs getting him to talk, but whether he deserves to be crippled beyond recovery. In the end, it's a spiteful act of cruelty, and I chose to let it go. I also paid special attention to the fact that I was inviting my partner in the police force to the scene of the attack. He was not pleased with the man's ribs being broken, but again, I don't like to make idle threats. I wasn't intimidated or guilt-tripped by the officer he brought with him, though. Shoot me if I keep talking? Please. Only John Wesley Harding killed for less, and he was an outlaw. Besides, you shoot me right now, and you forfeit your badge and get arrested by your own boss for murder.

Private meeting with Falcone
I let Harvey come with me. I noticed that I was basically Harvey's wingman, and what Harvey wanted was a chance to politic to Falcone through me, and also to play nice.The "nice" option at the end didn't seem nice, and I wanted to be sincere with the mob boss. "Whatever you say" just seems like a cheeky effort to be "cute" when I first saw it. But I chose to say it anyway, and I guess it was alright.

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