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Technical Analysis (Mass Effect: Paragon Lost)

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Back in the dark days of this forum when mastodon roamed the Earth and we were still having to huddle up near fires in a cave, I did an analysis on in-setting details that were brought in the first Mass Effect novel.

Now, I'm doing the same to the anime film.  I tried to get screenshots of it to display, but I have been having problems with that.  So, here is a nice place to view it at your own discretion.

On to the pre-time skip stuff.

00:38-00:44 wrote:Alliance cruiser launching a group of shuttles
An Alliance cruiser has three launch bays on one of its wings.  The ship itself launches four Kodiaks in total.  Special note: this variant of the UT47 Kodiak doesn’t have its own designation.
01:08-01:13 wrote: “Tracking into mission A; altitude 8,000; atmospheric pressure 0.8
Fehl Prime has 4/5ths the gravity of Earth.
01:18-01:44 wrote:Delta Squad preps for landing.
This variant of the Kodiak is very spacious.  It sits twelve people comfortably, houses twelve foot lockers, and comes with a sink and mirror.  Thermal clips are loaded in M-96 Mattock battle rifles (these are supposed to be Alliance Marines BTW) and spare clips shoved into ammo pouches on their belts.
01:50 wrote:A snapshot of Delta Squad.
We have James Vega (leader), Melk (sniper) with a M-92 Mantis, Essex (biotic) and Camille (girl) both armed with Mattocks and M-4 Shuriken, and Nicky wearing a pair of glasses (no points for guessing who the tech specialist is).
02:28-02:54 wrote:VEGA: “You see any sign of that tactical package?”
NICKY: “Still waiting on it.  Our omnis are synched and linked but there’s nothing in the way of mission specs so far.  Makes me uneasy; does Command usually wait until the late possible minute to tell us who the enemy is sir?  Seems weird.”
VEGA: “You gotta be ready for anything.  Like Commander Shepard always said ‘Nothing is ever simple.’ ”
That is incredibly stupid in terms of deployment...unless the SA didn’t know who was attacking Fehl Prime before.
02:54-03:20 wrote:ESSEX: “Damn Vega.  Sucks that Shepard is dead; you two would’ve made a really cute couple.”
VEGA: (after cocking his Mattock) “You think I’m ashamed to show my respect to someon who saved billions of lives.  I’m proud to follow that example.  Laugh it up pretty boy, I know who my heroes are.”
ESSEX: “Someone’s a little defensive.  Whatever, you want a hero to worship, I’m right here baby.”
So, this opening bit takes place after the SR-1 blew up.
03:26-04:02 wrote:SARGE: “Let’s get this straight.  What I see here is a squad of highly trained special forces.  But you’re not warriors, not yet.  Today we find out what you’re made of marines.  It’s time to earn that uniform.  Our final mission specs are in from Command.  I’m synching to your omnis now; take a good look.  Let that sink in.  This is what you’re up against.  Think tough, think built like a brick shithouse.  That’s right virgins; your first dance goes to the krogan Blood Pack, the meanest bunch of reptilian uglies in the Terminus.
James Vega is an N1 trooper on his first assignment.
04:12-04:35 wrote:SARGE: “The bastards are currently laying siege to one of our colony on Fehl Prime.  It just so happens to be one of our top pharma processing facilities.  Meds we pull out of this rock cure our sick kiddies across the galaxy.  Lot of civilians down there.  Sitrep shows the Blood Pack sitting just outside the perimeter, hammering the colony’s K-barriers.  They get in we’ll be scraping up dead colonists for a week.
The picture that Sarge brought up during the briefing showed that the colony was a giant mine.  I seriously hope that has nothing to do the pharmaceuticals.

Also, important resource colony is left without guards or defenses (outside of the K-barriers).
04:36-04:56 wrote:SARGE: “So we hit them hard, we hit them fast, shuttle strafe their lines, and insert ourselves in between the enemy and their objective and vigorously negotiate their defeat.  It won’t be easy; things are getting messy down there.  But that’s why they called us.  We’re Alliance Marines people; this is what we do.”
I will point out that the display showed the Kodiaks performing a fly-over the enemy, circling around to do a strafing run, and then another circle around before any sign of marine deployment was brought up.  Not the way to use your helicopter-expy.
05:08-05:29 wrote:Colonists firing blue rounds pass through the K-barrier while the Blood Pack’s (orange) has visible impacts on it.  Even rockets are failing to punch through.
Presence of directional shielding.  I also want to point out that the colonists are all using either Mattocks or Vipers as their guns.
05:29-05:35 wrote:A krogan kinetic barriers manage to withstand an explosion at his feet, and twelve MA rounds to the chest.
Evidence of heavy personnel shielding.
05:43-06:01 wrote:The same krogan throws a backpack-laden bomb at the K-barrier.  It takes out a huge chunk of the nearby fort wall, vaporizes two people on that section of the wall, and takes down that section of the K-barrier.
Damn powerful bomb for such a little package.
06:08-06:12 wrote:Mattocks in the background on full-auto bursts sounding like Avenger assault rifles.
06:48-06:54 wrote:Blood Pack vehicles on display.
It’s a very weird design.  You have a flat bed on four wheels where everyone stands up, except the driver who is stuck in the rear.
07:00 wrote:Bunch of vorcha firing M-27 Scimitar shotguns that sound and operate like Mattocks.
07:30 wrote:Blood Pack krogan fires a full auto Mattock.
07:42-07:44 wrote:Upside down Kodiak uses its rear thrusters to perform an Immelmann turn.
That is some damned impressive maneuverability.
08:23 wrote:A Kodiak is blown out of the sky by a ML-77 missile launcher.
Three of the Kodiaks are shot down here because the Alliance marines screwed up a simple combat insertion.
08:38 wrote:The Kodiak’s cannon has a vertical swivel to target objects at the shuttle’s rear.
08:39 wrote:The Kodiak’s cannon is, for some reason, firing a particle stream.
08:44-08:46 wrote:A missile punches through the hull and explodes inside the shuttle.  The Kodiak is blown in half.  Somehow everyone manages to survive it.
I will note that the back half of Vega’s shuttle then exploded itself and killed everyone who was stuck there.
09:30-09:32 wrote:A varren chomps down on a marine’s hardsuit, puncturing it in multiple places and killing him.
09:32-09:36 wrote:Vega gives the Sergeant a thermal clip to bite down on while he tries to pop a joint back into place.  The Sergeant screams and drops the thermal clip.
You figure for someone with experience at combat that the old man would know something about first aid.  Instead, he screamed and gave away Delta Squad’s position.

I will point out BTW that Delta Squad are the only marines still alive at this point.  Blood Pack executed anyone else who survived the shuttle crashes.
12:28- wrote:VEGA: “Melk, I need you to give Nicky your power cells.  (To Nicky) See what you can do about upgrading my K-barriers.”
MELK: “Okay, that’s great for you but what am I supposed to use for shields?”
VEGA: “Shields?  You still got a big rock to hide behind, don’t ya?”
Kinetic barriers require batteries.
12:52- wrote:ESSEX: “And what the hell are you going to do?”
VEGA: “A krogan never turns the opportunity for glory on the battlefield.  So I’m going to go out there and give them what they want which should buy you two enough time to move around and flank them.”
ESSEX: “Hold on, I’m not running into that firing squad.”
CAMILLE: “No, we circle all the way around their line and come in from behind them.  It’s crazy but it could work.”
We have a example of a competent soldier and an incompetent one.  Vega using the psyche of his enemy against them is great, but Essex not knowing what a flanking maneuver is really dumb.

Camille’s statement can be interpreted in different ways.  She could be saying that Vega’s plan of using himself as bait is crazy, or she thinks the flanking attack is the crazy part.  If the second one is true then it begs the question as to WTH the N specialists are taught during training in Rio.
14:16 wrote:Blood Pack leader’s face plate folds close.
14:19 wrote:Blood Pack leader fires a solid shot slug from his shotgun at Vega hiding behind a rock.
From that frame, you can barely see the krogan on the screen.  The range is around close to 100 meters.  Also note that the shot fragments a Vega-sized head chunk of the rock.
14:38 wrote:Krogan M-22 Eviscerator suddenly sounds like a flamethrower.
14:42-14:45 wrote:Krogan fires a Scimitar shotgun that operates and sounds like a M-76 Revenant.
14:47-14:52 wrote:VEGA: “Flanking team, where the hell are you? (Grunts) Talk to me.”
CAMILLE: “Almost there...100 meters.”
14:58-15:11 wrote:ESSEX: “Here catch, I won’t be needing it.” (Glows blue) (Mattock rings upon impact with rock) “Well, so much for looking cool before I die.”
KROGAN: “There on the ridge.”
Who let Essex become special forces?  How did he get past Rio?  This dumbass just single-handedly ruined Vega’s plan and gave away their position.
15:16-15:18 wrote:Essex’ biotic attack looks like a Singularity, but works like Pull.
15:19-15:22 wrote:Camille sprays bullets at two vorcha, flash freezing them solid, and then shatters them with a single shot each.
15:25-15:29 wrote:Essex causes a biotic explosion with what appears to be two Throws.
Not sure if I count that as an error.
15:30 wrote:Vorcha sniper gets bisected in his abdomen with a single Mantis round that is then stopped by a Krogan’s K-barriers.
15:36 wrote:Krogan picks up the fallen sniper rifle and fires from behind cover.  It fragments the rock next to Melk.
The shrapnel slices up Melk’s jugular, but he just covers it with his hand for the rest of the battle instead of using medi-gel.
15:42-15:44 wrote:VEGA: “Last grenade.  Gotta make it count.”
Note that this is the first grenade he is using this entire fight.
16:03 wrote:Solid shot from krogan shotgun bisects Vega’s Mattock and causes it to explode.
I’m guessing the explosion came from the eezo core being punctured.
16:38 wrote:Krogan with sniper rifle gets an easy shot on Nicky.  Nicky was standing in the open between two rocks instead of behind one of them.
Tech specialist Nicky was just controlling a drone so that might have something to do with it.
16:43-16:50 wrote:Vega unloads a Shuriken at the Blood Pack leader at 4 rounds a second.
17:27 wrote:A Mantis round bursts the Blood Pack leader’s head and forearm.
17:58-18:03 wrote:ESSEX: “I think I’ve pretty much drained my power cell.  Yeah, one more good shot if I’m lucky.” (Re-inserts the battery back into his hip armor)
Interesting that he has batteries for his biotic powers.
18:06-18:10 wrote:Essex uses a Throw on a leaping varren.  It flies into Camille and pins her.
I should note that as soon as the flanking attack began neither Essex or Camille decided to use any cover.
20:16-20:30 wrote:ANDERSON: “Vega, hell of a battle there son.  That’s the kind of leadership I’d expect from a veteran.”
VEGA: “It was the training sir.”
SARGE: “Don’t sell us that crap.  I never taught you that kind of soldiering and you know it.  Stop playing coy and accept the compliment.  You earned it.”
Please tell me they’re not referring to the flanking maneuver.
20:31- wrote:HACKETT: “Your courage under fire saved a lot of good people Vega.  As for their continued safety, we’d like you and your squad to stick around; hold down the fort.”
VEGA: “Admiral, the Blood Pack is finished here.  With all due respect, we’re a special forces unit.  Can’t you just assign a standard security detail?”
HACKETT: “I’m giving you an order soldier.  The Fehl Prime facility and all of its inhabitants are a very valuable resource for the Alliance.  It is far too important for us to leave undefended.  Are we clear?”
VEGA: “Yessir, we’re clear.”
Hackett should really say ‘leave undefended again’.  But seriously, is the SA so undermanned and overstretched that they have to leave their equivalent of Army Rangers in a remote outpost (location wise) by themselves as a simple guard detail.  That is asinine.

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Something right quick that I didn’t know the last time I did this.  Vega states that his squad is a ‘special forces’ squad instead of ‘special operations’.  So either Vega misspoke (or he honestly doesn’t know what they’re supposed to be) or the nomenclature for that sort of thing was changed between now and then.
21:33 wrote:-2 Years Later-
A special operations unit is stuck on guard duty for 2 years letting their training and skills go to waste.
22:08-22:21 wrote:PILOT: “Explain something to me.  First a cannon, now full-on military-grade barriers.  Seem like overkill to anyone else.  I mean we haven’t seen a hostile in two years and they got us tricked out to take on a whole fleet.”
This just sounds asinine.  One gun emplacement is ‘overkill’ for a fleet of unspecified size.
22:44-23:18 wrote:MELK: “I’m guessing we’ve all heard the rumors at this point.”
ESSEX: “Huh?!? What!?”
NICKY: “He means the ones talking about entire colony populations disappearing without a trace.”
VEGA: “Yeah, I tried asking around division about that one but no one wants to talk.  Official word from command is ‘No Comment.’ ”
MELK: “Psst.  Duh, what’d you expect?  Command doesn’t talk to grunts like us.  You’ve got to read between the lines.  Here have a big gun and shut up.  That’s their comment.  Probably all some Cerberus conspiracy they’re trying to keep under wraps.”
VEGA: “I don’t know.  This one doesn’t smell like Cerberus to me.  It’s not their style.”
Nice to see the Systems Alliance is doing something to protect humanity.  Their unwillingness to talk makes sense here considering the complete lack of information they have on the colony disappearances.
25:25-25:33 wrote:ESSEX: “Seriously, I don’t get it.  Whats he see in her anyway?”
PILOT: “You’re kidding me.  You got eyes, don’t ya?  Everybody’s crazy for some blue.”
Just a joke that reflects how attractive Asari are to the other species.
27:42-28:18 wrote:TONY: “Vega, the boys in control are picking up some kind of anomalous signal out of sector nine near the old ruins.”
DOC: “I knew something seemed off.”
TONY: “Whatever it is out there it’s playing hell with our long-range communications.  Might be one of your relics, might not be.  Either way, I need it gone.”
VEGA: “Understood sir.  We’ll take care of it.”
TONY: “I want you all combat ready in case there are hostiles who want to get cute.  Last bit of bad news, our APC is down for suspension overhaul so it looks like you’ll have to double time it out there on foot.”
MESNER: (clears throat) “Had a volus pay me in trade a while back with a used Mako.  Let’s say we give it a test drive.
Tony (the Sergeant from the beginning) is now a Captain.  Can’t pinpoint how much of a jump it is in two years cause Sergeant isn’t a recognized SA rank (like Joker’s ‘Flight Lieutenant’ rank).  So two years to leap from E4(to E6) all the way up to O-6.  Seems no one is trying to keep the rank system consistent.

Also, for some reason there was not a backup APC on station for the team in case something like this happened.  Who knows how long it would’ve taken the team to reach the ruins if Mesner wasn’t there.  Kinda weird that they didn’t have a shuttle there either.
28:36 wrote:A view of the interior of a Mako.
From this we can see that the Mako can seat eight people; driver, commander/gunner, and six passengers.  Just enough for a small squad.
29:13 wrote:A view of the signal emitter.
A small thing like this messing with communications.
29:40-29:46 wrote:NICKY: “Wherever it came from it’s emitting a powerful wide-frequency burst.  No question it’s whats jamming our communications.”
Sounds like it is having a dual-effect of overpowering and attenuating the comms signal.
32:15-32:23 wrote:Alliance cruisers dragging an intact Sovereign corpse from the Citadel.  Also, the Citadel is in orbit of a planet for some reason.
34:26-34:32 wrote:A person is paralyzed (or stasised) in a manner completely different than was displayed in ME2.
34:36-34:50 wrote:DOOR: “I’m sorry.  I have my orders.  I can’t let you in without proper authorization.”
COLONIST: “You’re just going to let us die out here.  (Whips up and ML-77) Well I say ‘Screw that!’ ” (Fires five missiles in the blast door.  Two colonists then pry the door open.)
That is one crappy blast door if it was compromised so easily.
35:16-35:19 wrote:The Collectors have their own language (probably Prothean).  This isn’t a knock against the film, but against ME2.
35:57-36:05 wrote:VEGA: “Alright.  Then until we know what’s going on here we assume they’re hostile.  We go in stealth for recon through the sinkhole below their sight lines.  Clear?”
We again see some professional thinking on Vega’s part.
39:37-40:00 wrote:We get a glimpse of the pods scooping up their cargo and being carried away by collectors.
41:44-42:41 wrote:VEGA: “Now, we can get this thing online, right?”
NICKY: “Absolutely.  That’s the easy part.  Problem is having to wait for the cannon to fully charge.” (41:51)
VEGA: “It’s probably a good idea to stay away from a window right now.”
DOC: “What’s happening to our people Lieutenant?”
VEGA: “Hold on.  We can track their omnis to see where they’ve been taken...Okay here it is.  Looks like the hostiles have them split into two groups.”
DOC: “So they’re being stowed for transport?  But why?”
NICKY: “Cannon fifty-percent charged.” (42:13)
VEGA: “Aah.  This is taking way too long.  Any way to speed things up?”
NICKY: “I’m doing what I can sir.”
MESNER: “Yeah well, it’s not enough.  The bugs are going to be heading back this way any second now.”
VEGA: “Can we activate the turret with the charge we got?”
NICKY: “Well theoretically.  But there’s no way of knowing whether or not it’ll do any damage.”
DOC: “Wouldn’t decreased destructive power be ideal in this situation?  We want to minimize the damage to the colonist onboard, yes?”
VEGA: “Good point.  We’ll fire with what’s built up.”
43:02-43:10 wrote:The cannon fires a blue beam, but a bluish-green shield on the Collector ship redirects it.
NICKY: “Our shot’s been deflected.”
It took 22 seconds for the cannon to get up to half power.  Unless the build up is a curve then the cannon should have been at full power by the time they fired it.
43:26-43:34 wrote:The Collector ship opens up an eye and fires a green particle beam that topples the cannon emplacement with a shove.
45:05-45:09 wrote:A rapid firing Carnifex pistol causes a cave-in in the tunnel.
46:56-47:15 wrote:MESNER: “You should’ve waited Lieutenant.”
MELK: “ ‘Should’ve waited’...for what?”
MESNER: “The cannon was only at half power when it fired on their ship.”
PILOT: “That true? Our only shot and you blew it.”
DOC: “It was my fault.”
VEGA: “I made the call.  I was just trying to minimize collateral damage.”
What a load of croc that gun was only ‘half power’ when it fired.
47:58-48:13 wrote:VEGA: “How’s he holding up Nicky?”
NICKY: “There’s been no trauma to his circulatory or respiratory systems...”
DOC: “And no signs of neurological impairment.”
NICKY: “He just can’t move.”
VEGA: “We’ll get you back on your feet Essex.  You just hang in there.”
MELK: “Not like he’s got a choice.”
They somehow retrieve Essex from a tunnel full of Seeker drones.

The stuff injected into people sounds like it just interrupts signals coming from the brain, but avoids hitting those that keep the body alive and functional.
48:14-48:49 wrote:NICKY: “Entire colonies vanishing overnight.  I thought it was just a silly rumor.  But now?”
DOC: “The Alliance must not have known what sort of foe they were up against.  I mean they certainly didn’t prepare any of us for this contingency.”
NICKY: “They lacked the proper intel.  It does look, though, that they did know about the bugs and their paralytic sting. But I’m not seeing anything on file about those humanoid raiders or their ship.  Wait there’s a note at the bottom of this report.  Something about work having been done on a potential antidote.”
VEGA: “Good catch.  Keep looking around.  If they perfected a cure I want to track it down and stake Essex with it ASAP.”
So, the Alliance knows nothing about the Collectors but they have information about the Seekers.  They also somehow managed to gather a few of them and experiment on them to possibly create a counter-agent to their venom.
50:40-51:19 wrote:KROGAN: “I remember you.  The Alliance Marines who bested the Blood Pack and their battlemaster Vega.”
VEGA: “I thought they shipped you off to the Citadel months ago to stand trial.”
KROGAN: “They didn’t have the quad.  So they kept me here as a test subject; figured it was safer than transporting me.  I know the score human; you’re outnumbered and outgunned.  But I can get you off this rock.  All you have to do is open the cage.”
MELK: “Keep on dreaming ugly.”
VEGA: “You’re still a Blood Pack mercenary.  I think we’ll take our chances with the bugs.
They kept the sole enemy survivor in a cage in their pharmaceutical lab for two years to run experiments on.

Just a happy thought to leave things on.  Next time will hopefully be the rest of the film.

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52:35-52:48 wrote:NICKY: “I’ve been looking through these science files like you told me to and I tracked down the latest version of the antidote.  It tested at a success rate of 69%.”
VEGA: “How many humans have they tried this stuff out on Nicky?”
NICKY: “Essex would be the first.”
So, they had multiple versions of the antidote.  They also read tests on it; either computer simulations or animal testing.  Given the high-tech obsession they have I’m thinking it was computer sim testing.
53:56 wrote:First view of a Praetorian.  In its ‘jaw’ are husks with Camille in the middle.
That is some pretty grotesque imagery.  Not to mention quick what with Camille been taken by Collectors mere hours ago.
54:09-54:10 wrote:The pilot, Mason, gets promptly killed by a Praetorian’s eye beams.
It is kinda hard to tell what effect the beams had on the pilot; vaporization, disintegration, or atomization.  The only certainties we know about it is, 1) it is a brute force shot instead of a chain reaction effect and 2) what was left of the pilot were heavy chunks of black ash.
55:41-55:45 wrote:The Blood Pack ship lifts off from underneath rubble in a service tunnel at the bottom of a shaft.
I think this might just be the dumbest part of the entire film.  The Blood Pack snuck a ship into the colony they were targeting, and then had the people onboard said ship sneak past the colony’s K-barrier to join their comrades in attacking the colony from the outside.  Let that one sink in for a moment.
56:43 wrote:Praetorian claw stabs through Nicky’s abdomen.
Not too surprising.  The waist area on most sets of ME armor are amongst the weakest spots due to concerns with retaining flexibility and mobility.
56:47 wrote:Nicky’s stab wound magically disappears.
Not too surprising.  This is the setting of disappearing weapons and people.
1:04:16-1:04:21 wrote:The Collector ship fire’s its ‘Proton Cannon’.
Supposedly this reduces the entire colony to ash.  How does this not leave any evidence to the colony’s demise?  I thought the Collector’s MO was just to leave each site as an abandoned ghost town.
1:05:01 wrote:The brown Collector appears to be twice the height of Mesner while the blue one looks to be close to three.  So, we’re talking around a 12 foot tall and close to a 20 foot tall Collector.
1:05:00-1:05:43 wrote:MESNER: “Look, everything I’ve done has been pursuit of Cerberus goals.  After we figured out it was the Collectors making off with all of our colonists I got in touch.  I lure them out with a colony that would be easy pickings. (a human in a nearby pod exploded into pulp) Via-la.”
DOC: “That artifact among the ruins; the one that jammed our long-range communications.  You put that there.  You were summoning them!  To what end?  What was Cerberus thinking?”
MESNER: “Frankly that we might learn something.  And we have.  Guilt-trip me all you want; I got data on their ships and weapons, ascertain their strengths and weaknesses.  Hell, I even know about their homebase; out beyond Omega-4 relay.  Just think of all the knowledge.  Don’t tell me that doesn’t excite you.”
Cerberus is still trying to kill off as many humans as they can.  They really are asininely stupid, especially Mesner is openly stating all of this in front of the two giant Collectors mentioned previously.
1:09:30-1:10:03 wrote:MESNER: “This is Prothean technology, some kind of telepathic data repository.  I don’t know what it’s doing on a Collector ship, but I want to find out.  I wouldn’t have dragged you down here, but well, it doesn’t seem to interact with human minds all that well.  I threw some volunteers at it and it fried their cerebral cortices.  But doc, you’re whole nother breed of guinea pig.  Yeah, you’ll do it willingly and maybe it’ll tell you what happened to the Protheans and maybe it’ll help you save some lives.”
For no stated reason, there is a Prothean comms beacon on this ship.  And Mesner tries the usual Cerberus testing method to unsurprising results.
1:10:20-1:10:51 wrote:Doc goes on an acid trip to witness Reapers destroying protheans and turning others into collectors.
This seems like the sort of thing that Reapers would expressly destroy so knowledge of them doesn’t get out.

Also, during the early portion of the vision quest there was a couple of tripod guns that were destroyed.  Can’t really tell if they were supposed to be heavy machine-guns, a small towed artillery piece, or the particle version of an autocannon.
1:11:24-1:11:42 wrote:Second acid trip.  The Collector base is in a dark region of space instead of the bright center of the galaxy.  A human gets turned into goo and pumped into what looks like a giant brain.
MESNER: “They’re building Reapers.”
The beacon just happens to also contain the secret project the Collectors are working on.
1:12:18-1:12:-25 wrote:Mesner touches his wristband and a rapid series of images fly by on it.
MESNER: “Yes, it recorded.  Now I have everything I need!”
So, they have very limited knowledge about telepathy but are able to miniaturize a device to record telepathic visions without direct contact?!
1:16:38-1:16:52 wrote:VEGA: “Come in Tria.  Tria, do you copy?”
DOC: “Yes Vega, I can hear you.”
VEGA: “Any idea where you are?”
DOC: “I started to descend into the atmosphere and so has the ship.  You don’t have much time.”
VEGA: “I’m coming Tria.”
The ship for some reason has started to plunge into the atmosphere.  Also the asari doc is in a Collector pod that is somehow surviving re-entry.
1:22:26 wrote:The Citadel is hanging in orbit over a planet, probably Earth.
1:22:28-1:23:39 wrote:HACKETT: “We’ve analyzed your report Vega.  Now, is there anything you wish to add to the official record before we make our final determinations?”
VEGA: “No sir.  It’s all there.”
HACKETT: “We understand that you found yourself facing a very difficult situation Lieutenant.  And you chose to rescue a single civilian carrying intel on these Collectors at the cost of hundreds of colonist’s lives.”
ANDERSON: “We don’t envy you that position son.  This intel will not only help us stop the Collectors in the short term but in the long term, it ladened humanity will weapons and ship technology.”
HACKETT: “You also proved the effectiveness of an antidote that will protect our people against the Collector swarms.  In short, you’re a hero and for your exemplary service to the Alliance you’re being commended.  Congratulations Lieutenant Commander Vega.”
MELK: “Ah-haha, congrats.”
ANDERSON: (hands Vega a pad) “Your new orders son.”
HACKETT: “Perhaps you’ll follow in Shepard’s footsteps after all. You might even work together.”
VEGA: “Sir!?”
ANDERSON: “It turns out the reports of Shepard’s death were, well, lets just say ‘permature’.”
So, the time skip portion of this film happens before the attack on Horizon at the very latest.  Nice to know the SA did jack-all with the intel they were gift wrapped, except maybe use that antidote for Williams/Kaiden.  What a waste.
1:30:04 wrote:Vega in N7-logo armor.

Next up will be the most boring of the ME novels (but the most filled with biotic info), Ascension.

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Wow...I thought the Alliance was dumb before reading this but now I think they are completely brain dead.  Thanks, Dragoon, it was an interesting read ^^

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