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Movie Night September 17th John Wick (mini announcement)

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We've heard good things from this movie, it's rated fairly well, and has a nice audience rating. it's about a badass doing badass things, what isn't there to love? FrozenHollowWolf seems quite excited about it~

We'll be watching it on Saturday the 17th, 12 PM MST to 4 PM MST. in case you need a time zone converter, http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ (hopefully this one works, yea?)

We'll be hosting it on either one, hopefully this time it will be Samurai's, otherwise I will default to mine. https://www.rabb.it/Raxaimus or https://www.rabb.it/DeutscheKind (my apologies for last time!)

However, this is the last of the off the cuff, go at it as it comes Movie Night. From next week on, we shall be structuring them, and We'll be putting up a list every week, and keep in mind any new additions will be added to the bottom of the list - but we are still accepting new additions! If you have any suggestions don't be afraid to ask for them, but please try to find a streaming site for them, or check if they are on http://fmovies.to/ since Rabb.it uses a proxy for streaming, and we cannot use files from our computers. This is a community event after-all.

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Do you want a section in the forum for the list or just posts here in the main area?

The Lorerunner
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Nah, no need. I'll just create a post in the main forum sometime soon. Once I get around to doing that, I'd appreciate if it was stickied.

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