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Skyrim Console RefID Request

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1 Skyrim Console RefID Request on Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:49 am

Would anyone happen to know, or be able to quickly look up, the refID of the player vampire lord's red cape? I've tried, google has not been my friend. The cape should be a Dawnguard game asset. It won't show up in a new game, I've tried that. So, maybe transform and then open the game console and click on the cape?

Maybe a week ago, when I had the console open in Skyrim, I accidentally disabled my vampire lord cape and now my character is cloak-less. I wasn't thinking and I skipped enabling it while trying to click on the thing I was trying to disable. It was Farkas, just for a moment so I could talk to Eorlund without being interrupted.

And if you guys have any refIDs you want to look up that you may not be able to find via wiki or google, like myself, feel free to use this thread for that purpose.

(I have not joined the Companions with this character and if you go to their headquarters - even if it's just to get to the blacksmith merchant Eorlund - if Farkas or Aela sees you they will come interrupt you constantly with a scripted dialogue, and even start following you. It's super annoying AF.)

No spoilers. Actually this might potentially require spoilers, so Arch if you could please move this thread for me? Sorry in advance.

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2 Re: Skyrim Console RefID Request on Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:19 am

I believe it's this one 02015bc1 also check out this mod if it will helps with what you are doing MOD have fun Very Happy
Edit: you can check this one as well MOD read on the forums of both these mods maybe it will help further.

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3 Re: Skyrim Console RefID Request on Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:52 pm

...Heh...so, I visited the wiki, and it turns out that there never was a cape for the player's vampire lord model. As shown via screenshots. I feel like a dumb.

Still the purpose that this thread can serve still stands!

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