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Kratos Aurion, from Tales of Symphonia, Soundset for Baldur’s Gate 2 (& 1)

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Do you like Baldur’s Gate? Do you like Cam Clarke’s sexy voice? Do you like Tales of Symphonia? Then do I have something for you: A player voice set based on Clarke’s performance as the mysterious (and rather badass) Kratos Aurion.

This is a little passion project of mine that I’ve been working on for the past five months, that I’d thought I share with you gouys: extracting all the sound files from Tales of Symphonia (PC Version) so I could use Clarke’s lines to create a custom soundest for BG, because I really want my Character to sound like Kratos during my next series playthrough.

A bit of trivia: Cam Clarke did extensive voice acting for the two Baldur’s Gate games, providing half of the male voices for the male player character in the first, and voicing the Shadow Thief Aran Linvail in the second. So Clarke’s voice fits well in the game.

The voice set is suited to any character class, with full lines for thief skills and spell failure, and I made sure his lines are spoiler free and general enough that they can fit your individual role playing choices. His personality remains intact: calm, self-assured though not arrogant, clinical but not cold, displaying emotion at key moments, such as the death of a party member. It would work well foe a restrained warrior, thief, or magic user, though it doesn’t fir to well for a chaotic or low intelligence character.

Here is the download link:

For those unfamiliar with using custom soundsets in Infinity engine games, drop the contained Wav files into the “sounds” folder, contained within the “en_US” fodler (for English speaking users), contained within the “lang” folder, contained within the game directory. An additional note on the Enhanced Editions of the games: currently custom soundsets only work correctly in BG2EE and IWDEE, though there is a workaround for BGEE and SOD if you replace one of the default soundsets with your custom soundset.

If there is enough positive feedback I might make soundsets for the other Symphonia characters, but it takes quite a lot of work sorting and labeling files from the game. Also I am willing to provide anyone who is interested with all the sound files from Tales of Symphonia, in MP3 form and partially organized. I also might be able to make soundsets for Final Fantasy Characters based on their Dissidia 1 & 2 voice work, including one very special girl and one very mad man; however currently I have to figure how to extract audio from AT3 files.

For the curious here is a transcript of the Kratos soundset quotes:
Selection: f, g, h, 0
Kratosf: Yes?
Kratosg: What now?
Kratosh: Well then.
Kratos0: What do you want to do?
Action: i, j, k, s, t, u, v, (_)
Kratosi: Indeed.
Kratosj: I'll handle this.
Kratosk: As you wish.
Kratoss: I have no objections.
Kratost: I'll show how it's done.
Kratosu: I concur.
Kratosv: Then I shall go.
Kratos_: I Suppose.
Rare Action: x, y
Kratosx: In order to change something, you must do it yourself.
Kratosy: We've come this far already.
Attack: a, 8, 9
Kratosa: Give them no quarter!
Kratos8: Take them down quickly!
Kratos9: I’m not going to hold back this time.
Become Leader: b
Kratosb: You'd best stand behind me.
Tired: c
Kratosc: Time to set up camp then.
Bored: d
Kratosd: We should get moving.
Near Death: e
Kratose: I will not fall so easily.
Take Damage: l
Kratosl: Uwh!
Dead: m
Kratosm: Nooo...
Critical: z
Kratosz: Judgement!
Miss: 1
Kratos1: This is absurd.
Weapon Ineffective: 2
Kratos2: It’s not working!
Full Inventory: 3
Kratos3: Isn’t that enough?
Pickpocket: 4
Kratos4: You shall have it.
Sneak: 5
Kratos5: Exactly...
Spell Failed: 6
Kratos6: I’ve failed.
Set Trap: 7
Kratos7: Trap. . . ready.
A Friend Dies: w
Kratosw: I won’t let you die!
In Dungeon: p
Kratosp: This area is too confined; it would be wise not to linger.
IDWEE Rare Select: #
Kratos#: I still have something I must do.

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Okay that's pretty darned cool. Props for the effort involved.

The Lorerunner
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