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Heros of the storm/overwatch event NEXUS CHALLENGE (blizzards Sunday's kind of)

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ok so if you are into Heros of the storm or Overwatch from blizzard you may be interested in this.


so the idea is that if you play HOTS with a friend you get stuff in HOTS and Overwatch, now as Hots is a free game this is fairly easy you don't even need to be any good at Heros to get the free stuff as you can play vs AI and on easy at that.

do 15 games with a person on your friends list gets you a Oni Genji Skin in OW and Zarya in HOTS (noramly a player and a team of AI vs a team of AI takes about 20 minutes) and if you want to push the time spent, 30 games with a friend will get you 4 more heroes, a mount and a 30 day stim pack for HOTS (plus and gold you have earned while playing hots)

so if you want to get started in HOTS for blizzard sundays or just for fun this is a great way to start or just bolster them number of Heros you have.

public service announcement over Very Happy

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SOmeone on the European Servers I could play with?

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