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Heads up about early final fantasy XV game testing

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It's on angry joes channel, though I'm sure a lot of people know.

I didn't really get much clue about the item system or anything like that but there was a cool show of Odin (I assume). I think it's going to continue to be graphically impressive and looks fun to play. Not really sure how they can bring back a feeling of quality old ff, so I'm just going to assume it's a new style of game in a more realistic setting. If it manages to mix in some gold old levelling and tactics with it (which Im sure it will), then all the better. But I'm not getting my hopes up of a perfect meld of all elements.

I much prefer it than a lot of the settings after 7 honestly, though I haven't played 12. Some of the music sounds great imo although I hope the more dramatic music is used sparingly. Also what I think are random encounters (in a cave in the video) seem to pop up quite naturally, which would be great. Also the combat seems fun and you can see your character visibly injured.

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And when I said testing ... I meant gameplay. Sorry I'm dumb.

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I agree that FFXV looks promising. But if you haven't played XII yet, you should do that right now. It's one of my Top 3 Final Fantasy games.

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Haven't got a working pc right now but I plan to build one at some point. I've heard good and bad things about the battle system, which was an attempt at a more combat approach like 15 right? I've heard Ida an interesting game all round really and Im definitely willing to try it when I can.

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I dont think that summon was Odin, I could be wrong but I think that was Ramuh(sp?) the old man Lightning summon.

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FlowerPowerShogun wrote:Haven't got a working pc right now but I plan to build one at some point. I've heard good and bad things about the battle system, which was an attempt at a more combat approach like 15 right? I've heard Ida an interesting game all round really and Im definitely willing to try it when I can.

12 is not available on the PC. It's a PS2 exclusive.

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Really. Was there one that was a pc exclusive? Was 12 the one with an experimental action RPG combat style? Well if I'm mistaken maybe I can get a copy lol.

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I think you're mixing it up with 13. 13 is not that great. 12 is pretty awesome.

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Venters616 wrote:I dont think that summon was Odin, I could be wrong but I think that was Ramuh(sp?) the old man Lightning summon.

yeah that was Ramuh, it's even said in the demo.

also, at the end of the demo this poster is shown

it appears to show various summons, from what i can gather i see ramuh, shiva, titan, leviathan, siren? and "diablos/ifrit"? or even Mateus?, also Ultros and knights of the round along with maybe Ultima.

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You're right guys. I don't know where Odin came from but I was thinking ramuh from ff7 lol. Still one of my faves, though you get him really early.

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I watched the Angry Joe video, and it was funny seeing his reaction at the Ramuh fight; he just stood silently in awe the whole time.

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It was funny. As soon as I knew it as a summon it got my thinking about how it's going to work in this new type of game. Then ramuh appeared and it struck me that summons might look really cool in this game. I hope the frame rate isn't a problem and that it'll look good on consoles because it's got great potential in that area.

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If anybody is interested, here is the new Active Time Report:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqPFqMOqJDc
I watched the whole thing and all those fixes sound pretty good. Tabata also feels like a really nice person.
Man I need to play this demo. Been waiting for Versus for such a long time, and now I almost have piece of it within my grasp. I already own the Type-0 HD with the demo, I only need a PS4. Really looking forward for Type-0 too. Smile

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Yo! I bought a PS4 the other day and I have been playing Episode Duscae pretty extensively. Would people here like to know my thoughts about it? I am currently writing a longer post about it on Finnish gaming forum, but I also would like to share my thoughts on it here. Smile

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hemmoheikkinen wrote:Yo! I bought a PS4 the other day and I have been playing Episode Duscae pretty extensively. Would people here like to know my thoughts about it? I am currently writing a longer post about it on Finnish  gaming forum, but I also would like to share my thoughts on it here. Smile

Would that be Pelaaja's forum? I remember seeing your name and profile pic popping up in their news articles every now and then. Would be interested to read your thoughts on it nonetheless.

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Rohieze wrote:
hemmoheikkinen wrote:Yo! I bought a PS4 the other day and I have been playing Episode Duscae pretty extensively. Would people here like to know my thoughts about it? I am currently writing a longer post about it on Finnish  gaming forum, but I also would like to share my thoughts on it here. Smile

Would that be Pelaaja's forum? I remember seeing your name and profile pic popping up in their news articles every now and then. Would be interested to read your thoughts on it nonetheless.

Yes indeed the forum I am talking about is Pelaaja`s forum. Smile I just wrote this really long reply and today I try to translate it here. I am not sure if I have any new or ground breaking thoughts, but still I would like to share them here.

EDIT: Dang it. The translation has to wait for tomorrow. Type-0 is too addicting. Very Happy

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, oh where to start?

So last week I poured many hours to Episode Duscae, fighting the enemies, exploring the are, listening to he dialogue of our four bros ant etc.. When I completed the demos main activity, I was pretty impressed. I have still some concerns towards the game, but playing the demo gives promising sings about FFXV in my opinion. I think I shall talk about the combat first.

The combat seems to be some sort of hybrid of Final Fantasy: Type-o, and Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep to more accurate. In the PS4 version you hold square to attack, and L1 to dodge. Noctis will dodge almost every attack, but there are some moves which he can`t dodge. Evading the enemies attacks will consume MP ,so you can`t dodge forever. In Type-0 you hold a button t attack, so it has similarity, like I said earlier. So were does the BBS similarity come from? Each Noctis weapons has a special ability. It either is an offensive move, like one of the spears has Dragoon Jump as a ability, or an passive ability: the Blood Sword has Drain. These abilities are activated from the triangle button, and also cost MP. There is also another similar to BBS. In BBS you build your Deck by selecting different commands. In FFXV you build a similar deck, but with weapons. In the demo you have five weapons, two lighter swords, one heavy buster sword like, one spear, and one long axe like weapon. The order of these weapons plays a big role. The first slot determines your first attack, and Noctis will perform one attack against the enemy. Do you want it to be fast attack? The chose the Avenger sword. Do you want your first attack to reach far? Then pick the spear as your first weapon. The weight and the height of the weapon plays a big role in the combat. The second slot is the combo slot, so the weapon you chose in this slot is the one where you will perform your main combo. Do you want a powerful, but slow combo, then pick the great sword/buster sword. The next slot determines your counter weapon and etc... So you play with the deck system, the ability and dodge stuff. I kinda liked this. I found it cool to mess with Nocti`s weapons. Also you can warp and use parries. Parry is an powerful counter attack, where you block the enemies attack, and the counter. Here is the parry used against Behemot:

Parries can be difficulty to use against some enemies, but when you manage to pull it of, it is satisfying as heck!  Smile    
Also there are the Phantom Swords. Phantom Swords grant you special abilities, like one phantom sword gives you an ability to block projectiles. Remember in the Versus trailer Noctis weapons shield him from bullets? Well that ability is similar to it. When you collect all 3 Phantom Swords in the demo, you gain access to a powerful attack called Arminger. You can see it here:

So you have all these toys and abilities to play with, and man it is fun. Playing as Noctis is quite fun, so I am not too bummed about he only being playable. The combat might be a bit too simpe now, but in the demo you can only get o hold a limited number of weapons, and abilities. The demo dosen`t even have magic yet, so I think it has great potential. The camera is a bit awkward, but they are fixing. There are only a couple of joint attacks with your part members, but the final game will have a lot of them. The combat has one thing that bugs me. When the blade hits the enemy it dose`t feel quite right. One of the reasons I still enjoy KH2 so much even thou it easy, is because the hit of the Keyblade feels good(does this make any sense to you?) In some other clips the feel seems to be just what it should be, so I take this as the demo being incomplete. In this vid the feeling is right in my opinion:

The combat and the character can generate very cool scenarios. I was fighting against the Garualas and I managed to parry a big one. Noctis swung the Great Sword, sending the Garula back a few meters. Then Prompto shot it with a bullet with stop, making the Garula halt. I sealed the deal with one Dragon Jump. Cool as heck if you ask me! Smile

About the characters, I quite like them. Their dialogue is pretty good, and the say some funny stuff. Prompto is the dork, Gladiolus the strong dude(his personalty could be described as a more relaxed/laid back Auron), Ignis is the smartest of the group, he also cooks. Noctis is the sleepy, sarcastic prince. The boys have pretty good chemistry. I have seen that people think Noctis is whiny all the time, but I don`t really see it that way. I see him more as sarcastic person, but I do think his royal up bring will have some affect on his personality. I hope that in the start of the game he might be little snobby, but as the story goes on, he is humbled by his adventures. That is what I hope see. All thou I remember Nomura saying that Noctis personality might not please everyone, but I did not have any problems with it in the demo.
Also this is my theory, but I think he will have some sort of sad back story, even thou he is a prince. I remember in one of the Versus trailers, Noctis is talking in party with Stella and says to her that being different only causes problems. I would like to see that explored more. Maybe with all that power people thought he was freak, and were scared of him?  

Duscae region was pretty call place. It is fun to explore, and I want to explore more. The chocobo ranch was cool also. There is a funny couple there, and if you talk with them on different days you will see pretty... I guess you can say a funny cutscene. The return of cool NPS?

I want to say this about the world. The modern aspect is really fascinating. You see a gas station and cars, but then you look into the fields, you see these weird monsters. Also when I walked in the to the cave and saw Ramuhs tree, I got this sensation that there is something mysterious and old sleeping in this world. A really cool hybrid of modern and fantasy.

The teaser deserves it`s own post, and I think I`ll tackle that next time.
I hope some you enjoyed reading this!  Smile

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Really happy to hear this. Thanks for writing this and for covering so many aspects of the game.

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FlowerPowerShogun wrote:Really happy to hear this. Thanks for writing this and for covering so many aspects of the game.

Glad you liked it! Smile There are a couple of other things I want to add, but I will tackle them later on.

Somebody made an interesting discovery while playing Episode Duscae. A possible easter egg relating to FFVII:
FFVII easter egg?:

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Uh, well hello. My apologies for not writing anything for a long time, but I have been kinda busy for the past few weeks. Buuut, I wrote an massive pseudo essay a few weeks back, I thought it would be fun to share it also here(If you guys don`t mind.

The post is long as heck, so I will put it inside a spoiler tag:

FFXV world part 2:

In this post I won`t talk about the gameplay, but instead about the world of XV which we have seen some glimpses of these past years. Some you might remember the huge post I wrote about between the similarities I found between XV and earlier FF titles. Now that I have finished the demo and seen the teaser, I have to disagree in some of the parts I made earlier. This is not by means a bad thing, and most of the points I made will still imply in my opinion.
We shall begin by looking at the first trailer of Versus and comparing it to the teaser in to the demo. In the first trailer we have these phrases:

“An isolated nation protected by an ancient line of kings. A modern civilization alive with the Crystal`s songs of swords and sorcery.”

“A lone kingdom fighting to forestall the outer world from imposing its heretic order. The struggle for the final Crystal is merely a prologue of a new era-“

What can be discovered from here? The isolated nation is without question Lucis. It is modern civilization, ruled by a royal family. This royal family has been in power for quite some time It seems, and they have long history reaching to who knows where(Regis is the 113th king of Lucis). The crystals songs of swords and sorcery line is fascinating. This must refer partially to the power Noctis, King Regis and other members of the royal family wield, which is the telekinetic like control over various weapons. You can see hovering crystal shards when Regis summons the weapons, and also when Noctis does it. But are the eyes that see the dead only a power that Noctis has, and the rest of the royal family does not?

(In both pictures the royal family gives a glimpse of it`s power.)

What does the heretic order mean here? Does it mean that Lucis dosen`t want the other nations to harness their crystals? Or is it related to some old tradition they have, and want to keep it pure? Outside influence might corrupt their rituals or ways of thinking or something along those lines. So the heretic can mean protection over the power of the crystal which gives energy and life to Lucis, in the dying world of Final Fantasy XV, or might relate to some customs or old rituals they perform.
I really like the idea that only Lucis is modern because of the crystal. Maybe the sorcery refers to this somehow, or that they can use magic?
In the Episode Duscae teaser we have these lines:
“Long live thy Line and these Stones divine, For the Night When All comes to Naught.”
– Cosmogony 15:2, “Nadir.”

So here the line must also mean the line of Kings that have ruled and protected Lucis past these many years. The stones probably refer to the crystals of that world. Next thing about the teaser:

Gladiolus: “Fighting broke out at the signing last night. The Wall fell, the crown city followed. It rained fire around the Citadel.”

So here Gladiolus refers to a Wall. Is it that Lucis/Insomnia build around it a physical wall that would isolate and protect it from the outside world? So this connects to the point that the nation is isolated in the first trailer. When did this happen? During the past wars which were fought over the controls of the Crystals, or did the Kingdom intend to isolate itself in the beginning from the rest of the world? I am amazed in what lengths Lucis goes so that the nation feels protected from the outside world. Lucis culture must be fascinating, since I think it hasen`t had many contacts with other nations/cultures. Also in the world map you can see a nation that is on island like area, and it appears around it there are walls. Is that Lucis?

Going back to the teaser, there has been a lot debate over what are the summons teased in it. One of the most interesting comment I read is that the knights in the back are The Knights of the Round summon from FFVII.

I can`t express enough how much I like that idea. Someone even suggested that TKoR summon would belong to Noctis royal family. I think it would be really fitting. It could be that that the family started from medieval origins, and TKoR was gotten then. Interesting. Also other observation that was made: In the teaser there are Grim Reaper like beings:

The grim reapers are killing other monsters/summons. When you look at Lucis, in many scenes there is night, giving the nation a chilling atmosphere. Also the grim reaper/angle figure appears in statues, like the one holding Etros painting, and elsewhere.

The statue holding the painting even has the wings. Holy heck! In an old interview Nomura confirmed that Lucis will have an reaper motif, so yeah. Reapers everywhere!
Also in here:

This is another scene from the teaser, and shows Insomnia, the capital of Lucis in ruins. Do you see what I see in the center? A grim reaper like figure. The question now is, is that thing a summon, or a statue? Could the Grim Reapers be a new desing for the Hades summon, or is it another manifestation of the reaper motif Nomura mentioned?Whatever that thing in the center is, it is marvelous and absolutely terrifying. Also don`t you think that huge pillar resembles a sword? Was Odin or Knights of the Round called upon to defend Insomina from the attack that the Empire launched?
In the teaser the prophecy like thingy fully goes like this:

O’er rotted Soil, under blighted Sky, A dread Plague the Wicked has wrought. In the Light of the Gods, Sword-Sworn at his Side, ‘Gainst the Dark the King’s Battle is fought. From the Heavens high, to the Blessed below, Shines the Beam of a Peace long besought.
“Long live thy Line and these Stones divine, For the Night When All comes to Naught.”

The beam of peace likely refers to the light that comes, when Etros gate are opened. Maybe the citizens of Lucis, or more accurately the royal family thinks it part of this blessed people that the prophecy talks about. No wonder they talk about heretic order which comes from the outside. Etro is the goddess of dead so it is no surprise why Lucis/Insominia is full of reaper symbolism. Also “Nadir”,( the presumable chapter name of this) apparently means the lowest point. This combined with the part of “Night When All comes to Naught” must mean one thing: Yay doomsday scenario confirmed in FFXV. You can`t have an FF without and end world, can`t you? Smile
In the older post I talked about the aspect of FFXV were modern environment was fused with mythological and ancient past, and then compared it to FFVII. This point still stands, but the FFVII parallel has to be changed a little bit. The modern has a connection to the old, that is true, but not in same way that in FFVII, I think. In FFXV it feels different. You see cars, gas stations and skyscrapers in this world, but still it not reality(either is VII). In the demo when I entered the cave and saw Ramuh`s tree, I got a wonderful sensation of wonder. Despite the modern stuff, there is something very old, and mystical sleeping in the depths of that world. It was a really fascinating feeling, and not the same I got from FFVII. It is really hard to describe. The mystical has more of an Europe feel I guess that is what I want to say. I just feels so new and something this series has not tried before in my opinion. I think this also connects to the overall feel of the game. Also the picture of Noctis slamming an medieval looking like soldier on police car that I used earlier still works really well on how to describe the fantasy/reality theme of the game.
But a parallel to FFVII can be made in a different manner. The first post that I wrote about this topic was about the different cultures and nations in the world of FFXV. In FFVII there is Midgar, and advanced society that uses modern technology, and Wutai, a traditional Japanese village. A question can be raised about Wutais state if they had won the war, but now lets focus on these two cities.

So the point I am trying to make here is that the two places are pretty different, in culturally and technologically. But yet, they exist in the same world. Now, let`s look FFXV.
In FFXV we have the highly advanced Lucis, with cars and skyscrapers that is supposed to resemble modern Shinjuku.

(In the right you see twin towers. Are they the ones that were seen on the Episode Duscae teaser?)
In a side note, if you look closely to the picture on the left, you can see the words Lucis and Nifelheim on the flag thingy. Also their national symbols are visible… I think…. Here you can see them better:

Then we have the city of Accordo which resembles Venice, and it appears it does not have modern technology. Also we have the town/city of Lestallum that has tropical climate and Bahamas feel.

These places are rather different culturally and are also in different stages of development. Nomura said that some of the nations focused on weapons technology so their culture degenerated to medieval state(maybe Nifelheim is one those). So the point I am trying to make is that both these games have rather different areas, culturally and technologically, but yet they exist in the same world. It appears you can make an FFVII(and presumably FFVIII also) parallel after all! Very Happy Also in here I want to point out one thing. In the picture which has King Regis raising his weapons, you can see the difference of cultures. The people from Lucis were black modern suits, similar to what diplomats and politicians were these days. The clothes are really similar, so it might also be a symbolism for the yakuza/mafia like rule they have, which Nomura told us in an interview. The people from Nifelheim were white cloaks. The clothing these people have is completely different when you compare them.
In one way you could say that FFXV takes the blending of different element and styles to a higher level.

Tell me, when you listen some of the tracks from FFXV, what feel do you get? For me it is this feeling of majestecy and epic classical music(Shimomura is a genius!). So FFXV is like a long epic poem, that has been transformed to a grand opera. Opera! That’s it! FFXV feels like an opera! With its epic classical music, latin lyrics, kingdoms and royal families, Shakespeare ties, FFXV feels like an opera. A grand tragedy that will be performed in the stage. Without forgetting the road trip bro feel of course! Smile

Whoa, that was long. In last weeks Tabata`s active time report there were some rather important things mentioned. The story has been changed little. Many people have speculated, that Nomura`s vision for Versus was a series, so more than one game. What Tabatas team is now doing, is that they are trying to tell one coherent story with FFXV(in one game), so I guess they don`t want to make any sequals. I think this is a good thing, but that has led to some changes. First, the character named Stella is no more in the game, since her roll would have not made any sense(or that is how I understood it). There are other things as well, and you can check the full details here:http://www.finalfantasy.net/xv/full-recap-final-fantasy-xv-active-time-report-60/

If you have spear time I really suggest watching the ATR. Tabata is a really funny man, and it is an interesting peek into minds of the developers. I am not really mad at Tabata or anything, and I think he is in a situation where he has to make tough choices, so that this game will be released some day.

Also the FFXV demo got an uptade yesterday, and I spent a good two hours playing it. The combat feels really fun with the improved camera and dodge roll. The camera was fix they were going to have in the 1.0 version, but they run out of time. I really like moves you can pull of with the big sword, and as the weapons start to resemble the way they will act in the final game, I realized I started to plan my encounters. I noticed that some weapons and some weapon abilities work great against certain enemies and etc... So I customized my deck differently for different enemy encounters. I see potential in this system, and can`t wait to explore it more the full game. I have many other things I wan`t to talk about regarding to this game, but I think I will save it for later. I have three 300 page books to read for my studies, so they will keep my busy...

Oh, I think this also good to mention here, that they patched Type-0`s camera. I haven`t tested the new version yet, but I am excited about. Smile

Also again apologies for not writing anything for a such long time. I really want to be more active here. See you guys soon!

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