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Babylon 5 Ruminations: S2E04 Distant Star

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1 Babylon 5 Ruminations: S2E04 Distant Star on Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:39 am

I meant to post this sooner....

There was one interesting side note that was presented in S2E04 Distant Star, and I feel it added to the lore of the universe and built up the power and mystery of the Shadows.

The Shadows were riding there own lock on signal in hyperspace, using a distinctly different system have there own way of entering/leaving hyperspace.

Hyperspace is the basic requirement for all space fairing races, but none have the capability to build the infrastructure they just found them took them apart and figured out how to replicate the technology. This point is made a number of times that some ancient race built them but nobody has an idea who (that I can recall this ancient race was never definitively identified). So the discovery of a mystery craft in hyperspace with the technology rivaling this ancient race has threatening overtones.

I could of course be reading too much into it, as it wasn't the best written episode, but that's what I picked up when I originally watched this first time and Arch didn't mention in the rumination.

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I was always under the weird impression the First Ones (prior to Shadows and Vorlons) built the hyperspace infrastructure but on recollection I think you're right and they never said definitively. Hm. But no I agree with you, the idea of the Shadow ships having that capacity gives them immense mobile advantage over other fleets.

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