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Babylon 5 Ruminations: S2E16 In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum

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I was glad when Arch got to this rumination as we could say a bit more about the nature of the Shadows without putting up spoilers for the ones watching it alongside the series.

Ever since the theory was put forward that the Vorlons are in Arch's opinion worse than the Shadows I was waiting for the Shadow Of Z'ha'dum to give some idea about their methods. I'd support anyone's right to have their own opinions although in this case I had my suspicions that this was "flying a kite" to stimulate discussion Smile

Personally what I think this boils down to is how far on the evolutionary scale the Vorlon and Shadow races view 'the little people'. In the case of the Vorlons my view is that's its on a sliding scale (top) Minbari to Humans to Narn/Centauri (bottom) such that at best its favored pet dog. The Shadows I'd postulate view the other races Minbari/Humans/Nnarn/Centauri much much lower on the scale possible akin to amoeba and don't think even once about eliminating all who don't serve a useful purpose.

Just my opinion, don't hate me for it Wink

It would be great to see a reply though, if anyone has other views.

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I've had the Vorlons vs. Shadows debate several times, and hell where we're at in the series thusfar we haven't even seen what the Vorlons are really like yet (or their true nature). I will say this; I like Kosh, really I do. I think he's the exception though. The other Vorlons strike me as, at best, indifferent precursors. I don't mean they don't interact with the lesser races constantly, I mean that lesser races don't actually MATTER to them, any more than you or I would care about one particular pawn on a chess board. That's just my impression though.

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