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Warcraft - The beginning - Discussion after rewatching on DVD/BluRay

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Good Day,
I rewatched the movie (this time in english!) and revisited all reviews and the Discussion back then. And wanted to give my collected thoughts and hopefully discuss a little.

The Problems
- Different timeline not marketed
   Most people didn't know it was an alternate timeline, which increased the confusion in the first half of the movie. I often heard irritated shout outs and clear signs of confusion. I also was confused, even though I mixed up the chars, because of that.

- Who is the alliance? (compared to orcs)
   My biggest Issue. The Orcs are a well though out society, which are good explained so that we have a solid understnading of them. BUt who is the alliance (I know they are not yet united, etc. I understnad, that is not the point). You could set a gunt o my chest and I couldn't tell you who the alliance is, what kind of society they have etc.
For example: They don't have gender inequality... they neve rhad because their religion never demanded it, etc. In stormwind that is why we see a lot of female and male guards. What an enormous inpact that has on society I can't explain in a few words. But nah, they are jsut brushed aside and I still don't know anything about their society. I presume they thought, that since they are humans, they don't need explanation.

- Cutting (fromt he window to the wall) it is really bad ->
- Confusing as fuck
  I still have trouble retelling the first half. Really. I even knew what was happening, but because of the translation I was a quite unknower...and dear lord, I had NO clue what was going on. Thats why I missed so much, because I still try to figure out, where we are, who is there and what is happening.
   -> I also stand corrected: I know liked medivhs portrayal, especially after beeing able to rewind a scene etc. But I agree with some commenters who said, he should have been revealed earlier (his not beeing right) to the audience. SHort green eyes, when lothars talks about it (the demon preventing him from saying anything) or something like that. That would have changed A LOT. People understood his... "Lazyness" better and tried to look for cues and if the other characters coudl figure it out.

- Goronas fate... (gul dans last mean trick)
  I still stand by my opinion, that they should have her beeing controlled and so murder Llayne. Because it explain so mcuh of her hatred and motivation to take great tisk to kill and defeat the shadow council. Could have been a last trick of Gul Dan and made him even more sinister.

- Lothar (Sad ) - actor, main actor, blank (like arch said 32.44) - good scene after rewatching -> accepting and acknowledging khadgar as he takes cotnrol (we need to kill demon) adn the gun/sister scene Smile.
     Intersting thing I found regarding this is the character trailers I found. Notice the difference between the khadgar actor and lothars.
First Khadgar, who has passion and a good grasp of his character and gave me insight.

Then Lothar, who is quite reducing his character to one topic... and is different than Khadgars actor.

- horrible german translation
  In the german language we do not use nouns as city or place names. We also don't translate place names, like New York. But they translated everything word by word. Oh dear. To give an example; lets take pot and bow to the smith and to wind. WHAT? I fabricated this of course, but really it was so cringeworthy. And confused even more. Why they choose the game translation, which was horrible and not use a more recent translation (where they accept that people can speak a ltitle english or can at least understand it a place name) I do not know
- - - But the german voice of Lothar gave that character more Expression and depths, than the original voice. German voice acting is really great, they can't do anything about the text.

- Elves looked fake as fuck
  Seriously the ears looked like plastic glued on Halloween ears. And overall. They jsut looked fake in my eyes.
   -> magic eyes really done too often and too much and oh lord--> w2 and w3 elves have blue glowing eyes... as have the high elves...

- (Some) movie critics whre right (jeremey - pacing, lothar)
 On some parts at least. It is really an very diffcult movie to watch for non fans. If you are confused the ifrs thalf of the movie and the second you don't know who to root for, than it is not enjoyable. People don't like to feel stupid. I only watched those 2, don't know what other critics said. it was mediocre, they said. I can agree with that.
/watch?v=otdWLnTCsag (jeremy, HEY GENERIC WIZ KID?!?!)
/watch?v=AceomrIwQ28 (warcraft, not wow! well at least he said series, he even got the story wrong, they not going regulary through the portal, its a one time event, .--- and he disliked the magic, etc. so not the target audience, but he descirbes gfood the cinematic issues with the movie)
 -> cut scenes of khadgar with gerona and protalf iguring out
        I think that is really a important scene, you can watch in on Youtube. and chris metzen cameo :3
     ---> 40 min CUT??? DC pls!
  -> really? wow is wrong! ist warcraft. Since wow is kind off warcraft 4 (as in the 4th installment)
- Cliche ending feels disconnected 43.00
   I really almost fainted after rollign my eyes so hard at the ending. If suddenly a sunlight beam would have caught them and red rose pedals would be rainign fromt he sky it would not have been more cliche. I understand Lorerunner points as Llaynes moment to show his dedictation for peace and they want to use this later for the movies. (Maybe have earlier peace between the two, because lets face it: the horde, alliance hostility has no basis anymore, since... BC?)
But still, it really felt completely disconneted to the rest of the movie to me. And the edning killed the movie for me.

- khadhgar not old man?
  I think they did it so they could reuse the actor more easily and it is not such a big point, especially since ofter time the effect where reduced by khadgar who found a way to counter the spell.
Still It would have been nice, since it really showed the cost for khadgar and his deep mnistrust after what he entcountered.
Not that I am comlaining as a women, that he remains this way Wink.

- liked the music of the secon trailer
  Kind of a Convession, as it is rather hated. But I felt the beat of battle and it was a trailer and clearly not in the movie (guys calm down).

- Loved khadgar (like Lorerunner 39.00)
  I really adore him to little pieces. He was my main and was the humans to me. And he really is a cocky as in the Game (breaking in barracks and you get your interrogarion.. and he jsut goes "finally, there you are, I waited ages, what took you so long?")
 - 41.00 llayne... yeah he was like a really good person. I also liked Duraton, that why I kind off hoped, they kept him alive, like they changed so much.

- The script... yeah sometime it was.. well you know.

- Stormwind (duh!)
- the gryphon, dwarves... (looked amazing)
- portayal of magic (behind the scenes, you should really watch it. How they explain magic to the actors, etc. I love Behind the scenes stuff.)
- Level up animation (we laughed and a few even said level up!, you know fel explosion khadgar!) - Some even said, that khadgar locked lothar away so he get all the XP to level up.
- lothars badass gryphon (as much I disliked the ending, Lothar gryphon in the background kicked ass! I want one too!)

- the  light?
  Where was the light? I mean it makes sense, that they didn't want to confuse the people unnecessary, but if they deleted the light of the setting, I really would be upset.

- frostwolves  genocide?
 Did we witness the complete extinction of the Frostwolf clan?

- Light becomes darkness, darkness becomes light??? lore references for that?
  Found nothing in Legion so far... Spoilers welcome?

- What happened to duratons wolf?
 Suddenly he has a pelt, what happened? I mean I am really not keen on seeing a poor wolf die on screen, but what happened?

- How did khadgar survive the fel?
 I want to hear your theories, since I already know lorerunners.

- arch did you preread the prequel books by now?
  Or anything in that regard. Or anyone?

- khadhgar not old man?
 Do you agree? Does it bother you much?

That movie gets a 6/10 from me, but I really could have ghat a 9/10, it had really great potential. But the cutting made it really bad. THe ending is the feeling you leave the cinema with and that was especially bad.
That really pissed me off, what could have been.

As you can see I went to archengeias/Loreruner school of keeping it short.
Btw can I get another name than lorerunner? LIke I said, nouns are usually not names in our language and it feels REALLY off to me.

Kind regards and I'm looking forward to your opinions.

P.S.: Admisn pls acticate the links

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