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Smudboy on Mass Effect 4: Bioware team still going strong on "screw you"

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Video by a man whose opinion I respect (and tend to agree with). Found a couple reasons why I'm beginning to lean towards "done with you now" regarding the Mass Effect franchise, including ignoring their upcoming soft reset (which I'll be spoiling the f**k out of myself with when Arch streams it, *if* he streams it).

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Saw it yesterday. The only point I have to disagree with is him bringing up different people's political views. That shouldn't factor in the final evaluation except in cases where the dev team is a giant echo chamber or shitbags like Manveer "I advocate genocide and ethnic cleansing" Heir.

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For the record, I'm already 100% on pre ordering to stream ME:A the day it comes out.

The Lorerunner
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Yeah, I doubt I'll purchase Andromeda at this point.  I've just lost faith in Bioware in general and with people like this Manveer scumsucker manning the helm on Andromeda I just have to wonder what sort of psycho kool-aid they're drinking over there these days.  And since Arche has just said he'll stream it day one, I'd rather watch him play it than do so myself XD

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Manveer isn't, thankfully, on the development team. He's the PR guy for Bioware.

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Oh, well, that's something at least.  Still, a racist fucktard that advocates ethnic cleansing and genocide as your PR guy still says a lot.

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If he was wishing to inflict those things on any ethnic group outside of 'white people' I'm sure his ass would've been kicked to the curb.

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Yeah, if this was some waspy white motherfucker saying all black/hispanic/whatthefuckever should be cleansed from the face of the earth he'd have been tossed out on his goddamn ass then tarred, feathered, beaten and strung up by his fucking balls from the nearest flagpole.

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Yeah...between the flagging of the franchise, ignoring physics (which is very important in a realistic scifi) and lore, and reviews of how Bioware handles creative thinking that deviates from their own in their employees, I think I'll just stay away from Andromeda.

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Lorerunner holds the onus of determining whether or not I'll be purchasing the game. I've been following it a bit here and there, sure, though it's definitely not a preorder.

I'll cut out of the streams if things get suitably spoiled (if there's anything groundbreaking enough to warrant it), though at the end of the day, I'm looking to people whose opinion and passion for the material I trust before dropping any cash.

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I hear ya, Deacon

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For now the recent trailer has managed to pique my interest, though I don't have much hope for the story and writing, I like the mobility of the combat mainly and it looks like the open world level design will actually complement powers like the vanguards charge, I also heard that instead of being stuck with one class the entire game, you can spec and respec to have a mix of powers from all the classes throughout the game.

I'm not buying it day one though, there are many things that can put me off from it, if the script if full of stupid jabs at the fanbase in the same manner as Nintendo treehouses attempts at humor, i'm off this ride. If the nomad turns out to be just as annoying to control as the mako, my money stays in the wallet. If the multiplayer turns out to be shit and I can't falcon punch enemies as a batarian, I'll just patiently wait for cyberpunk.

To be fair though, I was not expecting to be impressed by the combat so they've at least got me on the tipping point of being interested.

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The multiplayer? Is that what you're into this IP for? This franchise is built on singleplayer, multiplayer came later. Why the hell would that factor into whether you buy the game?

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No I got into the series through 2 and loved the story, but I don't expect bioware to put out a story of the same quality after 3, the biggest redeeming factor of 3 was that its multiplayer was pretty good and took advantage of all the species established by letting you play as a krogan rampaging around with a warhammer and much more.

Which is why I'm annoyed that Andromeda's singleplayer doesn't seem to take any notes from it, it won't let you play as squadmates in combat and you're restricted to play as only a human when the team have already proved that they can design other species to be playable.

If andromeda has a great story and singleplayer, lovely I might buy it but I don't expect that much from bioware right now.

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Ah, I understand.

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Smudboy making fun of the gameplay trailer.  I can't help but notice myself that the facial animation is completely fugly.  I mean really, who thought it was a good idea to make SAAARRRAAAHH!! cross-eyed in one shot or have that stupid shit-eating grin on her face when she was meeting with the hothead?  (Oh yeah, said hothead was supposed to either be the Security Chief or Colonization Efforts Minister for Hyperion or Nexus.)

Have to wonder what the screening process for this Initiative was if factionalism occurs within hours or days of Hyperion reaching the acclaimed 'resource-deficient' Andromeda Galaxy.  How can resources even be scarce in Andromeda?  It's over two times the length of the Milky Way and has at least ten times more stars.

Also, I'm really hoping the player-insert isn't some snot-nosed 15 year old with supersoldier abilities.  If that is the case, why not throw in them listening to Linkin Park and piloting a giant mech powered by the soul of their dead mother?

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I love that he dislikes Bioware so much yet the channel's like half ME and DA videos and keeping up with their marketing fluff. Is that what kids call a tsundere?

That being said:

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RorytheRomulan wrote:Why the hell would (multiplayer) factor into whether you buy the game?

.. Because.. it was really fun at times? Like.. objectively (from my experience) more fun than the campaign?

Don't get me wrong, I was just as incredulous over a cash shop-powered "tacked on" multiplayer to an up-to-then purely exclusively singleplayer RPG as the next fan, but ultimately I'd wager (potentially to the game's detriment) some of the most positive, memorable experiences from ME3 were from the multiplayer.

Again, to an extent this is damning of ME3's singleplayer, but there's a reason the MP experience was positive at all: the team responsible for it put a lot of effort, time and resources into it, and I'm happy to see it's sticking around. Now, if the singleplayer is shit, just the multiplayer by itself won't justify the game at full price for me, personally, but if they knock are pants off with another free testing beta period for MP like they did with ME3, and it's just as, if not more exciting and entertaining.. that's going to strongly influence my attitude toward the game, since I find Mass Effect (2 and 3) combat to be very satisfying.

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Luslanz wrote:I love that he dislikes Bioware so much yet the channel's like half ME and DA videos and keeping up with their marketing fluff. Is that what kids call a tsundere?
I personally enjoy seeing his analysis of these games' plots: what deserves criticism (because a tsundere is not about that at all) and giving his take on the next game in the franchise of one that's seen heavy controversy regarding its lore and plot, and just being critical of Bioware's writing overall. Bioware has ruffled significantly more feathers with these franchises after the first two games and greatly upset their consumers, which is ripe for commentary and criticism, especially on news surrounding their next game after a game with one big doozy of a wrecked plot/ending. Perhaps he wants to inform the decisions of potential buyers with these recent videos, analyzing what they show us because let's be blunt, most people aren't as smart as they think they are. Perhaps he wanted to give us an analyses point-by-point of where the writing staff went wrong because he knew that a lot of people either didn't understand why others dislike the games, or that some people dislike the games but don't fully understand why.

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RorytheRomulan wrote:Perhaps he wanted to give us an analyses point-by-point of where the writing staff went wrong...
Like that one writing who thinks you can't relate to aliens unless they have some pants on.

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SilverDragonRed wrote:
RorytheRomulan wrote:Perhaps he wanted to give us an analyses point-by-point of where the writing staff went wrong...
Like that one writing who thinks you can't relate to aliens unless they have some pants on.

You know, personally, I relate to aliens better when they don't have pants on Twisted Evil

Kidding aside, I wish the writers sounded less stupid, but such is life and all that jazz.

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Yeah, Yogi Bear without his hat and tie, oh god look out...

All you gotta consider: are "clothes" part of the aliens' culture? Not "when first meeting them, they should a form or appearance that we are comfortable with". Aliens are by their definition, foreign, different, unrelatable in some manner. This couldn't be more true of aliens making first contact. We're going to space, we don't want relatable! We want weird, we want gross! Sometimes we want sexy, and it's okay to mix and match, but not all the time.

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Well I'm still mad at them ebcause of what they did to the DA world... how pissed I am because of ME3 and the "murder" of a good friend of mine, I will not even go into...

They turned a unique world into the copy of our world. DA:O was so foreign and to explore and DA:I (not that I didn't like parts of it) was already known... quite literally European poltiics 101.
I was bored by it (couldn't play it cause of the gameplay), but youtube helped Smile.

I also agree with the notion, that the political views of a game developer should be no criteria (except for the extreme for example: Heil hitler... you know what I mean).

It seems Amerika really has a problem with alt-left and alt-right. But that is not the point here.

Also what I've seen so far... I am not impressed... But I AM looking forward to the banter... THAT was atleast quite good in DA:I (though a very romanced version of the Qun... anyone remember what Stan said in DA:O?).
And... watch Archengeia (xagmus? is that a normal american name or a fabricated one?) suffer! MOHAHHAHAHA!
Although he really does not suffer as sweet as Jeremy Jahns, who is rather expressive about it Smile.

Well I hope for the best, will boycott it (I am not the weak in my resolve that I can be easily lured into the same trap again) and see what comes.

Another Question: Is the protagonist REALLY a teenager?

Elune adore,

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