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I need to talk about htis or I am going to explode

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I cannot stand the rampant idiocy on display right now in the United States, where apparently Trump somehow makes people more inclined to be douchebags and nothing bad ever happened before he became president elect and somehow, magically, him being our future president will encourage people to be just as much of a douchebag as he is, or worse.  A prime example of this attitude comes in the form of my own mother, who is driving me insane with her illogical fucking fear that Trump will plunge the world into chaos and bring about the End Times or some such bullshit.  Recently, as you may have heard, a sports team was caught being, well, hormonal pricks.  They made judgements about women based on how sexy they rated them as and so on and now, oh, it's because Trump influenced them with his attitude. 

Fucking what?  If this happened two weeks ago no one would make this astounding goddamn leap of "logic" and my mother wouldn't be giving me grey fucking hairs because she has to share her irrational thinking every time there's so much a whisper of something bad having happened.  I've asked her not to talk about it, multiple times, as all she's doing is upsetting herself, and me by extension, but she won't catch a fucking clue already!  And that's not the best part!  Me not believing that any of these events has anything to do with Trump being president elect SOMEHOW MAKES ME LIKE THE FUCKER!  WHAT?!?  Can you see my problem?  Can you understand my frustration?  I'm sorry to post this rambling rant here, but I have to vent somehow, otherwise I'm liable to throw myself off a fucking bridge!

Also, to top this shit sundae that is my growing stress, somehow not hearing about such things happening before Trump became our president elect means that they never happened ever.  I have fucking had it.  If she comes to me again with more of this nonsensical bullshit I might just tell her to talk to someone fucking else about it and stop bothering me with it.  Thank you all for your time.  I will now proceed to cut myself, because nothing makes sense anymore and I just want to forget about this for awhile.  Have a nice day ^^'

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Good thing you didn't read any of the scaremongering articles proclaiming that Trump was going to cause WW3. They use logic dumber than the "Finn=Lando's son" theory.

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Oh, I'm already aware, unfortunately.

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I'm thankful my family's crazy, but not that crazy. On another forum people have briefly blabbered about stuff concerning his presidency that really could happen. Not end-of-the-world, he's-gonna-take-a-dump-in-your-mouth talk.

Please tell her for me. Tell her that whatever she has to say, you 100% don't care and that you'll see her on Christmas morning thank you and goodbye.

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I am sorely tempted to, to be perfectly honest with you.  She takes what the popular news outlets say as gospel truth, fuck any other source, and expects me to believe it too.  You know, despite said outlets having been proven to be full of shit on numerous occasions >.>

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Crensler wrote:If she comes to me again with more of this nonsensical bullshit I might just tell her to talk to someone fucking else about it and stop bothering me with it.

Tell her to vent on the internet, I heard that helps <.<

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Ha, funny Razz

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As some might have gathered when speaking with me, I'm hyper critical of bullshitters and misinformation, though could care less for any particularly popular social or political stance of a given week. My closest friends irl also behave in a very similar fashion, and where some might see cynical, off-putting anti-social types, I find to be an infinite reserve for intellectual banter and more often than not, counter arguments to what I might personally believe.

Where I've come to expect reason and critical scrutiny of press-pushed information from one friend in particular, this election cycle has seen them devolve into a near-panicked mess of a man, deathly afraid for himself, his husband, and their very recent marriage. Now, I'm more than willing to level with him with regards to Trump's previous statements suggesting he would have much rather preferred marriage equality be left in the hands of the individual states, and there's at least a reasonable concern he may make attempts to overturn the ruling (especially thanks to the unprecedented level of control afforded the Republican party (ignoring the fact the 'Republican party' has turned on Trump viciously in the past)).

What's been bothering me, though, is his view of the entirety of people who have voted for Trump, and his claims that every willing voter has made themselves an irredeemable enemy to my friend's way of life, a threat that must be excised from their personal life, if not professional. From my perspective, he has unfortunately begun to swallow left-leaning propaganda, hook line and sinker, to the detriment of reason, and it deeply wounds me to see him lash out the way he is, though gratefully he hasn't seen my criticism of his behavior as threat enough to cease our friendship, nor cause for him to treat me with any hostility, veiled or otherwise.

There are tangible reasons for concern regarding a Trump presidency; there were tangible reasons for concern regarding a Clinton presidency. I'm just hoping against hope that, given time, reason will again overtake these swells of blinding emotion and people I actually care about get back to acting like rational, deep thinkers again.

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I hope so, too.

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TheDeaconErudite wrote:What's been bothering me, though, is his view of the entirety of people who have voted for Trump, and his claims that every willing voter has made themselves an irredeemable enemy to my friend's way of life

Not sure about 'irredeemable', but haven't they?

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Yes, let's just paint everyone who voted for Trump with a huge, broad brush.  Sorry, Luslanz, but no, no they have not.

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Luslanz wrote:..but haven't they?

>: /:

Perhaps if the only, singular issue being considered during this voting cycle had to do with the supreme court ruling of marriage equality. Fortunately we're adults and we know that the position of president happens to entail a little bit more than just that...

Rolling Eyes I mean really.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the friend's position is that Trump vowed to take steps against marriage equality, and so by putting him in power his voters acted in a way that threatens his union i.e. as an "enemy to his way of life." I find that hard to deny.

Of course, that doesn't mean any particular Trump voter is "a deplorable" or homophobic or against marriage equality.  People also voted for him despite those policies because other issues take priority in their lives. But the end result for him is the same, isn't it? If he loses his rights then how could he not hold Trump's supporters responsible?

Anyway, my guess is that he's hurt the excised ones were willing to compromise his rights because they have their own hills to die on, like... i dunno, jobs, taxes, immigration? If that's the case then speculating about what Trump might or might not do during his presidency probably won't make him reconsider those who voted for him. Not trying to justify him lashing out, mind you <_<

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Considering his official stance is that marriage equality "was already settled" and is fine with it, along with his campaign not hinging on attempting to overturn the ruling (no matter how much the popular press loved to push old remarks), compounded by the act that Trump is, for better and for worse, a populist, and does whatever he can to make the most people happy and cheering him on, you'll forgive me if I find that drivel to be highly suspect, neverminding the acrobatic-level reaching required to render the status of "enemy" to people whose motives someone literally has no way quantifying. My friend (not to mention a few obnoxiously loud mouthbreathers on social media) did not spontaneously develop ESP.

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