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I've made a video and I'm looking for feedback

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Hi guys, I haven't been here in a while but I figured that this would be a good place to get feedback from. So I've been working on a video to help improve my writing on games, it's about the under appreciated multiplayer from Assassin's creed. I haven't got any proper equipment so it doesn't look or sound pretty but I'd like to know what I can improve in my writing, my voice and my editing.

Thanks guys

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Oh man, I loved Brotherhoods multiplayer! I debated not selling my copy of Brotherhood because I liked it so much compared to the other iterations. There was nothing more frustrating than lining up a ridiculously juicy kill, only to have some guy run in for a mere 150 point kill. The gameplay was amazing because you would have a bunch of people running around trying to grab as many kills as possible, yet the experienced players could patiently walk by waiting for the perfect opportunities to strike. It's hard to describe what it feels like to see the perfect play developing before your eyes. Unfortunately, Ubisofts' terrible matchmaking and netcode made it hard to consistently find populated matches.

One of the biggest things I liked about it compared to the others, that wasn't mentioned in the video, was the character designs. Every character looked distinct (and cool) and was easier to tell apart. In other versions I often had to take an extra split second to make sure my target was correct, which is all it takes to completely ruin your kill.

As far as for your actual video, I liked it a lot. The narration wasn't off-putting, and was edited pretty well given the resources you had to work with. Obviously, better equipment will help with the quality. I will say that you might want to adjust the audio balance between music and narration. Sometimes I felt the music slightly overshadowed your voice. The part where you listed long and short term goals on the screen did not work that well imo; the formatting for that needs some work.

Thanks for bringing me back to those days of incognito killing!

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Thanks for kind words

I was considering doing a more fancy animation to make the Short/long term goal point clearer, because I believe it's an important observation about how games should have interesting moment to moment decisions, but due to the amount of time I already spent on the video, I was content with slapping words on the screen, and due to me not pacing my script for that information, there's not enough time for it to that info to be processed.

As for the audio, I think I know what track you're talking about, there was one song which starts quiet for a minute or two before rising up, I should have split it in two and adjusted audio accordingly.

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Basically the same as Maz.

It was interesting to hear about the game's multiplayer and the passion for a feature that is no longer...featured. I personally don't care about AC multiplayer, but if it worked, it worked. I wonder if maybe team matches could have been a thing. That might be fun to play with peeps. I think the free-for-all style I like better in games like Halo, cuz the gameplay there is straightforward. I don't get together with people to do that often, though.

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There were actually numerous team based modes but I wanted to focus on the wanted mode because that's were most of the design decisions were intended for, there's about 4 in brotherhood;

- a 2v2v2 alliance mode that's the closest to a standard wanted match but with a teammate.
- a 4v4 manhunt mode were one team are pursuers for one round and then the roles are switched for the second.
- a 4v4 escort mode where one team protects two NPC while the other team tries to hunt them down.
- a 4v4 chest capture mode where one team guards multiple areas with chests while the other tries to hide in those areas long enough to capture them.

They were interesting and they give the less used abilities some time to shine, but unfortunately they had their drawbacks, the biggest being if one team managed to be stunned all at once, the other team can potential stun lock them indefinitely like this.

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