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House Creation

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26 Re: House Creation on Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:15 pm

Whatever you have in the Land stat is the currency you can spend for features of your territory.

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27 Re: House Creation on Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:25 am

Sample House wrote:This is the one who occupies the Capitol.

Bern Lady Agiric “the Pryo” Grimhilt
Capitol: Woden Tyr (Crescent Serpent Mountains)

Initial Stats:
Def 70
Inf 73
Lands 45
Law 32
Pop 36
Power 60
Wealth 53

History: New (4 Events) Madness, Victory, Ascent, Windfall

Castle (Gundahar), Small Castle(Woden Tyr)
Mountains, Woods (Heavy), Water (River, Pond), Community (Small Town), Ruins
Law House Fortune (-1)
Population House Fortune (+3)
Commander, Veteran (5 Power) Command 4, Fighting 1, Warfare 5
Nobles, Veteran (10 Power)(Discipline Modifier +0) Athletics 1, Endurance 3, Fighting 5
Personal Guard, Trained (9 Power)(Discipline Modifier +0) Athletics 0, Endurance 3, Fighting 3
Infantry, Trained (7  Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Athletics 0, Endurance 3, Fighting 3
Infantry, Trained (7  Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Athletics 0, Endurance 3, Fighting 3
Infantry, Trained (7  Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Athletics 0, Endurance 3, Fighting 3
Infantry, Trained (7  Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Athletics 0, Endurance 3, Fighting 3
Cavalry, Green (6 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Agility 0, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 1
Levies [Archers], Green (1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Animal Handling 0, Awareness 1, Survival 1
Levies [Archers], Green (1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Animal Handling 0, Awareness 1, Survival 1
Wealth- Granary, Marketplace, Mine, Steeple

House Fortune Total (+10)

Motto: "Retribution is at Hand!"

Coat of Arms: a golden skeleton (with eight arms holding six sickles and a scythe, three pairs of wings, and two tails with stingers; its head turned to the right) over a red background.  over the skeleton is a circular silver snake devouring its own tail.

Starting Stats:
Def 0
Inf 68
Lands 0
Law 32
Pop 32
Power 0
Wealth 8

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28 House Lanore on Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:53 pm

House Lanore

"We will be Remembered"

Initial Stats

Def  +52 (2)
Influence +34
Lands +25 (0)
Law +11 (11)
Pop +44 (12)
Power +63 (0)
Wealth +31 (1)

Land Holdings

Slaangu Coast - Def+5 Inf+10 Lan+20 Law-5 Pop-5 Pow-5 Wea-5
Mountains, Wetlands, Coastline

River (3 points)
Wetlands (3 point}
Grassland (1 point)
Forest, Light (3 Points)
Hills (7 points)
Roads (5 Points)
Coastline (3 Points)

Wealth Holdings
Mines (Abundant) (10 Points)
Clergy (10 Points)
Artisan (10 points)

Influence Holdings
Princess Gertrude von Castle Nacht auf Haus Lanore - First-born child (heir) 20 pts

House History

Founded during the Ancient times by Ulrich von Braken Lanore, the house has stood for several centuries. Though it has been wrought with hardship, the house continues forward into the modern era with many of the same members as before. Their curse is also their blessing. Ulrich von Braken Became a vampire in his forty seventh year of his life. Since, he has turned his friends and family.

Villian x3

The House's Army Marching out of Otterburg Fortress

House Assets

Superior Castle: Otterberg Fortress. A superior castle is a massive stronghold with several towers, structures, and smaller buildings, all surrounded by a steep curtain wall and likely a moat as well. Otterberg Fortress takes this one step further and nestles itself inside of a mountain pass, with it's entirety guarding the only land route into House Lanore's lands. It is constructed using Concrete, Stone, Steel, Iron, And wood. The uniqueness of it is that it's walls are nigh-impenetrable due to the usage of steel rebarb inside the concrete layers to add further reinforcement to the walls. On the inner and outer walls are great Iron braces and bands to further increase the strength, often several meters wide and spanning the length of the wall section. This is done to make it difficult for the besiegers to attack a single area of wall without carefully placing their siege equipment. Nothing about this castle is small, it's ramparts are massive things with multiple Balista nests, firing slits, murder holes, and gatehouses. It has thirteen layers of walls and twice as many towers, along with the massive Citadel proper all at the center. The citadel looks like a great stone and iron cathedral, with buttresses and outcroppings for defensive equipment. (50 Points)

One banner house - House Wulfen. Originally put in place by the Slang of Ukon to watch house lanore, Now, they are a banner house that swears fealty to House Lanore.

'City' Of Brakenburgh - Brakenburgh has been burned down and rebuilt time and time again. Currently, it only consists of A market square, A Clergy, and The Lanore Palace. It will take time and effort but the city will eventually become great once more.

House Lanore Militant Arm

6,000 Garrison (Green) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3) (Armour 3, Pen -2)Awareness, Endurance 1, Fighting 1
3,000 Royal Guard (Green) (18 power) (Discipline Modifier -6) (Armour 6, Pen -3) Athletics 1, Endurance, Fighting 1
16,000 Levies in Training (Green) (16 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Animal Handling , Awareness 1, Survival 1
1,000 Scouts (Green) (2 Power) (Discipline Modifier +3) Awareness, Endurance, Stealth 2

One Banner house (5+Points)

6,000 Garrison (Green) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3) Awareness, Endurance, Fighting
-3,000 On Otterberg Fortress
-2,000 In BrakenBurgh
-1,000 On Patrol

The Lanore Garrison is highly trained in Police Actions, Firefighting, And general public security. They go through a rigorous process of training to ensure that they know the Regional Law by heart and can respond to a fire within a few minutes notice. This does not mean they cannot fight in a war however, as they are trained to fight as a proper force in wartime, utilizing shortswords and shields.

Garrison Armour

3,000 Royal Guard (6 power) (Discipline Modifier -6) Athletics, Endurance, Fighting
-1,000 Training Infantry
-2,000 Guardining The Palace

The Lanore Royal Guard has stood since the dawn of the house. The members have pretty much stayed the same since it's induction, their superior speed and strength combined with immortality making them ruthless killers on the field of battle. It is a rare day where all the royal guard march as one, for on that day three thousand vampire soldiers would destroy all those who stand before them.

Royal Guard Armour

16,000 Levies in Training (Green) (14 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Animal Handling 0, Awareness 1, Survival 1
-3,000 Archers
-5,000 Calvalry
-1,000 Engineers
-7,000 Infantry
1,000 Scouts (Green) (2 Power) (Discipline Modifier +3) Awareness, Endurance, Stealth

Every soldier in House Lanore starts out as a Levy. They go through a rigorous training process that can last upwards of a year to produce hardened soldiers. Thanks to the House's Great abundance in resources, Each man is given fine armour and a castle-forged weapon to be able to carry out the duty assigned to them.

House Lanore Armour

Mines (Abundant)

Species of the House's Lands:


Braen - are a subspecies of humans. Nobody is sure about their origins or how they came to be the way they are. Physical appearance is that of a taller human with rocky spikes protruding from their clavicles. Hardy and stronger than regular humans, they are often drafted into being the heavy infantry backbone of an army. Many Braen settled in Lanore's Lands after the great Scourge of Lanore terrorized the regions surrounding Brackenburgh.

Gnolls - Gnolls are big ferocious upright dog-humanoids. They tend to be more aggressive than humans which leads them to being great front-line troops. The Slaang of Lanore, Ulrich, invited Gnoll refugees to settle his lands as they were being hunted by the church of Set. Since then, they are equal citizens in the eyes of the Nobility, with some even claiming titles of nobility themselves. This treatment has led to quite a few Gnolls swearing eternal fealty to the house.

Minotaurs - Minotaurs are as tall as the Braen at minimum. Few of them live in Uklan. Luckily, there were already several well-established tribes in the Valley that Ulrich claimed as his lands. Over many centuries they have become assimilated with house Lanore, equal treatment and fair practice ensured that the tribes stay friendly with Ulrich and his family.

Yuan-Ti - The Yuan-Ti are snake humanoids from across the Drakon Sea. They are deemed heretical by the church and any that enter lands under the influence of the sea are to killed immediately. Naturally, since the Yuan-Ti lands are immediate neighbors of house Lanore, it is natural they have immigrated to the lands to seek fair treatment and protection from the church.

Retainers of House Lanore:

Castellan: Lord Heinrich Lanore. Lord Heinrich has been the Castellan for House Lanore going on nine centuries now. His brother allows him to keep this position so long as he remains competent enough to keep the House afloat both Monetarily and Influence wise. He has a keen mind for numbers and a sharp eye for corruption, with very little under the table dealing escaping his reach. This had led many to attempt to parley with him in accordance with House Law; Often resulting in the Imprisonment or Legalization of the person in question. He has Zero tolerance for those who waste his time.

Master-at-Arms: Lord Harris Von Lanorii. Lord Von Lanorii is a second cousin to the ruling Steward, and as such has risen rather quickly through the ranks within the House. His skill with a blade and polearm are second only to his ability to dish out harsh training Regimes. Under his tutelage, the Lanore House has raised skilled armies for the past several hundred years, each new generation being drilled harder than the last to attain perfection on the field of battle. He refuses to allow the men under his command to fall below par, and will often work men to exhaustion to meet his goals.

Master-of-Horse: Lady Efferenti Von Barci. The Lady Von Barci is a from a long lineage of breeding Destriers for war. She has fought for, and held the position of Horse Master for upward of thirty nine years. This has led her to have close relations with the Inner Circle of House Lanore, A thing which led her to acquire the breeding rights and trade seals for all horse breeding within the realm. Her loveliness and deadliness are equal in measure as she defends the title she fought for so hard to get.

Master-of-the-Hunt An individual who oversees hunting expeditions. Sometimes filled by the same individual who maintains the hounds.

Artisan -  All weapons forged in your house count as castle-forged. B Cover benefits from fortifications increase the Defense by +1. B Add +1 to the results of your House Fortunes rolls. B Other benefits may be available at the Narrator’s discretion.

Starting Stats

Def  +02
Influence +14
Lands +3
Law +11
Pop +24
Power +0
Wealth +3

Base Fortune Gain: 4 Fortune per three months

(Having difficulty with my posting. Will fix tomorrow)

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29 Re: House Creation on Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:11 pm

Only thing I have to correct you on is the House Fortune bonus; it's +8 in total.

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30 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:17 am

Banner House of House Lanore (Slaangu Coast)

Initial Stats:
Def 26
Inf 25
Lands 22
Law 7
Pop 15
Power 28
Wealth 13

History: Recent (4 Events) Madness, Decline, Glory, Defeat

Hall (Arnalf Keep)
First-born Daughter
Mountains, Wetlands, Coastline, Ruin, Water (River)
Law House Fortune (-10)
Population House Fortune (+0)
Commander, Trained (3 Power) Command 2, Fighting 3, Warfare 1
Personal Guard, Elite (13 Power)(Discipline Modifier -6) Athletics 2, Endurance 5, Fighting 7
Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 1, Fighting 1, Stealth 0
Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 1, Fighting 1, Stealth 0
Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 1, Fighting 1, Stealth 0
Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 0, Fighting 1, Stealth 1
Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 0, Fighting 1, Stealth 1
Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 0, Fighting 1, Stealth 1
Wealth- Mine

House Fortune Total (-5)

Motto: "Ferocity and Tenacity"

Coat of Arms: a silver wolf head howling to the right on a deep purple background.

Starting Stats:
Def 6
Inf 0
Lands 1
Law 7
Pop 15
Power 0
Wealth 3

Species: Humans, Braen, Gnolls, Yaun-Ti

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31 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:12 am

House Geirmund

"Victory or Death!"

House Banner: A severed dragon's head impaled on a pair of swords, silver on black background.

Starting Stats

Defense: 8
Influence: 2
Lands: 0
Law: 28
Population: 21
Power: 0
Wealth: 0

Region: Wyvern Peaks

House Age: Old

Events – 7


Defense Holdings – Superior Castle (Drakenguard Keep)

Influence Holdings – First-born Heir, Second-born

Land Holdings – Mountains, Small Town, Road

Power Holdings

First Banner House (Clan Grimmore)
Commander (Veteran) Command 4, Fighting 3, Warfare 3
2,000 Garrison (Veteran, Discipline +0/+6) Awareness 3, Endurance 4, Fighting 3
1,000 Infantry (Trained, Discipline +6) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
200 Calvary (Trained, Discipline +3) Agility 2, Animal Handling 2, Fighting 2
1,000 Engineers (Veteran, Discipline +6) Endurance 3, Fighting 3, Warfare 4
Peasant Levies (Green, Discipline +15) 4,000 infantry, 2,000 Archers, 200 Cavalry.  Animal Handling 1, Awareness, Survival 1 for Cavalry - Animal Handling, Awareness 1, Survival 1 for Archers - Animal Handling, Awareness 1, Survival 1 for Infantry

Wealth Holdings – Artisan, Guilds, Marketplace, Mine

House Fortune: +8

Lord: Thrand Geirmund

A man of impressive stature, even for a Braen, Thrand has often been likened to the warrior kings of old, and for good reason. At the age of sixteen he took the reigns of the much diminished forces of House Geirmund, who had been little better than vagabonds for quite some time, when his father fell to illness. It was during this time that he befriended the dwarves of Clan Grimmore who, much like his own people, were exiled from their home. With a pledge to one day aid the clan in retaking its own holdings in the future, Thrand won the loyalty of Loregar and his dwarves, who were key to retaking Geirmund Hold from the trolls that infested the place. He has worked hard to rebuild what his people lost ever since, restoring Drakenguard Keep and reopening the iron mines upon which it was originally built. As a token of their esteem, Clan Grimmore forged a suit of armor and pair of swords for Thrand from a rare, precious material they call star metal. Harder than even the strongest steel, they are practically priceless, both on the battlefield and as family treasures, something Thrand will never forget, which was probably why they were gifted to him in the first place. A constant reminder of his oath.

Castellan: Dietrich von Strauss


A retainer of the Geirmund household for twenty years now, Dietrich has served Lord Thrand faithfully during this time, keeping him apprised of any threats to his rule, both foreign and domestic, and running the hold on a day to day basis. He expects nothing less than the best from those under his charge, as Thrand expects the same from all those that serve him, and will stop at nothing to see that his lord's interests are protected, even if the situation requires that he turn to...less than savory methods.

Steward: Loregar Trollbane

A veteran of the battle to take back Geirmund Hold from the trolls that once forced the house from its ancestral home, Loregar is a dwarf in every sense of the word. He's grimly serious, honorable and loyal to a fault. He, and the rest of Clan Grimmore, owe Thrand a great deal, as it was he who took them in when they were forced into exile from the Black Mountain. As such he has sworn an oath of loyalty and friendship to both Thrand and House Geirmund, one that he takes very, very seriously.

Master-at-Arms: Victor Geirmund

Thrand's brother by marriage, Victor has been Master-at-Arms for ten years and is hard at work whipping the peasant levies into real fighters, whether they like it or not. He is envious of Thrand's position as lord but knows better than to voice this in his cousin's presence, as the imposing lord would be more than happy to settle it in the challenge ring, a prospect Victor doesn't even want to consider given his cousin's martial prowess.

Master-of-Horse: Hilda Geirmund

Thrand's first-born daughter and heir, Hilda showed a remarkable affinity for horsemanship from an early age. The old Master, seeing her potential, and with Thrand's permission, took her under his wing and taught her everything she needed to know about taking over his position once he retired. With a burning desire to prove herself, and to make her father proud, Hilda has worked hard to make certain none see her taking the position as merely a benefit of being the Lord's daughter and leads House Geirmund's cavalry into battle personally.

Vassal Knights: Thomas von Strauss


Eldest son of Dietrich.

Rengar the Black

Not much is known about this person beyond the fact no one has ever seen them without their full suit of armor on, even in sweltering heat.

Second-born Son: Argus Geirmund

Young, impetuous, serious case of hero worship for his father.

Drakenguard Keep: Built right into the side of a mountain, Drakenguard Keep is only approachable from one direction. This might fool some into thinking it a death trap, but, thanks to the work of dwarven engineers, hundreds of secret tunnels lead to safety in the event the mighty fortress should ever be breached. It has a small castle town, marketplace, guild halls, an expansive iron mine, emergency food stores in case of a siege and a well trained garrison to defend it. Also, thanks to the fact Thrand doesn't give a damn and he has skilled engineers on hand, his forces have access to crossbows, though these are mainly kept to defend the keep.

Races: Braen, Humans, Dwarves

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32 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 8:02 am

can wealth item be purchasable later on

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33 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:29 am

Anything is purchasable later on.

Also, Crensler, how many cavalry units did you purchase? Cause its supposed to be 200 horses per unit.

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34 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:43 pm

Oh, erm, lemme edit, because I must have misread XS

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35 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:44 pm

Fixed it >w<

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36 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:57 pm

how many are in a engineer unit

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37 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:19 pm


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38 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:35 pm

I only bought a couple units, one a levy, so I fixed the numbers >w<

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39 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:59 pm

Banner House of House Geirmund (Wyvern Peaks)

Initial Stats:
Def 49
Inf 11
Lands 7
Law 23
Pop 20
Power 7
Wealth 15

History: New (1 Event) Doom

Castle (Grimnar Citadel)
Law House Fortune (-2)
Population House Fortune (+0)
Engineers, Veteran (7 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Endurance 4, Fighting 3, Warfare 3
Wealth- Artisan, Lightwood

House Fortune Total (+2d6-7)

Motto: "To the Last!"

Coat of Arms: a tattered green eagle (with two-heads) over a white background.

Starting Stats:
Def 9
Inf 11
Lands 0
Law 23
Pop 20
Power 0
Wealth 0

Species: Humans, Braen, Dwarves

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40 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:43 pm

Region: Snakeway

Initial Stats:
Def 21-5=16
Inf 24+10=34
Lands 31-5=26
Law 22-5=17
Pop 25-5=20
Power 26=26
Wealth 26+20=46

History:  Established (2 events);
Scandal Def Inf-1 Lan-1 Law Pop Pow-1 Wea,
Decline Def Inf-1 Lan-2 Law Pop Pow-3 Wea-2
Stats with changes applied:
Def 16
Inf 32
Lands 23
Law 17
Pop 20
Power 22
Wealth 44

Tower 10 pts (Def bonus to units inside: +3)
First-born child (heir) (20 pts)
1 second-born child (10 pts)
Small Town (20 pts)
River (3 pts)

11-20 (House Fortune Modifier -5)


11-20 (House Fortune Modifier +0)

Banner House Wedge (5 pts)
Banner House Biggs (10 pts)
1 Infantry unit, trained (7 pts) (Discipline Modifier +6) Athletics, Endurance, Fighting; Wea-3
Guilds [Requires Small Town or larger community] 15 pts
-Projects become cheaper.
-House Fortune +3.
Marketplace [Requires Small Town or larger community] 10 pts
-Wealth bonus +1 whenever it increases from House Fortune rolls.
Steeple [Requires Hall or larger Structure OR Small Town or larger community] 15 pts
-House Fortune +3.

House Fortune Total: +1

Motto: When House Da'Boléro was founded, its Lord refused to take up a motto, arguing that one person can only be judged by their actions and not their words. Instead of using a battle cry in battle, the soldiers bang their weapons against their shield to demonstrate their resolve to the enemy's troops.

Coat of Arms:

Starting Stats:
Def 6
Inf 2
Lands 0
Law 17
Pop 20
Power 0
Wealth 1
Lord Zeiss Da'Boléro: a man in his thirties, he inherited at sixteen years old a dilapidated house that had been suffering a slow decline for at least a generation. Only in the last few years has he been able to turn the tide, and even then, House Da'Boléro could fall back at any time into mediocre misery.
He is considered a very stern man who dislikes any overtly display of luxury, and who rarely wastes time on ceremony.
Lady Evelyn Da'Boléro: serving also as Castellan, Evelyn was originally an Hardwin whose education was entrusted to a tutor who also had Zeiss under his tutelage. Her family was most certainly hoping that she would gain the affection of the young teenager, but their hopes were almost dashed when, as soon as the two of them met, they began to bicker with each other; which is why it came to a surprise when, a few years later, he proposed to her.
No one can say for certain whether they truly care for each other, or if they just couldn't bear to get married to someone they knew nothing about. Some whisper that it's a little bit of both.
Master-at-arms, Arken Golmart: named to this position by Zeiss' father, Arken was born into a poor family from the Silver Coast that had no noble lineage. The previous Lord needed a master-at-arms that was both competent, and cheap, and Golmart offered just that. Beneath his gruff appearance, one can find a man who has a keen mind for tactics and who doesn't concern himself with "honor" or "chivalry" when it comes down to winning a fight. "A quick kill brings a swift victory," he likes to say.
Master-of-Horse, Fien Dommerholt: previously an Hardwin, Fien refused this fate as a landless noble, and she preferred to devote herself to the care of horses. She joined House Da'Boléro twenty five years ago and has made the stables her own little queendom; she is even bold enough to stand up against the Lord when it comes to how best take care of her horses.
Other NPCs to come soon...

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41 Re: House Creation on Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:31 am

Banner House of House Da’Borelo (Snakeway)

Initial Stats:
Def 24
Inf 44
Lands 28
Law 27
Pop 25
Power 50
Wealth 60

History: Established (3 Events) Ascent, Favor, Victory

Hall (Warden’s Vigil)
First-born son, Second-born son, daughter, son
Community (Small Town), Road, Ruin
Law House Fortune (-2)
Population House Fortune (+1)
Cavalry, Veteran (10 Power)(Discipline Modifier +0) Agility 3, Animal Handling 3, Fighting 4
Cavalry, Veteran (10 Power)(Discipline Modifier +0) Agility 3, Animal Handling 3, Fighting 4
Cavalry, Veteran (10 Power)(Discipline Modifier +0) Agility 3, Animal Handling 3, Fighting 4
Engineers, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Endurance 2, Fighting 2, Warfare 2
Engineers, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Endurance 2, Fighting 2, Warfare 2
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
Wealth- Artisan, Guilds, Clergy/Tauber, Marketplace, Steeple

House Fortune Total (+9)

Motto: "Life is better with cheese and wine."

Coat of Arms: gold and silver falling coins over a green and orange per chevron inverted field with a blue scale overhead.

Starting Stats:
Def 9
Inf 11
Lands 0
Law 23
Pop 20
Power 0
Wealth 0

Banner House of House Da’Borelo (Snakeway)

Initial Stats:
Def 21
Inf 25
Lands 22
Law 5
Pop 16
Power 27
Wealth 32

History: Recent (4 Events) Treachery, Treachery, Catastrophe, Invasion/Revolt

Hall (Tooth Hold)
First-born daughter
Community (Small Town)
Law House Fortune (-10)
Population House Fortune (+0)
Cavalry, Green (6 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Agility 0, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 1
Cavalry, Green (6 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Agility 0, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 1
Cavalry, Green (6 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Agility 0, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 1
Cavalry, Green (6 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Agility 0, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 1
Garrison, Green (3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6/+12) Awareness 1, Endurance 0, Fighting 1
Wealth- Guilds, Marketplace

House Fortune Total (-7)

Motto: None.

Coat of Arms: a white two-headed snake over a yellow rayonne heraldric line and red background.

Starting Stats:
Def 1
Inf 5
Lands 2
Law 5
Pop 16
Power 0
Wealth 7

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42 Re: House Creation on Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:00 pm

So my dwarves and his first banner house have the same banner...neat XD

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43 Re: House Creation on Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:24 pm

That is a problem with the program I'm using that I unfortunately did not catch. Fixing it now.

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44 Re: House Creation on Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:05 am

The History of Banner House Grimmore

Once a prominent clan of engineers that lived within the Black Mountain, an ancient dwarven stronghold where dozens of other clans have made their home for generations, clan Grimmore held a place of prominence as a clan under the direct employ of the high king and, through years of bargaining and the trading of many, many favors, had a solid claim to the throne through marriage to one of the king's first cousins.  They enjoyed a life of luxury so long as they continued to produce useful inventions and serve the king loyally, but, as often happens in dwarven politics, someone decided the high king had held the throne for long enough and had him assassinated. 

While no suspect was ever named, the then head of clan Grimmore, Brindommar the Mad, had a strong suspicion that clan Thralok, their chief rival and the clan with the strongest claim, was the culprit.  When the moot was called to decide who would succeed the late king, Brindommar made the claim that Thralok should be excluded from the talks until the investigation into their part in the king's death was finished.  Now, dwarven politics being what they are, this sparked a heated debate, which eventually ended in an all out brawl between those that supported Grimmore and those that supported Thralok.  Despite numerous attempts to settle things without further violence, the bitter feud continued.

Weeks became months, private feuding soon turned to open fighting in the streets, until the entire hold was embroiled in an all out civil war.  Unfortunately, through intimidation, bribery and outright assassination, the supporters of Grimmore had dwindled to only a handful of clans.  They fought valiantly, but in the end, Grimmore was stripped of its rank, title and holdings, the survivors of the struggle exiled with only what they could carry in their harried flight from the Black Mountain to claim as their own.  The once proud clan had become little more than refugees, forced to wander the roads in shame.  No settlement wished to take in a ragtag group of strange dwarves, either because they had no room or they were mistrustful of such a large number just traveling the wilds, and so they continued to trek through the world in search of a place to call home.

It was during this time of hardship, with winter settling in, that the clan discovered an encampment while seeking shelter from a harsh storm that had come from seemingly out of nowhere.  It was what was left of House Geirmund, from the Wyvern Peaks, and their young lord Thrand.  They offered the dwarves food and shelter, listening to their tale of woe.  Thrand sympathized, regaling the dwarves with the story of how Geirmund hold was lost to trolls one particularly hard winter that drove them from the heights they usually inhabited.  Loregar, now clan head, proposed an alliance.  Clan Grimmore would aid House Geirmund with retaking their long lost hold and, in exchange for protection and a promise of future aid, would swear an oath of friendship and loyalty to Thrand and his house.  Thrand, of course, accepted, the two leading the charge on Geirmund Hold once the bitter winter had passed.  Now the clan has a home, a place to plan and rebuild, and an ally to one day help them take back their lost glory.

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45 Current Concept for the Seven Isles Union on Tue Dec 13, 2016 4:38 pm

This is my current concept for my faction and house within this world.

Seven Isles Union- SIU
The Seven Isles Union is what rules the isles of seven large islands, each seemingly a fractal off each other and once was connected as a large continent. At the center though is not one of the islands, but a huge mountain made out of a strange crystal. This crystal, though strange energy surrounds it, is mined and refined into what is called Mana Crystals. Once refined through a lengthy process, these crystals can be used in spells and magical constructs.

The Isles each have several almost equally sized islands, each having near the same environment but for one, which is a large desert. Large forests currently dominate the landscapes, with one island having a large mountain which dwarves reside in. In fact it would appear multiple races, some minor, live on these islands along with migratory gryphons that were obtained through treaties with the sky people. Through the ages since the great calamity (or whatever it is going to be called) which much knowledge has been lost, the islands have been separate but united through the ages with constant civil wars. Only about 5 decades ago has this abated with the sudden appearance of Uzario, a seemingly unknown yet powerful native of these islands who specializes in magic. His magic is second to none on the Isles (not the world) and used his knowledge of each island to promote unity and cooperation. Now the Isles fleets stand ready to protect the Union’s sovereignty, the merchants ready to set sail for foreign ports, and explorers ready to map the edges of the world in a new found Enthusiasm.

A foreigner visiting the isles might become confused, for how similar races can work together and forge ahead. Any ruins within the Isles is being investigated for lost knowledge and the base of a new tower of knowledge is being erected. At the base currently is merely a massive library with multiple other spires being constructed around it where other investigations into knowledge are conducted. One will hold an Observatory, to chart and study the stars above. One shall be dedicated to the reaction of substances, and give Alchemists labs and resources to conduct their research. Finally, one spire will be dedicated to the mystic arts of magic, researching all that can be done with it to better the Union’s armies and navy.

The Union is a constitutional monarchy, with a head monarch who holds some powers but is limited. The House of Lords and house of commons that is Parliament holds most of the power though, with the house of lords representing the aging nobility within the lands and the house of commons being elected individuals who represent the common people and merchants. The house of lords has the nobility elect their own people into positions within the house of lords.

Constitutional Rights:
All sapient beings, no matter who it is, is guaranteed basic rights that cannot be violated within the Union’s borders. Among these rights, endowed by the creator of the world, is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The constitution, forced into it by the Uzario Carta, also gives rights to people which the government cannot take away and must protect. It also prevents the king from being able to set a budget, the parliament having full control over that. So while the king might want to wage war, without Parliament's consent, his forces will be penniless.

Coat of Arms:

Notable Characters of the Glearre Household

Name: Isen Glearre
Rank: King of the Seven Isles
Race: Human
Age: 38
Currently Ruled for 0 Years.
Bio: King Isen is the newly anointed king of the Isles. Carrying on his father’s legacy, he strives to continue the projects of his father. Now though he believes it is time to once again venture from their isles and explore the world to find new friends. He actively will attempt to avoid unnecessary wars or conflicts and remain neutral, that is for now as the Union ascertains the situation abroad. Primarily he is focused on gaining imports and resources  for his kingdom as well as knowledge. Steadfast in his beliefs, he won’t yield the rights of the union’s citizens to any Tyrant or Dictator
Picture of Isen

Notable Characters Related to the Glearre Household

Name: Uzario Theran
Rank: High Mage, Mage of the Kingdom
Race: Human?
Age: ???
Bio: Uzario was human, that much is certain. He has lived far too long though to be any ordinary human, being the Wizard of the kingdom since almost its inception many years ago. He is no vampire or demon though. Perhaps his knowledge from the lost history as well as his magical prowess has allowed him to extend his life far past that of a normal human’s… Nevertheless, he welcomes all to the union who come seeking refuge and to better their lives. His charity should not be exploited though, for he can be as dangerous as he is charitable.
Picture of Uzario

Name: Rana Mitsuo
Rank: Lady Treasurer
Race: Neko
Age: 34
Years in Position: 4 Years
Picture of Rana

Name: Regrof Chirsk
Rank: Lord of the Royal Air Force (RAF)
Age: 41
Years in Position: 7
Picture of Regrof

More to come


Initial Stats:
1st roll thing (7d6) (includes events and Slaangu Coast Stats)
Def: 45
Inf: 39
Land: 60
Law: 35
Pop: 39
Pow: 33
Wealth: 34

Slaangu Coast Def+5 Inf+10 Lan+20 Law-5 Pop-5 Pow-5 Wea-5
Mountains, Wetlands, Coastline

Age of House: 2
Very Old

Events: 7

Defense: 1 Castle

Influence: 1 Heir, 1 Secondary Child

Land Holdings: 1 Large Town (30), 1 River (3), Island (10), 1 Mountain (9), 1 Coast (3), Heavy Wood (5)

Law Stat: 35 (-1 fortune modifier)

Population holdings: 39 (+3 Fortune modifier)

Power: What banners? They were treacherous.

Trained -3 wealth

2 Warships (14 Points)
1 Infantry (4 Points)
2 Archer (6 Points)
1 Gryphon Calvary (5 Points)

Guilds (15) +3 Fortune

Port (10) +5 Fortune

Starting Stats:
Def: 5
Inf: 9
Land: 0
Law: 35
Pop: 39
Pow: 0
Wealth: 6

House Fortune: +10

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46 Re: House Creation on Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:22 pm

Is this place is supposed to be a series of islands why not just purchase the island land instead?

As for the armed forces, all of your units are missing their level of training and the power cost that comes with them. It doesn't cost you 3 Wealth either; that is solely for using mercenaries.

Note wrote:Anyone posting their houses need to include discipline modifiers for their troops as well as spend their training xp on unit skills. Each skill upgrade costs 10 xp. The discipline thing is easy to figure out; take the innate one next to the unit type and add in whatever it says for their level of training.

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47 Re: House Creation on Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:01 pm

Alright, i'll fix that here soon

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48 Re: House Creation on Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:55 pm

The History of House Geirmund

The story of House Geirmund begins, not with glory and honor, but with betrayal and deceit. Once upon a time there was a house named Ishtar, a fairly successful, wealthy house, with many trade ties thanks to their abundant supply of iron and skilled smiths. It held little in the way of military might, relying on alliances with other houses for protection. One such house, named Balirond, wasn't doing nearly so well as its trade partner. Bad investments, risky projects and a recent war with a rival had left them nearly bankrupt and their greedy eyes turned to House Ishtar. But how to claim its vast riches for their own? To attack them openly would incite retaliation from the other houses that benefited from the trade deals the Ishtar patriarch had made, so the then lord of Balirond had to turn to...other methods.

In the far north, where the air is cold and the ground hard and ill suited for farming, there live wandering, nomadic tribes of raiders, seen as little more than barbarians by those in the south. One of these tribes was more ambitious than the rest, led by a massive Braen named Bjor Geirmund, who was set on uniting the tribes and forging a kingdom of his own. Yet he knew that such would be a difficult task to achieve, given the brutal nature of his fellows and harshness of the land they inhabited. It was during a war council that Bjor was approached by an emissary from the lands to the south. This emissary promised aid, fortune and glory to be won, and a place where his people would be able to settle should he accept the offer. Bjor, being no fool, accepted but made plans of his own.

During the spring that followed, a tide of northern warriors swept into the lands of House Ishtar. Balirond had betrayed them, allowing the barbarians to pass uncontested through their lands and gain the advantage of surprise against the poorly defended hold. Bjor killed those that resisted, captured and sold those that surrendered, and took the land for his now united tribes. The deal he had made with Balirond stipulated that he give the majority of the wealth he captured to the one who made this attack possible, but Bjor refused. He had no reason to honor such a bargain and House Balirond, for fear of reprisal from the other houses, could not afford to try and force the barbarians to capitulate. But the Balirond lord was enraged and saw another way to claim what she saw as her just due. She rallied the other trade partners, goaded them into seeking vengeance, and set them loose upon Bjor's forces. However, she did not account for them to be ready for such an event.

Bjor had fortified the mountain hold, settling in for the long haul, and used the narrow passes and limited approaches to his advantage. The allied attackers, though having the advantage in numbers, were whittled down by guerrilla tactics, and eventually crushed. Bjor solidified his hold on the lands of Ishtar and set himself as lord of the newly named House Geirmund. His position, newly acquired mines and forges, and cunning, allowed him a position of strength at the bargaining table, one he took advantage of to the fullest extent possible. For a time his house prospered, passing down to his children, and their children, yet it was not to last. A harsh winter, worse than any the hold had ever seen, settled in over the mountains. Creatures that usually kept to the more secluded areas were driven down from their dens in search of food. Trolls, feral, vicious creatures that descended on Geirmund Hold under the cover of a blizzard, overran the unprepared defenders and drove the house from their lands.

The then lord, Alfgeir, sought refuge for his people, yet the descendants of Balirond remembered the betrayal of his forebears. They dissuaded the other houses in the region from aiding the refugees and the once mighty House Geirmund was forced to wander as vagabonds. And so, for years, they traveled the lands, making what living they could, dreaming of the seemingly impossible day that they would reclaim their lost hold. Alfgeir fell to a bitter illness and his son, Thrand, was forced to take up his father's mantle as lord. Winter struck and they made camp in the shelter of a forest, hunting game and biding their time. It was then that a band of dwarves, hungry and cold, stumbled upon their encampment. Thrand, knowing the bitterness of being turned away when so desperate as these dwarves, took them in, gave them food and listened to their tale of woe. Exiled, destitute, Thrand felt a kinship for these dwarves and proposed a deal. They help secure Geirmund Hold and Thrand would one day help them reclaim the Black Mountain. The clan accepted, naming him a friend and swearing an oath of loyalty, and the two forces, united, recaptured the mountain hold.

Thrand has been hard at work ever since, rebuilding what was lost. Drakenguard Keep is retored, the mines reopened and their forces rebuilding for the day they will help their new allies, for unlike his forefathers, Thrand fully intends to uphold his end of the bargain. Whether he will succeed or not, however, only time will tell.

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49 Re: House Creation on Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:00 am

Kingdom of Nestav - Wyvern Peaks
House of Ythri

"We will hold!"

Coat of Arms

Def: 3
Inf: 14
Lan: 6
Law: 35
Pop: 30
Pow: 2
Wea: 7

The story of Nestav starts in the ancient past, before the ascension of the God-Serpent Set. At the time, the Kingdom of Nestav was a relatively young nation amidst the great powers of the time. That was not to last though as during King Marcus's reign, Third King of Nestav, a strange sorcerer appeared before the court. The strange man offered King Marcus three favors in return for three favors; an offer King Marcus took up before fully comprehending its terms...and its consequences. King Marcus asked for conquest for his nation, a great ascension of power for Nestav, and for himself to be remembered for time immemorial. The sorcerer granted all three of his wishes, for three favors of his own lost to the sands of time.

However, King Marcus's favors came at an unprecedented price to the unwise ruler. The man was driven mad with power, and indeed expanded the nation of Nestav through vast amounts of conquests and ushered in a new time of ascended power, proven amongst the nation's peers. However, as time wore on, there were shadowy and dark additions to the armies of Nestav. This was not to last as, alarmed by the sudden increase of land and power by Nestav's new military might and genius, as well as more ominous news of dark and evil machinations by the newfound power, all of Nestav's neighbors launched into a collective operation of subterfuge and assassination on the nation.

However, none of their attempts truly succeed. King Marcus the Mad, as people came to calling him, continued to elude every plot on his life, and crack down on every plot of rebellion. Something was terribly wrong, and all they lacked was the evidence. So, the combined nations turned to a small party of four as a last-ditch attempt to solve this crisis. The party consisted of a warrior, a rogue, a sorceress, and a cleric. Together, these four heroes, whose names have similarly been lost to history, discovered the terrifying secret to Nestav's stunning success and, though years of planning, plotting, and work, cracked down on those corrupted by the evil influence and sealed the Mad King away with the entity that had possessed him whilst stirring the flames of rebellion throughout the nation, cracking Nestav's ill-gained power once and for all.

The House of Ythri was the result of the Four Heroes working with many powerful, influential men and women who made this victory against evil possible. Out of the ashes rose House Ythri, forever honored to ensure that the darkness that lies beneath its lands remain where it has been since the day of its sealing. Once this was done, the four heroes disappeared, never to be heard from again.

House Agra was founded several generations later, the result of a small number of noblemen wishing to pursue their own goals yet desiring to keep their ties with House Ythri and the Kingdom of Nestav. House Ythri agreed on two conditions: That the new house pledge eternal loyalty to House Ythri, and that House Ythri can have final say over the new house's economy, military, and civil matters. In return, House Ythri pledged to provide training for the new house's military, allow the new house full autonomy when Ythri was not tasking them otherwise, and provide aid to their new banner house whenever the banner house was struck with a particularly long string of misfortune.

-Favor x3

-Mountains (9pts)
-Ruin (3pts)
-Lake (7pts)
-Woods (Heavy)(5pts)
-Roads (5pts)

Military Strength
-House Agra (Banner House)(5pts)
-Elite Protector Guard x1 (-6 Discipline Modifier)(13pts) Athletics IV, Endurance V, Fighting V
-Elite Engineers x1 (+3 Discipline Modifier)(9pts) Endurance IV, Fighting III, Warfare VI
-Veteran Scouts x1 (+6 Discipline Modifier)(7pts) Awareness III, Endurance III, Stealth IV
-Trained Infantry x1 (+6 Discipline Modifier)(7pts) Athletics II, Endurance II, Fighting II
-Trained Archers x1 (+9 Discipline Modifier)(6pts) Agility II, Awareness II, Marksmanship II
-Scorpions x2
-Manongel x2

House Fortune: +6

House Personnel

King Valganis Jalotyr Ythri
Age: 48
A cool-headed ruler and the patriarch of House Ythri, Valganis has thus far been hesitant to jump into world politics as a result of how much of a mess the world is in as of current. However, he cannot ignore his nation's needs and has long since realized that to better his nation, not everyone in this world can win.

Prince Keros Jalotyr Ythri
Age: 26
The first son of Valganis, Keros takes after his father more than his sister. Cool-headed even under pressure and an accomplished warrior, the citizens of Nestav agree that Keros is a strong heir for a wise king such as Valganis. Keros for the most part shoulders the burden but sometimes wishes he was born to a simpler life.

Princess Natalya Jalotyr Ythri
Age: 24
The first daughter of Valganis, Natalya takes after her father less than her brother. Trained in the art of war since her youth, she may strike many as a graceful but cold or aloof with a light yearning for seeing the world past the borders of her family's humble nation.

Court Mage Merylin
Age: 900+
Straight-faced and almost always eerily calm, regardless of the situation, Merylin has been the court mage of Nestav and the House of Ythri for as long as anyone can remember, even in the memories of the current generations' forefathers. Other than being first cousin to Heinrich Lanore, very little is known about this mysterious figure.

Lord Protector Edward von Keller
Age: 36
A serious man intent on doing his job and doing it right, Edward is the commander of the Nestavian Protectors. A powerful warrior and a cunning tactician in his own right, Edward frequently laments the fact that he gets so few chances to prove his skills and prowess on an actual battlefield, though is privately content with the fact that his skills aren't needed in conflict so often as many of Nestav's neighbors.

Guardian Ruzwyn
Age: Unknown
The sole guardian of the Great Monolith, none knows his origins or who he was. All that the citizens of Nestav knows--and by extension, the House of Ythri--is that his sole job is to ensure the safety and integrity of the Great Monolith from any threats, be it internal or external.

Nestavian Protector Guard
The Personal Guard unit of the Kingdom of Nestav, these mighty troops form the bulk of the Kingdom of Nestav's elite core. Always alert, always ready, the Protector Guard are almost always found on the forefront of Nestav's battles, as well as reserve members stationed in Skyreach Citadel for the protection of the Nestavian King.

House Assets

Skyreach Citadel - Superior Castle (50pts)
Built centuries ago as part of House Ythri's rise to power. Skyreach Citadel is no less an impressive sight than when it was built all those years ago. Perched atop the side of a mountain range overseeing the Nestavian capitol of Varvol, the only three ways in or out of the Citadel are through the main gates, the side gate, and a final secret entrance and exit leading from somewhere in the Citadel to an unknown location. Its walls are thick, its towers are rigid, and it is armed to the teeth with ballistae on its walls and trebuchets on its towers.

Monoliths, Various
One of the many dozens of runic monoliths dotting the Nestavian landscape. Many attempts have been done to try and find out exactly how these mysterious monuments work and how they were built by those of a forgotten age, but so far all have met failure... some, peacefully. But many more, violently.

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50 Re: House Creation on Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:17 am

Banner House of House Ythri (Wyvern Peaks)

Initial Stats:
Def 50
Inf 21
Lands 5
Law 34
Pop 47
Power 20
Wealth 14

History: Very Old (4 Events) Scandal, Infrastructure, Madness, Infrastructure

Superior Castle (Porny Keep)
Second-born daughter
Law House Fortune (-1)
Population House Fortune (+1)
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 3, Endurance 3, Fighting 0
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 3, Endurance 3, Fighting 0
Cavalry, Trained (8 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
Mercenaries, Trained (1 Power/3 Wealth)(Discipline Modifier +9) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
Mercenaries, Green (1 Power/1 Wealth)(Discipline Modifier +12) Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Fighting 0
Wealth- Mines

House Fortune Total (+5)

Motto: "For Peace!"

Coat of Arms: a green snake (in an S shape) facing right over a yellow sunrise on a black background.

Starting Stats:
Def 0
Inf 11
Lands 0
Law 34
Pop 47
Power 0
Wealth 0

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