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House Creation

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51 Re: House Creation on Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:47 pm

Defense, 30 +5 = 35
Influence, 31 -5 +6 -3 +5 +3 +6=43
Lands, 32 +10 +5 -2 +6 +5=56
Law, 35 -5 +4 +3 +5=42
Population, 35 +3=38
Power, 33 +10 +5 -4 +3 +4 +2=53
Wealth 32 -6 +6=32

Storm valley

Old 4+2
Ascent x3

Small castle

First born heiress Menolly
Second born heiress Audiva

Plains  hills river and lake wood (light) small town

Law +0 fortune

Population +3 fortune

First banner, second banner house, other banner houses  

Forces: archers (trained) 1k, commander (vet), garrison 1k (trained), infantry (trained) 1k,engineers (trained) 1k

Wealth 32
Artisan, guilds


The founding of the is house was done by the youngest daughter named Lessa of a house that did not wanted to marry so her and her loyal servant left there home and set out to find a new home

first Banner called Amberheart

Second banner called Runelight  

The motto
Ex Fortitudo Familia

coat of arms a purple background with white crescent moon bisected by a spear which is colored blacked

Lady of the house Silvina Moonlight

Master of the house Manora Benden

Mistress of arms Zelda Hylia

other character are to be decided

state now

defense =5
influences = 8
land = 11
law = 42
population = 38
power = 10
wealth = 7

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52 Re: House Creation on Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:56 pm

Only thing that needs correcting is the Commander unit. That only costs 5 Influence and 5 Power. So you get 5 Power back.

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53 Re: House Creation on Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:40 pm

Banner House of House Moonsword (Storm Valley)

Initial Stats:
Def 20
Inf 23
Lands 33
Law 15
Pop 26
Power 35
Wealth 29

History: Recent (5 Events) Invasion/Revolt, Scandal, Scandal, Ascent, Infrastructure

Hall (Signy Hall)
First-born daughter
Hills, Community (Small Town), Water (Lake), Grasslands
Law House Fortune (-5)
Population House Fortune (+1)
Cavalry, Veterans (10 Power)(Discipline Modifier +0) Agility 5, Animal Handling 2, Fighting 3
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
Garrison, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3/+9) Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
Wealth- Mines, Guilds

House Fortune Total (+4)

Motto: "For the Fair Maiden!"

Coat of Arms: a white crescent moon bisected by a black spear over a purple background.

Starting Stats:
Def 0
Inf 3
Lands 0
Law 15
Pop 26
Power 0
Wealth 4

Banner House of House Moonsword (Storm Valley)

Initial Stats:
Def 7
Inf 24
Lands 15
Law 10
Pop 15
Power 31
Wealth 42

History: Very Old (6 Events) Infrastructure, Ascent, Scandal, Doom, Conquest, Scandal

Second-born daughter, Second-born daughter
Hills, Coast, Water (River), Woods (Light), Grasslands
Law House Fortune (-10)
Population House Fortune (+0)
Peasant Levies, Trained (Cavalry)(3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Animal Handling 1, Awareness 3, Survival 2 [Upgraded Weapons]
Peasant Levies, Trained (Cavalry)(3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Animal Handling 1, Awareness 3, Survival 2 [Upgraded Weapons]
Peasant Levies, Trained (Cavalry)(3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Animal Handling 1, Awareness 3, Survival 2 [Upgraded Weapons]
Peasant Levies, Trained (Cavalry)(3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Animal Handling 1, Awareness 3, Survival 2 [Upgraded Weapons]
Peasant Levies, Trained (Cavalry)(3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Animal Handling 1, Awareness 3, Survival 2 [Upgraded Weapons]
Peasant Levies, Trained (Cavalry)(3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Animal Handling 1, Awareness 3, Survival 2 [Upgraded Weapons]
Peasant Levies, Trained (Cavalry)(3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Animal Handling 1, Awareness 3, Survival 2 [Upgraded Weapons]
Warships, Trained (10 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6) Awareness 2, Fighting 2, Marksmanship 2
Wealth- Mines, Port, Granary, Lightwood

House Fortune Total (+2d6-6)

Motto: "Fighting monsters by Runelight."

Coat of Arms: a white crescent moon bisected by a black sword over a purple background.

Starting Stats:
Def 7
Inf 4
Lands 0
Law 10
Pop 1
Power 0
Wealth 0

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54 Re: House Creation on Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:09 pm

The first turn will begin on Sunday. You have this week to tell where on the map you want your House Lands to be.

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55 Re: House Creation on Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:59 pm

house land?

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56 Re: House Creation on Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:26 pm

The territory the House controls.

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57 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:56 am


"Even Mountains Have Fangs"

Initial Stats

Defense 51 (1)
Influence 33 (3)
Lands 21 (2)
Law 11
Population 28 (26)
Power 33 (0)
Wealth 35 (13)

History: Established, 4 events: Assent, Scandal, Glory, Treachery

Superior Castle: Tip of the Serpent
Bern Harris of House Zenna
Arn Segel of House Zenna, First Fang
Arn Radnor of House Zenna, Second Fang
Mountains with Streams home of the Tip Of the Serpent, Mountains
House Fortune -5
House Fortune +1
Banner House Sonaglio (Power 5)
Banner House Scala (Power 10)
Personal Guard, Veteran (Power 11, AR Boost)(Discipline Mod -3) Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Fighting 5
Archers, Trained (Power 6, Marksman Damage Boost)(Discipline Modifier +9) Agility 3, Awareness 3, Marksman 4
Levies, Green (Power 1, Population 2)(Discipline Modifier +15) Animal Handling 3, Awareness 3
Mine, Artisan (Walker)

House Fortune Total +2


In the southern tip of the Crescent Mountain during the Deflagration War there was a need for a staging point and a point to fall back. To achieve this end there was a castle made on the tip of the serpent crescent. It may have had a true name, but it has been forgotten in exchange for the common name. On the mouth of a plentiful iron mine and a store for weapons and armour, the Tip was built just before the fall of the Uklan Empire. When Uklan fell, the House deemed fit to look after the store rose to control it. This was House Zanna. House Zanna reorganized itself on the two tenants of its purpose; train new soldiers and prepare new weapons. These two positions created the two Fangs. The First Fang of the house is responsible for its upkeep; build new weapons, keep the castle in prime condition, and maintain the mine. The Second Fang is the one responsible for war; train soldiers, look after the beasts, and lead its men into battle. After the fall of the Empire, when feudal states led to banditry and outlaws, the Zenna house believed that their first priority was to its keep, and ignored those outside it. When people came to them and asked why they didn't stop the bandits, the head of the house said, "Outlaws are predators that will go after the weak. They will go after anyone who they think won't stand against them. While we must watch this home, train under us and show them that even mountains have fangs."

When outlaws became rampant and entire villages were forced to move, they came to ask House Zenna for aid. In the mountains behind them they built new homes while for years they stood in the way of the outlaws, protecting them. But when a predator food flees, they either chase their prey, or find something new. The outlaws went around the mountains and the Tip of the Serpent and continued top attack the peasants. By that time there had already been militias formed around the villages, swown to House Zenna. While these new militias were able to protect the villages from the outlaws, there was distrust that had not been shaken for the house that was sworn to protect them, but refused to come to their aid. These militias leaders formed what later was known as the Houses Songolio and Scalia.

Bern Harris of House Zenna

A man in his late 50's, Bern Harris was the First Fang many years ago. He was a child at the time that the lands behind The Tip were settled, and as he ruled, much of the ire for his family became pointed at him. As such he over many years become a seperated and callous ruler, leaving the outlaws to his banner-houses. His motions can come down to one word: maintain. Want to extend the mine to try to find more iron? No, we could destabilize the mine, and there is plenty already. Make more weapons, repair damaged ones. No room for change or growth, just prevent any decay. His brother, the Second Fang, died in a "hunting trip" almost a decade ago, and that has not made him more progressive.

Arn Segel of House Zenna, First Fang

Arn Segel is in his early 30's and has all the energy that his father lacked and more. While not the smartest, he always wanted to find something interesting, something new. As more responsibilities started being piled on him, the Tip started seeing a level of growth that had not been seen in many decades. This however, disturbed his father and many of his responsibilities started being transferred to the brownnos-steward Olson. These changes in responsibilities led Arn Segel to being bored, and consuming all the time of any visitors in an attempt to learn and grow.

Arn Radnor of House Zenna, Second Fang

Arn Radnor is the youngest son of Bern Harris, but much more sure of his spot in life. He is a soldier, through and through. While he may question orders, he will always follow them. He has no interest in the more mundane side of how the Tip is run, much to the even mildest teaching of his father. While the Serpents Barb, the well trained personal guard of house Zenna, are comprised of many of Arn Radnor's friends, when on the field he will treat them as nothing more than his soldiers. This leads to an impersonal, yet efficient man.

Steward Olson

Even older than Bern Harris, Steward Olson has been looking after the more minute goings on in The Tip. As part of the castle as the brickwork, he has records of everything going back decades. He always treats work with a smile and efficiency. No one knows what he is thinking, but is friendly with all who enter. His hobbies are a mystery, but he is always working around the castle. An enigma wrapped in a mystery, inside a workaholic.

Walker, House Artisan

New to the Tip, walker is the one responsible for all the repairs to the castle and the weapons and armour. Few see him for he prefers to work in the night. The work he does is impeccable, though typically slow going. More general laborers take care during the day, but over night the jobs are always touched up upon. Due to his night life, he is one of the few people in the Tip without any military training. If this is by accident or design, his work is good enough for nobody to care.

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58 Re: House Creation on Sat Dec 31, 2016 4:45 pm

Banner House of House Zana (Crescent Serpent Mountains)

Initial Stats:
Def 43
Inf 53
Lands 33
Law 5
Pop 25
Power 38
Wealth 32

History: Very Old (7 Events) Victory, Ascent, Favor, Treachery, Ascent, Scandal, Victory

Castle (Bog Frog Citadel)
Third-born daughter, Fourth-born son
Mountains, Wetlands, Community (Hamlet), Road, Water (River), Woods (Light)
Law House Fortune (-10)
Population House Fortune (+1)
Banner House Skitter
Archers, Trained (6 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Agility 2, Awareness 2, Marksmanship 3 [Upgraded Weapons]
Archers, Trained (6 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Agility 2, Awareness 2, Marksmanship 3 [Upgraded Weapons]
Commander, Trained (3 Power) Command 1, Fighting 3, Warfare 2
Garrison, Green (3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6/+12) Awareness 0, Endurance 2, Fighting 0
Garrison, Green (3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6/+12) Awareness 0, Endurance 2, Fighting 0
Garrison, Green (3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +6/+12) Awareness 0, Endurance 2, Fighting 0
Guerrillas, Green (3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Athletics 1, Marksmanship 1, Stealth 0
Guerrillas, Green (3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Athletics 1, Marksmanship 1, Stealth 0
Guerrillas, Green (3 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Athletics 1, Marksmanship 1, Stealth 0
Wealth- Artisan, Mines, Granaries

House Fortune Total (-3)

Motto: "With Indomitable Will and Impregnable Skin."

Coat of Arms: a gold frog over a black background.

Starting Stats:
Def 3
Inf 38
Lands 0
Law 5
Pop 25
Power 0
Wealth 0

Banner House of House Zana (Crescent Serpent Mountains)

Initial Stats:
Def 45
Inf 33
Lands 12
Law 18
Pop 14
Power 20
Wealth 21

History: Recent (2 Events) Victory, Scandal

Castle (Scale Rock Keep)
First-born son
Mountains, Woods (Light)
Law House Fortune (-5)
Population House Fortune (+0)
Banner House Stinger
Engineers, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Endurance 3, Fighting 0, Warfare 3
Engineers, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Endurance 3, Fighting 0, Warfare 3
Engineers, Trained (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Endurance 3, Fighting 0, Warfare 3
Wealth- Clergy, Mines

House Fortune Total (+3)

Motto: "Kill with a touch."

Coat of Arms: a green lizard over a black background.

Starting Stats:
Def 5
Inf 13
Lands 0
Law 18
Pop 14
Power 0
Wealth 1

Banner House of House Sonaglio (Crescent Serpent Mountains

Initial Stats:
Def 46
Inf 50
Lands 24
Law 14
Pop 23
Power 31
Wealth 35

History: Recent (3 Events) Favor, Ascent, Glory

Castle (Skitter Hall)
First-born daughter, Second-born son, Third-born son
Mountains, Water (River, Lake), Woods (Heavy)
Law House Fortune (-5)
Population House Fortune (+1)
Commander, Trained (3 Power) Command 2, Fighting 2, Warfare 2
Archers, Green (4 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Agility 1, Awareness 0, Marksmanship 1
Archers, Green (4 Power)(Discipline Modifier +12) Agility 1, Awareness 0, Marksmanship 1
Infantry, Green (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Athletics 0, Endurance 1, Fighting 1
Infantry, Green (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Athletics 0, Endurance 1, Fighting 1
Infantry, Green (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Athletics 0, Endurance 1, Fighting 1
Infantry, Green (5 Power)(Discipline Modifier +9) Athletics 0, Endurance 1, Fighting 1
Wealth- Artisan, Mines, Granaries

House Fortune Total (+2)

Motto: "Encircle and squeeze."

Coat of Arms: a yellow centipede over a black background.

Starting Stats:
Def 6
Inf 15
Lands 0
Law 14
Pop 23
Power 0
Wealth 5

Banner House of House Scala (Crescent Serpent Mountains)

Initial Stats:
Def 50
Inf 36
Lands 18
Law 21
Pop 19
Power 10
Wealth 28

History: Recent (4 Events) Decline, Treachery, Glory, Decline

Superior Castle (Pincer Castle)
First-born son
Mountains, Road, Woods (Light), Grasslands
Law House Fortune (-2)
Population House Fortune (+0)
Mercenaries, Elite (1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +3) Athletics 7, Endurance 7, Fighting 0 [Upgraded Both]
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Peasant Levies, Green (Infantry)(1 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15)Animal Handling 0, Awareness 2, Survival 0
Wealth- Mines

House Fortune Total (+3)

Motto: "Pin ‘em and Stab ‘em."

Coat of Arms: a red scorpion over a black background.

Starting Stats:
Def 0
Inf 16
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 1
Power 0
Wealth 2

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59 House Aurelion on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:06 pm

House Aurelion
Bern Leman Kor-Azor
Capitol: Port Sarum (Snakeway Coast)

Starting stats: Including Event(s)
Def: 20
Inf: 39
Law: 26
Pop: 13
Pow: 42
Wea: 50

Age: New: (2 Events)
Events: Favor, Ascent.

Defense: (Hall) Star Forger Hall Cost: 20
Influence: First Born: Kelon Kor-Azor Cost: 20
Land: Community: Hamlet, Cost: 10; Coast, Cost: 3; Road, Cost: 5
Law: House Fortune -2
Population: House Fortune  0
Engineer(Elite)(9 Power)(Discipline modifer:+3) Endurance: 2, Fighting: 5, Warfare: 7.
Infantry(Trained)(6 Power)(Discipline modifer:+6) Athletics: 1, Endurance: 2, Fighting: 3.
Archer(Trained)(7 Power)(Discipline modifer:+9) Agility: 1, Awareness: 2, Marksmanship: 3.
Garrison(Trained)(5 Power)(Discipline modifer:+3/9) Awareness: 2, Endurance: 1, Fighting: 3  
Garrison(Trained)(5 Power)(Discipline modifer:+3/9) Awareness: 2, Endurance: 1, Fighting: 3  
Commander(Veteran)(7 Power, 5 Influence) Command:6, Warfare:3, Fighting:1  

1 Banner house(5 Power)

Artisan:(10 Wealth)
Clergy:(10 Wealth)
Port:(10 Wealth)
Steeple:(15 Wealth)

Total house fortune modifier from wealth: +12

Total house fortune mod, with Law/Population Modifiers: +10

Motto: "Opportunity knocks, we answer"
House colors: Teal/Grey with Brass/Gold trim
Coat of Arms: A Craftsman's hammer of burnished brass, angled on a teal background, above the hammer is a serpent, picked out from a field of stars.

Stats after Expenditures:
Def: 0
Inf: 13
Land: 1
Law: 26
Pop: 13
Power: 0
Wea: 5

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60 Re: House Creation on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:37 pm

Tribe Bloodmouth


battlecry:Fill our bellies with their flesh!

Snake way (Community)

Initial stats
Def 35
Inf 59
Lan 41
Law 22
Pop 24
Pow 48
Wea 55

Starting stats
Def 5
Inf 24
lan 1
law 22
pop 22
Pow 0
Wea 12

2 Very Old 6

18 Windfall
16 Glory
13 Favor
12 Ascent
7 Invasion/Revolt
11 Infrastructure

Defense holding
Small Castle 30 pts (Def bonus to units inside: +6)

Influence Holding
Farhallow First-born child (heir) 20 pts
Dirtfang Second-born child 10 pts

Land holdings
Small City 40 pts

law holdings
21-30 (House Fortune Modifier -2)

population holdings
21-30 (House Fortune Modifier +1)

Power Holdings
First Banner House 5 pts


1 Guerrillas 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Athletics, Marksmanship, Stealth.
1 Guerrillas 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) 1 Athletics, 3 Marksmanship, 2 Stealth. 1 Trained[60 xp] 3 pts (Discipline Modifier +6) *-3 Wealth
1 Raiders 3 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Agility, 1Endurance, 1 Fighting. Green[20 xp] 1 pt (Discipline Modifier +9) *-1 Wealth
1 Cavalry 5 pts (Discipline Modifier -3) 1 Agility, 2 Animal Handling, 3 Fighting Trained[60 xp] 3 pts (Discipline Modifier +6) *-3 Wealth
2 Engineers 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Endurance, Fighting, Warfare
1 Support 2 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Animal Handling, Endurance, Healing
1 Personal Guard 6 pts (Discipline Modifier -6) Athletics, Endurance, Fighting
1 Scouts 2 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Awareness, Endurance, Stealth
1 Peasant Levies -2 pop (Discipline Modifier +6) Animal Handling, Awareness, Survival
1 Commander 5 inf 3 Command, 2 Fighting, 4 Warfare. Veteran[100 xp] 5 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) *-6 Wealth
1 Nobles 5 pts (Discipline Modifier -3) Athletics, Endurance, Fighting

Artisan [Requires Hall or larger structure] 10 pts
-All weapons forged in your house count as castle-forged.
-Defense bonus +1.
-House Fortune +1.
-Other benefits at my discretion.
Marketplace [Requires Small Town or larger community] 10 pts
-Wealth bonus +1 whenever it increases from House Fortune rolls.
Clergy/Tauber [Requires Influence 20+] 10 pts
-House Fortune +3.

Lord: Blackfang

steward:Uncle Bob

Religion:While most people worship the ancient serpent, the people of the Bloodmouth tribe worship a large two headed wolf whom they believe is the eternal watcher of all things. Both heads contain four eyes, the left seeing into the past and on the right seeing into the future, but there is a third head who looked behind the other two heads. This head is the one which the tribe, and so many other beings live upon. The serpent head who can only see into the present. Long ago it was ripped from the wolf's body, and thrown to the ground for some unknown transgression. They believe that to invoke the serpent's gaze to lead to an instantaneous death or a great calamity.

House history: Coming soon

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61 Re: House Creation on Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:08 pm

Banner House of House Aurelion

Def 25
Inf 27
Land 14
Law 36
Pop 22
Pow 34
Wea 35

Recent 3E Decline, Treachery, Windfall

Hall (Slaangar Keep)
First-born son
Community (Hamlet), Coast
Law House Fortune (-1)
Population House Fortune (+1)
Warships, Elite (DM+0) Awareness 8, Fighting 3, Marksmanship 3
Engineers, Trained (DM+9) Endurance 4, Fighting, Warfare 2
Engineers, Trained (DM+9) Endurance 4, Fighting, Warfare 2
Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 2
Commander, Green Command, Fighting, Warfare 2
Artisan, Port, Steeple

Def 5
Inf 2
Land 1
Law 36
Pop 22
Pow 1
Wea 0

House Fortune Total (+8 )

Motto: “Safe Journeys!”

Coat of Arms: a black snake over blue embattled heraldic lines over a white background.

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62 Re: House Creation on Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:14 pm

Banner House of Tribe Bloodmouth

Def 28
Inf 38
Lands 23
Law 30
Pop 29
Power 35
Wealth 60

Recent 1 Event Windfall

Tower (Skyclaw Reach), Tower (Wolf-fang Keep)
Third-born daughter, Third-born son, Fourth-born son, Sixth-born son, Seventh-born son, Ninth-born daughter
Community (Small Town)
Law House Fortune (-2)
Population House Fortune (+1)
Commander, Veteran Command 6, Fighting 2, Warfare 2
Special, Green[Cavalry Archers] (DM+9) Endurance 2, Fighting, Marksmanship [Upgraded Melee Weapons, Upgraded Short Ranged Weapons, Non-upgraded Long Ranged Weapons]
Special, Green[Cavalry Archers] (DM+9) Endurance 2, Fighting, Marksmanship [Upgraded Melee Weapons, Upgraded Short Ranged Weapons, Non-upgraded Long Ranged Weapons]
Special, Green[Cavalry Archers] (DM+9) Endurance 2, Fighting, Marksmanship [Upgraded Melee Weapons, Upgraded Short Ranged Weapons, Non-upgraded Long Ranged Weapons]
Special, Green[Cavalry Archers] (DM+9) Endurance 2, Fighting, Marksmanship [Upgraded Melee Weapons, Upgraded Short Ranged Weapons, Non-upgraded Long Ranged Weapons]
Special, Green[Cavalry Archers] (DM+9) Endurance 2, Fighting, Marksmanship [Upgraded Melee Weapons, Upgraded Short Ranged Weapons, Non-upgraded Long Ranged Weapons]
Special, Green[Cavalry Archers] (DM+9) Endurance 2, Fighting, Marksmanship [Upgraded Melee Weapons, Upgraded Short Ranged Weapons, Non-upgraded Long Ranged Weapons]
Guilds, Clergy, Marketplace

Def 3
Inf 8
Lands 3
Law 30
Pop 29
Power 0
Wealth 13

House Fortune Total (+5)

Motto: Lots of Howling.

Coat of Arms: a white paw over an orange background.

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63 The Kingdom of Kreathean on Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:09 am


"We march for the lost, blades held high!"

Coat of arms: A winged white stag rampant upon a background of vert and noir


        1000 years ago in the verdant forests and plains of the South, clans of vagrants and settlers formed from ragged bands, remnants of armies and kingdoms fallen to dust, descendants of victims the World's Scouring all, settled on the plentiful lands that would become their kingdom. Perhaps they sought an escape from the hell that the world had become, a mess of plague, infighting and famine. Perhaps they knew of the Chasm and the Black Evil that spilt forth from it's gaping maw, and so sought to contain it. Why they came and from where is lost to history, gone to the winds of time. But the land they chose was known as Kreath, blessed by the Emperor of Light whom they worshiped, and so born was Kreathean.

Krethean grew with time, the pitiful bands coming together to forge community and life from the ashes of the past. The land was fertile, so they farmed. The mountains were rich, so they mined and quarried. Towns began to spring forth like seeds in spring, and so in time followed castles. First-Chosen by the folk, the King and Queen of this bright, hopeful little kingdom ruled their people well, and left strong heirs. For three hundred years they existed, and all was good.

But where there is light there is dark.

Shadows brewed to the north upon the Kingdom of Nestav, and though Kreathean stood far to the south and with a mighty army they never sought to use, the threat could not be ignored. Forty thousand they sent north, and upon baeted breath they waited, waiting for word. When word returned, they rejoiced and mourned-- the shadow had been defeated, but at terrible cost. But the Light had prevailed, and so Kreathean celebrated those few men that returned, though in coming years the Crown's choice to join the Six Kingdoms was not without naysayers.

And so, for nine hundred years after the Shadow upon Nestav, life was shining, plentiful and fair. The kingdom was the envy of it's neighbors for it's fields were vast, and trade the strongest in the South. Her armies were mighty and honorable, and though the memory of man is fickle and the true evil of the Chasm was forgotten a careful watch was kept all the same. The castles shone brightly, and the laws were fair upon all.
Kreathean was a beacon of Light.

But the Dark sought the Light, and Doom came with it.

 The Black Tide burst forth from the Chasm in a wave of death, and the king, noble King Thaubaydin, rode out with his legions against them. None know what happened truly at the Chasm that evil day, but the armies of Kreathean were crushed, the king consumed.

The Shattering had begun.

The Black Tide, the Ancient Enemy, the Koth, swept forth in a plague of destruction and suffering. The capital fell in scant hours, driving the folk before them and into the jaws of death. What became of the Queen, not a soul knew. The Koth swept over the lands like in the World's Scouring, and the folk were forced to flee. No army could stand against the Horde in it's fullest, no force could hope to hold.

With the Crowns lost, and the Circle of Lords squabbling, disunited, Kreathean had truly fallen. With no options left to them but flight or death, the folk fled. Led by ragged armies, the Kingdom ended as it had begun, so many centuries ago.

But this was only the beginning of their suffering. From kingdom to kingdom and neighbor to neighbor they went, begging aid and shelter, food and fellowship. Out of pity, or grace, or perhaps the goodness of their hearts, their neighbors took them in. But the Black Tide was relentless, bearing all those they went to down to the waiting clutches of death. On and on Kreathean was driven, and over time and years some among them began to believe themselves the Unlucky One, Tallbarn, the Pariah of the old tales. For wherever they went, death followed-- and death was beginning to catch up to them. The folk suffered heavily, dying from sickness and hunger, if not marauding blades and hungry pincers.

Nine long years passed. The trials of the folk had cut their numbers to a fraction of what they once had been, and great swaths of the South had been lain bare behind them. Thus, did the Kingdom without King or lands come to the tiny land of Eyomkaya. Peaceable, scholarly, Eyomkaya stood not a ghost of a chance before the Black Tide.  It was here that the greatest-- and perhaps most foolhardy-- of the decisions the Kingdom yet faced was made.

The Circle of Lords still had not yet agreed upon strategy, or how to best govern what they still had. But they were united with singular purpose upon the gates of Eyomkaya. They had faced Death, and he had beaten them. They had faced Suffering, and battered through his trials. But here, now, with the lives of their own folk and those of the peaceful Eyomkaya on the table, their backs were to the wall. No longer would they run.

The folk were sent away, to parts unknown with the scholarly people. The army marched out, to stand upon the field before Eyom. Twelve thousand men, led by the Circle of Lords. Twelve thousand, against the chittering black tide upon the horizon.

Grand Lord Anfroi, first of the Circle, commanded. At his left was Lord Drettus, Warden of River-Lands. At his right was Lord Dawhill, master of the Western Borders. And in the center was the young Lord of Arms, Segarus the Dragonhearted.

Storm clouds had gathered in the skies, and as the Koth descended upon them rain began to fall. The field was naught but mud, thunder and bloody grass when battle was joined in dire desperation. The Koth threw themselves upon the shield wall and pikes, shedding blood more freely than any human foe would dare.

But Kreathean would not break.

Men began to fall, borne down beneath the weight of horrible numbers as arrows filled the sky like the rain-- but Kreathean would not break.

Surrounded, encircled by a sea of screeching, chittering black the men of the South fought bitterly on, striking down the foe by the hundreds, and then the thousands. But the Koth would not stop coming. And Kreathean would not break.

Blood ran in great rivers upon the thirsty earth, the foul ichor of the Black Tide intermingled freely with that out the stalwart men of the Kingdom. Arrows hissed, men roared defiance and blades slicked with foul darkness flashed forth to give death over and over again. But the Koth kept coming, and Kreathean would not break.

Hour after hour the battle went on, and the scent of death and carnage upon the field grew so great the Koth flew into blind frenzy. Driven mad by blood, the beasts fell upon the dead where they had fallen-- their own and those of Kreathean, even turning upon their fellows in ravenous hunger unmatched in an Age.

But even in the face of horror and blood, Kreathean would. Not. Break.

It was at battle's height, when it seemed that the exhausted Kreathean warriors might carry the day, that the Grand Lord Anfroi fell to the Horde-- and Kraethean wavered. Lord Dawhill fell next, Lord Drettus throwing himself upon the enemy in a rage. He was never seen again. One by one, the Lords fell and the Koth closed in.

But one voice in the chaos took up the cry.
"MAIDIR LE SOLAS AGUS GACH DOH DAOHINE!" roared the Lord of Arms, Segarus the Dragonhearted, rallying all those who yet lived to his side.  With renewed fury the men of the South burst forth, wetting the ground with accursed ichor as their foe closed in. The Lord of Arms stood atop a hillock with his armor rent, sword broken and badly wounded-- but around him Kreathean rallied. They would not break, and when it seemed as though their foe had them, when it seemed as though the Koth would at last crush the defiant roars of the south beneath them-- the Black Tide broke.

The Koth fled the field, leaving behind so many of their dead as to be forever uncounted. Kreathean cheered, and looking to the Lord of Arms they glory-named him the Resilient, for he had not broken in the face of utter fear.

But though they were victorious, the cost was great. Twelve thousand had marched forth-- four thousand remained, and when the dying had passed one thousand more had gone to the embrace of death. It seemed for a desperate day that the kingdom had no Lords at all, for Segarus lay in state. But he rose to his glory-name, and three thousand men with the one they called Lord-Commander and King returned to the folk.

The mantle of King, Segarus refused. A king he would not be until the Doom was defeated and the Kingdom reborn, an oath he and the appointed captains had solemnly sworn upon the ruins of Eyom. But Lord-Commander he was, leader of a kingdom with new and burning purpose.

And thus was Kreathean, the Wandering Kingdom, born.

Tech level: Early medieval
Armor: Chainmail, plate-and-chain, boiled leather, kite shields
Weapons: Broadswords, pikes, spears, Kraethean Longbows, axes, flails, maces
Elite Units:
Segarus the Resilient, Last of the Circle of Lords, Heir to the Throne, Lord-Commander of Kreathean
Circle of Honor (Knights)
The Guard (Infantry)
The Far-Eye Legion (Archers)

Lord-Commander Segarus the Resilient, liege of Kreathean

Scouts of Kreathean

A maceman of the Kreathean Guard, hailing from Eyomkaya

A greatswordsman knight of the Circle of Honor, hailing from the once-great armies of Treowen

Total population: 13,000

42 INF
28 POP
63 POW
31 LAW
25 WEL

1 Heir: Lady Maleta the Clever
1 second born child: Owine the Honest
-1 House Fortune (LAW)
+1 House Fortune (POP)
1 Artisan
Lord-Commander Segarus the Resilient -5 INF -7 POW Command (7) Warfare (7) Fighting (6)
The Circle of Honor (Personal Guard/Cavalry/MOTHAFUGGIN' KNIGHTS) -13 POW Athletics(7)  Endurance (7) Fighting (6)
Far-Eye Legion (Archers) -10 POW Agility (9) Awareness (5) Marksmanship (6)
The Guard (infantry) -11 POW Athletics (6) Endurance (8 ) Fighting (6)
Trained Scouts -5 POW Awareness (3) Stealth (3)
Trained Archers -6 POW Agility (3) Marksmanship (3)
2x Green Infantry -10 POW Endurance (2)

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"Our arrows guide the way to victory"

Initial Stats + Region = Silver Coast

Defense: 40
Influence: 22
Lands: 32
Law: 25
Population: 30
Power: 32
Wealth: 35


Very Old

Events - 8

Infrastructure X 2 = +10 Inf and +12 Power


Defence - Castle (Asenguard Keep)

Influence - First born child, Second born child x 2

Land - Small Town, Coast x 1, Plains x 1, Road, Stream, Woods (light)

Law - House Fortune Modifier +0

Population - House Fortune Modifier +3


First Banner House - House Stewart

Troops =

Commander (Veteran +3) 5 Command, 3 Warfare, 2 Fighting
3000 Archers (Trained +6) 3 Marksmanship, 2 Awareness, 1 Agility
1000 Infantry (Trained +6) 2 Fighting, 2 Endurance, 2 Athletics
Peasant Levies (Green, Discipline +15) 4000 Infantry, 2000 Cavalry. Both = 2 survival

Wealth holdings =

Port (House Fortune +5)



Defense: 8
Influence: 18
Lands: 9
Law: 36
Population: 28
Power: 19
Wealth: 20


Fmr. Bern, General of the Army and Duke - Robert Fletcher (Age 50)

- A drawing by Bern Roberts son, Edward

Robert was born to Bern John Fletcher and his wife Isabella. Some say he was born at the moment of an eclipse giving him his life long nickname of "Bright Eye" although this has never been officially recorded. From a young age he was groomed by his father for the role of Bern as Robert was born when his father was in his late 60's, as such he first picked up a bow (the symbol of his house) at age 4 and has not put it down since. Everyday he trained at least 6 hours with the bow and occasionally in swordplay, he has become so adept that wearing heavy armour no longer affects his archery skills and he is always precise.

His father though a strong man was also weak minded and so he often failed in his diplomacy with neighbouring nations or was ripped off entirely, which is why on his 14th birthday Robert was officially given the power to establish diplomatic treaty's and other things requiring a clever mind. While no genius at wordplay he got rid of the stigma regarding his house and improved relations with even the most ardent of anti-Fletcher houses much to his fathers delight who passed almost all powers to Robert come his 16th birthday.

One fateful day Bern John died suddenly in his sleep alongside his wife, at first this was considered a coincidence as both parties were in their 70's and were growing more ill with every passing day, however Robert now Bern at 18 suspected something more sinister. After an autopsy it was discovered they were poisoned using a very rare type of poison only a noble could afford, after a full year of investigation it was discovered a landed noble by the coast who was tricked out of a trade deal that bankrupted his house by John was responsible. Robert gathered the army and immediately marched to the coast for justice, he was received by this noble for parlay where he admitted his guilt in the matter. As no terms were met the siege began the next day...if you could call it a siege as the stupid noble walked up on the battlements to taunt the much larger army before being silenced by an arrow from over 300m away. Robert took the opportunity to end the siege before it began and the garrison which knew it could not survive surrendered forthwith and the coast lands were incorporated into Arcadia as were the men. The land was granted to House Stewart, a newly created House created by the former garrison Commander who pledged allegiance to House Fletcher.

He abdicated from his post in 1067 and his son Edward became King. His son immediately reformed the system of governance and named his father a Duke which is a title second only to King, he also appointed him General of the Army a position meaning he commanded the army of Arcadia on his son's orders.

Robert is a strong man who could pull any bow with ease, some call him too noble and honourable for his position although be takes this on with pride.

Castellan - Alexander Van Gruger

- A painting done by a travelling merchant.

Alexander has served the House for over 40 years, an old family friend of Robert's grandfather he got the position through his exploits in managing his family's farm. A loyal man of low birth he expects nothing from his liege except respect for those less fortunate than him and a good bed to sleep in at night.

Master-at-Arms: Marcus Dromitus

- Marcus fighting of bandits

Fighting in multiple wars in his lifetime. Marcus was originally the son of a far of ruler who was banished for marrying a commoner before being discovered on an expedition by Bern John, considered by almost all the best warrior in the Asengard Keep he does his duty with immaculate skill always grateful to House Fletcher for all they have done for him.

Master-of-Horse: Rose Dromitus

- Rose scouting out a neighbouring nation

Wife of Marcus, she met him while in service to his father. A renowned horsewomen she often rode with the men into battle which earned her the non-official title of Battle Maiden of her masters Keep. When she secretly eloped with Marcus however she to was banished along with him. She joined House Fletcher at the same time as Marcus and her skill on horseback quickly became evident. She is extremely agile and sneaky, often sneaking into places no one wants her to be, some contribute this to her thief days before she took up the horse.

Daughter of Robert and unofficial Chief Diplomat: Princess Selina (16)

- An official royal portrait of Selina

Daughter of Robert and twin of Jaime, she grew up worshipping her mother whom she admired for her way with words and the soothing mood that came over people when she talked. Taking after her she quickly developed Lady like and diplomatic qualities which she often used to help establish treaty's her father could not quite get and convince even the most green of soldiers to charge into an army of enemy knights.

Even though she is the twin of Jaime the two of them don't get along and she considers him too mischievous and scrupulous to be a member of a noble house. She has a mucher better relationship with Edward and often councils him on matters.

King: Edward Fletcher (19)

- A painting of Edward by Lord Adam Stewart

Young and full of dreams Edward constantly sets his mind to new pursuits and inventions. Good with a sword though not as proficient as some in the castle his real talent lies in his mind, whether it is inventing, painting, drawing or even manoeuvring soldiers to the most advantageous positions. Still unmarried many attribute this to his unwillingness to marry anyone, as even though he is a follower of the Church secretly he knows he is gay and has told his father and siblings of this.

He gets along with all of his family and the household and is always happy to lend a hand. Jaime looks up to him even though he would not say so and Selina respects Edward and trusts him wholeheartedly as he trusts her. His father wishes he was more of a warrior but has come to accept the fact that he and his son a two different people.

He became Bern suddenly in 1067 when his father decided to abdicate, he changed his title to King.

Second Son: Prince Jaime Fletcher (16)

- An official royal portrait of Jaime

More agile and sneaky than his siblings Jaime has a reputation of being mischievous and sneaky, often in good jest he does anything he can for a laugh from stealing Edwards drawing pad or his sisters jewellery. This quick skill has however been good in training his martial ability, trained in the use of daggers he can skirt around the Master-Of-Arms with ease and strike non-fatal but viscous wounds.

Commander of the Army and head of House Stewart: Lord (Goes by Commander) Adam Stewart (20)

- Another sketch by Edward

The current head of House Stewart (banner to House Fletcher). After the conquest of Brenna his father was given the coast lands and in return the House swore allegiance to House Fletcher, at this time he was sent to Asengard Keep to be raised alongside Edward Fletcher. Through the years together the two have been inseparable often going out on adventures alone, when his father died Adam quickly grasped leading the House and increased it's wealth and power in the region and so was named a Commander at a young age. When Edward became King he was always there for him when dealing with issues he was not prepared for having been adept at leading a House. A great warrior he is the counter-balance to Edward having killed master swordsmen and beasts at varying ages, this often helps Edward when matters of war arise.

(To the rest of the world including even his family Adam is nothing more than a friend to Edward but secretly they are together often leading to arguments when the matter of marriage comes up.)

Adoptive brother and Prince: Elwin Fletcher (13)

- Dramatised painting of Elwin by Edward

Born in 1054 in the northern Silver Coast to a peasant family that ran a farm, Elwin's life has been filled with tragedy. Being just a peasant his parents were often no where to be found fighting wars for the local house against whomever the Lord had bad relations with last week. Because of this he became self sufficient learning to hunt with his fathers bow at a very young age allowing him to sustain himself through the long harsh winters. 

When he was 10 a plague hit the north, all of his family were killed by the plague except him now the sole owner of run down farm. Having nothing left he travelled for 3 years exploring the peaks and Laventino making money by selling the food he hunted. Upon returning to his farm an official was there looking for the occupants, after spotting him they conscripted him into the northern army against his will.

During the Battle at SilverCreek Port he put his archery skills to use picking of cavalryman after cavalryman even almost managing to hit Queen Albuyah. When he knew the battle was lost however, he did the smart thing and surrendered. After the battle for his valour he was knighted by King Edward and through King Edwards compassion he was made an adoptive member of House Fletcher.



813 - Founded by Bern Aeagis Fletcher an arrow smith who led a rebellion against the local Lord who had mistreated his people, he built Asengard Keep and renamed the Kingdom to Arcadia

826 - All other local Lords acknowledge Aeagis as rightful ruler of Asengard and stop their invasions and raids attempting to put the former Lord back in power.

830 - Aeagis initiates the invasion of the nearby Kingdom of Glavenstone, beaten back 3 times before marrying to a noble from House Arctarius the rulers of Clan Lansting thus establishing an alliance and giving Aeagis the men to conquer Glavenstone.

840 - Aeagis dies and Bern Karl becomes the new ruler of Aeagis, executes many of the household staff in a bout of madness on the news of his father death.

848 - Karl becomes the new head of Clan Lansting after inheriting the title through his mothers line. Karl immediately exterminates all members of the Clan calling them "barbarians who deserve nothing but a pit in the ground."

850 - Kristoff Fletcher cousin of Bern Karl uses the local hatred of Karl to pull a coup and become the new Bern, Karl is summarily exiled and would later be killed on the roadside by a guardsman after turning bandit.

870 - Alliance of the Great Sun - Kristoff marries his son Theod to the daughter of the largest Kingdom in the region, Belingrad. House Fletcher nearly becomes bankrupt paying the dowry but receives a larger amount of money from surrounding Houses now recognising the power of House Fletcher.

884 - The Great Betrayal -  The Kingsom of Belingrad betrays House Fletcher and invades it's lands destroying the alliance and breaking the heart of the Bern of Belingrad's daughter now facing her own fathers army.

886 - Two years into the war Belingrad finally mounts a meaningful attack overwhelming the border villages and killing Kristoff who was there inspecting the garrison. Theod assumes the mantle of Bern.

890 - The Siege of Asengard ends and the Treaty of Arcadia is signed. After a 4 year siege Asengard falls and Belingrad annexes Arcadia before enslaving Theod. His wife dies of starvation during the siege.

920 - Theod births a son named Bradley in secret, the child is smuggled off by a recently freed slave.

930 - Theod killed by slavers after attempting to escape from captivity.

936 - Bradley is told of his identity and immediately gets about gathering an army to fight Belingrad.

937 - The remnants of Clan Lasting formerly join Bradley in return for reparations and the acknowledgement of their rights. Other Kingdoms finance Bradley seeking the end of Belingrad's dominance and the destruction of the status quo.

938 - More and more men join Bradley and his army marched on Asengard which is lightly defended. Asengard falls within two days and the villages of Arcadia officially declare their allegiance. The army marches for Belingrad.

938 (September) - The battle of the Golden River is fought and Belingrad's army is destroyed by the superior archers of Arcadia as they charge through boggy ground.

940 - Belingrad capitulates and Arcadia is restored, the remainder of Belingrad is given to surrounding nations as recompense for funding the rebellion.

1000 - Bern Bradley the Great dies at age 80 peacefully in his sleep, his daughter Lucretia inherits his land.

1012 - Aengard is restored to it's former glory

1020 - Lucretia dies of a heart attack and is succeeded by her son Rorik.

1030 - Absorption of Clan Lasting -  After decades of woe Clan Lasting is FINALLY given back it's land and titles before being fully absorbed into Arcadia. This however has some consequences.......a warrior with an axe kills Rorik before being killed by Roriks son John.

1040 - Trade deal established with the Kingdom of Brunna much to Johns delight as it heavily favours him.

1042 - Assassination of John by Bern Arthur of the coastal Kingdom of Brunna.

1043 - Invasion of Brunna - Robert promptly invades Brunna and ends the siege before it begins by killing Bern Arthur with an arrow from 300m away. The Stuarts are raised as a banner.

1050 - Robert formalises the rules of succession for the Kingdom as Agnatic Cognatic Primogeniture (Eldest male son inherits all titles, female daughter only if there is no male sons).

1067 - Marriage of King Edward to Lady Aslaug and joining of the two houses. Edward marches with the army and aids in the 3rd Battle of SilverCreek Port smashing the northern army and securing victory in the Nestav-Northern war. After the battle he knights 10 enemy peasants and adopts a 13 year old archer named Elwin as his brother and a full member of House Fletcher


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Banner House of House Fletcher
Def 30
Inf 19
Lan 32
Law 23
Pop 36
Pow 31
Wea 34

New (1 Event) Favor

Small Castle
Second-born son
Wetlands, Coast, Community(Hamlet), Road, Ruin, Water(River), Woods(Light)
Law HM(-2)
Population HM(+3)
Commander, Veteran Command 6, Fighting 2, Warfare 2
Warships, Trained (DM+6) Awareness 3, Fighting 0, Marksmanship 3
Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Agility 2, Animal Handling 2, Fighting 2
Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Agility 2, Animal Handling 2, Fighting 2
Artisan, Granary, Port

Def 0
Inf 4
Lan 2
Law 23
Pop 36
Pow 0
Wea 4

House Fortune (+7)

Motto: Swift as an arrow.

Coat of Arms: a blue fish over a white and ermine(white with black spots) per chevron background.

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66 Re: House Creation on Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:01 pm

In-depth History of House Fletcher

Founding of the House (813) - Unlike some houses, House Fletcher claims not divine right of rule or ancient ancestors who ruled an Empire. House Fletcher started as humble as a house can get. Born in 760 Aeagis Fletcher was the son of the castle arrow smith who was executed not 3 weeks after Aeagis's birth having been discovered making faulty arrows and aiding the local partisan groups. Following in his fathers footsteps Aeagis learnt the craft of arrow making and joined the partisan group in his fathers name quickly rising to it's leader after leading a successful raid on an arms shipment. In 813 at 53 Aeagis finally rallied the local populace against the corrupt family that had ran the Kingdom for century's and at the Siege of Guardia Keep he won. The noble family who had run the land was judged by a council made up of representatives from all the villages in the Kingdom and it was decided that the Lord would be executed and all other family members exiled, they also declared Aeagis as Bern much to his surprise. Guardia Keep was destroyed stone by stone and Asengard Keep put in it's place.

- Bern Aeagis

Attempted Invasions (813-826) - Not happy with this new upstart the other local Lords poured money and weapons to the now exiled noble family in order to put Aeagis in his "rightful" place. 4 invasion occurred during this time halting all expansion and more importantly the building of Asengard Keep. The first two invasion were little more than raids meant to test the water but when the 3rd came House Fletcher was woefully unprepared for battle, however facing impossible odds at the Battle of the Stream Aeagis with little more than 600 peasants defeated 3000 fully trained infantry by using his special arrows and the stream to protect them, a bow would forever be added to House Fletcher's banner. The 4th invasion fell easily against the now prepared Fletcher armies and a treaty was signed acknowledging Aeagis as rightful Bern.

- Battle of the Stream

Fall of the Kingdom of Glavenstone and alliance with Clan Lansting (830-836) - Now emboldened by his victories Aeagis sets his eyes on the nearby Kingdom of Glavenstone who was the main contributor to the invasions years earlier. An army was formed made up mainly of archers and it marched to Glavenstone. Aeagis however forgot the fact that if Glavenstone had the money to build a separate but powerful army then they had more than enough money for their own army. When he arrived he was outnumbered 3 to 1 and was beaten back by the superior forces of Glavenstone. 2 more times he tried and finally concluded he had neither the men nor coin. His son Karl was up until this point un-married and Aeagis thought that if he married Karl to another House he might have enough men and so he approached the warriors of Clan Lansting and wed Karl to the Chiefs daughter and heir. With these new men Glavenstone fell and was brought into Arcadia.

- Banner of Clan Lansting

Death of Bern Aeagis (840) - Bern Aeagis finally died in 840 and was succeeded by his son Karl. Karl has slowly gained a reputation for cruelty and madness, his father refused to believe it and so nothing was done about it. At hearing the news of his fathers death Karl executed around 40 of the castle staff in a blind rage, his mother consoled him and the rage came to an end.

- Bern Karl

Massacre of Clan Lansting (848) - Karl had constant mood swings often killing people for the smallest of crimes like stealing an apple and at the same time pardoning someone for murder. All semblance of sanity left him however, when his mother now the head of Clan Lansting died and Karl inherited the title. Like he did when his father died Karl put every member of the Clan he could find to the sword calling them barbarians "Who deserve nothing more than a hole in the ground".

- Massacre of Clan Lansting

Overthrow of Bern Karl (850) - Karl's cousin Kristoff son of the brother of Bern Aeagis had been planning a coup against Karl ever since his original bout of rage. After the death of most of Clan Lasting it's few warriors left joined him....as did the citizens....as did the army....as did Karl's own personal guard. In a quick and bloodless coup Kristoff assumed the mantle of Bern and believing kin slaying worse than murder he exiled Karl from the realm. Karl would later be killed by a guardsman after robbing a local taxman having turned bandit, no funeral was held.

- Bern Kristoff

Alliance of the Great Sun (870) - The Kingdom of Belingrad had been flourishing in the region picking up lands like pieces of candy soon encroaching on Arcadia's borders. Quickly recognising the threat of this Kingdom Bern Kristoff offered up his son Theod as a husband to the Bern of Belingrad's daughter. The Bern of Belingrad laughed at the proposition and stated "The day Arcadia can pay 50,000 gold as a dowry will be the day my daughter marries the son of that backwater bastard". Much to everyone's surprise Kristoff threw open the treasury doors and barley leaving a copper piece offered all 50,000 gold in return for the marriage, now realising how much that would be a boon for him the King of Belingrad accepted and an alliance was formed. Now recognising Arcadia's power smaller nations gave gifts in the thousands to Kristoff and the treasury was quickly raised to it's former size.

- The Army's of Belingrad and Arcadia meet.

The Great Betrayal (884 - 890) - Belingrad proved it's horrible reputation when in 884 it invaded Arcadia despite the alliance between the two nations formed in blood. No one saw it coming and a few of the border towns fell before anyone even knew what was happening. Luckily Belingrad did not know the size of Aracadia's forces and so sent only a raiding party in comparison to Arcadia's army which was defeated. Two years came and went with no battles to speak of when finally Belingrad moved it's entire army into Arcadia and in Slithsbury killed Kristoff who was there examining the garrison of the town.

The army quickly moved to Asengard keep and interrupted Theod's coronation ceremony and laid siege, the Siege of Asengard begins. Theod knew he had no chance of victory with his 3000 archers and 500 infantry up against 6000 infantry 10000 archers and 2000 cavalry with a catapult accompanying them and so set about designing what his last stand would look like having been completely surrounded. For two years they held against overwhelming odds until finally the gate gave way and abandoning all caution the Bern of Belingrad assaulted with his entire force, each of Asengard's men fought with the fury of a bear for 3 hours until the keep fell. Theod was sold to slavers and the Bern of Belingrad discovered his daughter had died of starvation in the siege and history proved the consummate trickster as in grief he threw himself of the battlements.

- The Great Betrayal

Restoration of Arcadia and the fall of Belingrad 920-940 - While a slave Theod engaged in an affair with the slave masters daughter in order to gain favour with her father and eventual freedom. This changed quickly as the slave master was killed in a small skirmish and Theod AND the slave masters daughter were enslaved by yet another slaver. Bradley Fletcher was born to them both 820 unexpectedly and they raised the child in secret, on his 10th birthday his father Theod was killed while attempting to raise a rebellion much like his various ancestors. Bradley's mother learnt of a plot by some slaves to escape and asked them to take Bradley with them and reveal his identity to him on his 16th birthday. The escape was successful and Bradley settled down with one of the escapees in the now 3 quarters rebuilt Asengard Keep.

When his 16th birthday arrived Bradley was told of his identity and immediately set about gathering an army with which to crush Belingrad and claim his birthright. His first mission brought him to lands long since been abandoned by the rest of the world, this was the last living settlement of the once mighty Clan Lansting which had been reduced to nothing. Bradley arrived only to be captured and put on trial for what his ancestor Karl did to the Clan, in order to show his strength and ability to lead Bradley challenged the new Chief for control of the Clan, due to custom the Chief could not refuse and a battle was fought. Bradley through sheer strength of will held out against the huge war hammer the Chief had used and tried to make the Chief consume all his energy. It worked and Bradley won, he promised the Clan restoration of their rights in return for their allegiance.

Seeing Bradley rise in manpower other Kingdoms wishing Belingrad to fall gave Bradley money and equipment through which he could train and hire soldiers. With these new men he marched on Asengard Keep which was lightly defended and because Bradley who had lived their for 6 years knew it's weaknesses. When the Keep fell it sent a shock wave all the way back to Belingrad who mobilised it's army for war, Bradley immediately pardoned the garrison at Asengard Keep who joined him before marching to the Golden River so named for wheat and barley that surround it. Along the way more and more villages swore allegiance to Bradley and bolstered his army while Belingrad was only met with deserters and bandit raids made up of disgruntled villagers.

On the banks of the river Bradley set up his now 2000 archer force just behind his 1000 infantry, seeing how cavalry would be useless along the river he dismounted the 500 men and had them join the infantry. Belingrad arrived at dawn with 0 archers but 6000 infantry men and 4000 heavily armed knights. The battle seemed lost to everyone but Bradley who knew the river would be their saving grace, the knights were the first to charge hoping to break Bradley's infantry. They were cut down in their thousands when their horses go caught in the water un-able to move in the fast current while archers rained arrow after arrow down upon them. With the knights broken the infantry were the next into the breach. They managed to make it to Bradley's infantry but with their numbers significantly cut down, they quickly routed and the enemy commander surrendered his force now made up of 200 knights and 500 infantry.

After the battle Bradley spent the next two years negotiating a surrender of Belingrad while defeating raiding party after raiding party before finally Belingrad capitulated. The peace treaty restored the Kingdom of Arcadia in full while the rest of Belingrad was divided between the nations that had funded Bradley's war effort.

- Second Battle of the River

Reign of Lucretia and Rorik (1000-1030) - When Bern Bradley died his daughter assumed his mantle and set about creating several reforms in the Kingdom, peasants were given new rights and alliances were established. She finished the reconstruction of Asengard Keep before leading the realm into 20 years of peace. Before she could do anything else however, she had a sudden heart attack and passed away. She was succeeded by yet another short reign of her son Rorik. During his 10 year reign he finally restored Clan Lansting it's rights and privileges, but just after negotiations concluded he was killed by one of the Clans axe men who wanted nothing more to do with House Fletcher.

-Queen Lucretia

Reign of John (1030-1042) - John though a strong and hearty warrior did not have the normal finesse a ruler requires and so often blundered many negotiations with other realms often nearly bankrupting the House. His one moment of brilliance in this sector though came when dealing with the coastal Kingdom of Brunna. A deal was established whereby all of Brunna's trade income would go to House Fletcher in return for protection. Realising how easily manipulated this could be John sent only 10 warriors to Brunna to protect them as no official number was ever given. He would later be assassinated by the Bern of Brunna in revenge.

- Bern John

Ascension of Robert to His Abdication (1042-1067) - When Robert heard of his fathers death everyone around him assumed it was of natural causes except him. After a year of investigation it was discovered that he had been assassinated by a poison only a nobleman could afford. Searching for clues as to who this could be he realised that the poison was foreign and would have to come by sea. He gathered his forces to march for Brunna, when he arrived he met with the Bern who admitted everything before insulting Robert. The siege began the next day although it was over in 2 hours, the Bern walked right up on the battlements and shouted taunts at Robert now pulling his bow string. The Bern was shot right through the heart from 300m away. The garrison commander surrendered and was granted the lands surrounding the port, this commander would go on to found House Stewart and has served faithfully ever since.

- Bern Robert

Rule of King Edward (1067-Present Day) - Robert growing tired of his position as Bern arranged a meeting with House Aslaug with the threat of war. Robert had no intention of going to war and it was all a test for his son to see if he would intervene. After Edward did intervene he immediately abdicated his throne, Edward wishing to project a new image and liking the sound of King Isen's title reformed the system of governance in Arcadia. The title of Bern was changed to King and system of vassalage composed of Barons, Earls and Dukes were established.

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67 Re: House Creation on Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:10 am

The Newest Knights of House Geirmund

Ser Romund

One of the two people who came out on top of the first tournament held by House Geirmund, Romund is a minotaur of the southern Silver Coast.  Formerly a seafarer by trade, his experience in combat comes from being forced to repel pirate boarders on numerous occasions.  Combined with his natural strength as a minotaur, he is a formidable foe, standing eight feet tall and roughly half as wide through the shoulders, all of it hard, lean muscle.

Ser Ezra Leonhart

One of the two individuals who came out on top of the first tournament held by House Geirmund, Ezra proved her worth through sheer determination, having never truly learned the meaning of the word "surrender".  A human formerly from the province of Laventino, Ezra saw the tournament as her chance to both prove her worth as a warrior and to challenge her skills.  In the estimation of her new peers, she has more than earned the title of knight, one she is infinitely proud to hold.  At least so long as it continues to hold her interest.

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68 Rose Clan on Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:22 pm

Defense: 27 +20 = 47
Influence: 25 +10, +3 = 38
Lands: 37 -5, +3 = 35
Law: 27 -10, +2 = 19
Population: 26 -5 = 21
Power: 24 +0, +6 = 30
Wealth: 22 +0 = 22

Crescent Serpent Mountains - Def+20 Inf+10 Lan-5 Law-10 Pop-5 Pow+0 Wea+0
Mountains, Water, Woods


5 Recent d6-1 Events


13 Favor Def Inf+d6 Lan+d6 Law+d6 Pop Pow+d6 Wea


Castle 40 pts (Def bonus to units inside: +8 )


First-born child (heir) 20 pts
Second-born children 10 pts


Mountains, Small Town, Light Woods, River


11-20 (House Fortune Modifier -5)


21-30 (House Fortune Modifier +1)


First Banner House 5 pts


Commander {5} Vetern (5) - Inf Command 4, Fighting 2, Warfare 4
Scouts {2 pts} Trained (3) (Discipline Modifier +3) Awareness 2, Endurance, Stealth 4
Infantry {4 pts} Trained (3) (Discipline Modifier +0) Athletics, Endurance 3, Fighting 3
Infantry {4 pts} Green (1) (Discipline Modifier +0) Athletics , Endurance 1, Fighting 1
Support {2 pts} Green (1) (Discipline Modifier +3) Animal Handling 1, Endurance, Healing 1


Marketplace [Requires Small Town or larger community] 10 pts
-Wealth bonus +1 whenever it increases from House Fortune rolls.
Mine [Requires Mountains or Hills] 10 pts
-House Fortune +5.

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69 Re: House Creation on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:10 pm


Events(1 Event)-Ascent

DEFENCE- Superior Castle
First-born daughter, second-born daughter
LANDS- Mountains, Water(Lake), Woods(Heavy)
LAW (HM -2)
Commander, Trained 5INF,3POW Command 2, Fighting 2, Warfare 2
Raiders, Trained (DM+9) 6POW Agility 1, Endurance, Fighting 5
Raiders, Trained (DM+9) 6POW Agility 1, Endurance, Fighting 5
Archers, Trained (DM+9) 6POW Agility, Awareness, Marksmanship 6
Archers, Trained (DM+9) 6POW Agility, Awareness, Marksmanship 6
Archers, Trained (DM+9) 6POW Agility, Awareness, Marksmanship 6
Artisan, Tauber, Mine


House Fortune Modifier=+8

Flag- an ermine hourglass over an orange field with yellow bottom.

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