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Turn 1-1066

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1 Turn 1-1066 on Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:45 am

The year of 1066 is just beginning.  Snow has fallen and winter and beset the land.  What little campaigning was going on this year have come to a halt.  1065 will be looked back upon as the year of recovery from the prior decade-and-a-half of famines, natural disasters, and epidemics that plagued the nation.  Despite everything that has afflicted the people the machine of war still turned.

House Chlothar, under the command of the legendary general Cola Wolfgang, expanded their territory in Storm Valley to triple its size during the previous year.  But his onslaught into House Amberheart’s lands was met at the shores of Amberland River.  During the battle his forces were defeated with almost trivial ease, the crème of the crop of his soldiers destroyed.  Cola himself was injured by an arrow to the face during the fight; he lost his left eye during an abysmal surgical attempt to remove the arrow, and the surgeon in question was hung for his incompetence.

The Chu navy plies the seas in full force.  They have engaged gnoll and harichu raiders to stop any harassment of their trading grounds.  Close to a thousand Chu ships now blockade the Shu coastline, utterly closing them off from outside trade.  They hope to weaken Shu enough for the combined might of Ju and Wu to finish off the overly-aggressive state.

Traders from the old siege-towns bring news from Laventino for the first time in a century: “The Immortal King (who is said to have ruled for the past five centuries) has passed away.  The Empress Ascendant Amelia Kryosthenos has returned from legend and claimed the throne.”  The last time anyone saw Laventino from beyond the wall was during the Deflagration War when the Immortal King led them to hideous defeat at the Battle of Five Prince’s Fall.  How this new ruler will do things or how it will change things is left unanswered for the time being.

During the previous year brigands and raiders have sought to despoil the lands of House Sonaglio, and remain a persistent problem for everyone else.  Your neighbors are suffering greatly as well from these criminals, but none are as badly afflicted as the Korns at the foot of your territory.  With the onset of winter, the brigands have retreated to their caves.

Grimnar Citadel was finished before the end of the year.  No attempts have been made into your lands during the previous year.

There is not much that has happened to your lands in the previous year.  The area you reside in has mostly been quiet.  House Hidegard has completed construction of a castle to block your advance if you choose to invade his lands.

With your victory at Amberland River the northern invasion of your lands has come to a halt.  Houses Folcher and Heard seem intent on continuing their campaigns from the south when spring comes around.

Rumors have reached your ears that the Arns under Cola Wolfgang’s control are looking to revolt at spring, their resolve strengthened after seeing the aura of invincibility of Wolfgang shattered.

The lady of House Runelight brings news of an individual who came to her shore before the year came to an end.  The arrival’s name is Ninritut Quy of the harichu people and she requests an audience with you.

The construction of Otterberg Fortress was completed before the year finished.  Armed brigands, raiders, and revolters demolish the lands of House Wulfen but they have retreated to their camps and caves with the onset of winter.

Word comes from yuan-ti traders that the Shu ports built at the base of the snake have been conquered by Chu forces.  What this means for your lands remains to be seen.

Desperate gnoll raiders have landed on the western, eastern, and southern shores of your island(s) late into the year.  Their offensive has already stalled with them gorging themselves on whatever food they can find within sight of the shore.

Your Houses and people have recovered from the series of famines and plagues.  The previous year has been almost entirely quiet along the Silver Coast.

OOC wrote:Whenever you send a PM to another player in-character to make a deal or so make sure to include me in the list of recipients.

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2 Re: Turn 1-1066 on Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:36 pm

With the Immortal King dead, may his rest be peaceful, House Zenna is divided on their means to proceed. Arn Segel pushes to gain more knowledge on the situation by consulting the neighboring Houses. Unfortunately his father refuses to send their guard out at this point, especially with the turmoil to come. A compromise is struck by sending a messenger to the capitol for instructions and further information. Arn Radnor Points out that the messenger will likely die along the way, but is sent anyway.

Instruct House Songolio to use their Influence to clear some of the bandits for the messengers return. (Convert 5 Influence into law)

House Fortune:
Rolling House fortune for Zenna
Not Rolling House Fortune for Songolio
Rolling House Fortune for Scala
Rolling House Fortune for Skitter
Rolling House Fortune for Stinger

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3 Re: Turn 1-1066 on Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:05 pm

With reports of the Gnolls being stalled already, the entire army moves into important area effected by the gnolls with warships moving in to block off any attempts to move between the isles. The ones on the main isle are targeted first, moving onto other important isles next to sweep them up. Gryphons are used especially to shock the gnolls to hopefully scare and cause them to break rank wherever there is an engagement.

King Isen, at Uzario Theran's request, begins construction of a university costing 7 wealth currently to build. A very decent university to start with, it will be the first of its kind and will be expanded upon in time. It will investigate and expand the knowledge of the world, studying spellcraft, physics, alchemy, and other professions.

The Merchants of the 7 Isles Union sail out the silver coast, many carrying diplomats. Their goal is to make contact with the houses/nations along the coast and begin buying raw materials and finished products where they are cheap, and sail over to the Chu Kingdom to sell at a higher price to make profit. Raw resources are also funneled into the Union's isles as well to begin making finished products to export out and provide jobs for the citizens of the Isles.

House Fortune Roll:
7d6 rolled: 34
1d3 rolled: 3
Wealth Increased 3
Wealth decreased by 4 overall (2)

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4 Re: Turn 1-1066 on Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:38 pm


The scouts and One unit of Royal Guard will deploy out to the outlands to scout for Bandit Camps, and engage them if needed. Additionally there will also be wanted posters put out for the leaders of bandits. Any bandits that decide to defect will be given full pardon and allowed to serve a four year tenure in the Imperial Army.

Another unit of royal guard will be sent to House Wulfen to oversee training of the crews.
The training of the criminals will take nine months to complete, and they will be trained as follows:
3,000 Infantry
1,000 Calvary
2,000 Archers

All sermons for Aq-wuila will be held within the Lenore Palace until a proper church can be constructed. Bandits will be allowed to attend without arrest on the holy days so long as they come unarmed and leave the city by sundown.

Will also convert 14 influence to 14 law.

Finally, House Wulfen will be sent a Letter. When the current leader of House Wulfen dies all their lands and titles will become property of House Lanore. This will be delivered when the one thousand Vampiric Personal Guard arrive at the Wulfen Keep. To appease the remainder of the family's few members, they will retain their Patents of Nobility. The inheritor of House Wulfen will become Castellan, bowing directly to the Skald of Lanore. There will also be sent an arranged marriage between the inheritor of House Wulfen and the Master-At-Arms of House Lanore.

Fortune Rolls:
Fortune Roll for House Lanore 7d6 Rolled 28
Fortune Roll for House Wulfen 7d6 Rolled 18

For House Lanore:
+3 to wealth
+3 to power
+3 to land
+3 Defence

House Lanore New Stats
Def  +05
Influence +0
Lands +06
Law +25
Pop +24
Power +03
Wealth +6

For House Wulfen:
+3 to Power
+3 to Wealth

House Wulfen New Stats
Def +06
Inf +0
Lands +01
Law +07
Pop +15
Power +03
Wealth +06

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5 Re: Turn 1-1066 on Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:42 pm

Thrand will order the borders patrolled by the cavalry, with the levies to serve as messengers between the trained soldiers and Grimnar Citadel.  Training of the ground levies will commence, and efforts to ensure that no unfriendly elements infiltrate the region will be made as well.

Fortune Roll:
7d6+8=22 Blessing.  1d3 for Power = 3, 1d3 for Wealth = 2.

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6 Re: Turn 1-1066 on Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:50 pm

fortune roll:

1D3 =3

defence =5
influences = 8
land = 11
law = 42
population = 38
power = 10
wealth = 7+3 =10

Silvina is accepting the audience with Ninritut Quy of the harichu people. order the commander to try and keep the enemy on there toes, find out more about the revolt.

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7 Re: Turn 1-1066 on Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:10 pm


A new year is a new page to turn over to. Unfortunately, the last few pages have been dark, even for a house as ancient and shadowy as Ythri.

Now is the time to begin anew, and possibly return from the decline that has struck House Ythri for the past three generations. The first on Valganis's list is the rather poor condition of his troops. Nestavian standards have always been of the highest quality by tradition, and the current soldiers are surely not up to those standards. Immediately, the Protector Guard are sent to work, training and drilling the 2,000 Infantrymen and 1,000 Archers at Skyreach Citadel so that they. in turn, can begin training the first troops at the break of the year next year.

An offer is extended to House Agra to participate in the training, one regiment at a time per month as to not under-man their Banner House's military position.

Furthermore, Court Mage Merylin finally obtained permission from Valganis to begin clearing out the first few levels of the ruins under their capitol of Varvol. Efforts are slow but under-way as Nestav's elite engineers and veteran scouts are kept busy with this task.

Fortune Roll:

Roll for House Ythri
Roll for House Agra

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8 Re: Turn 1-1066 on Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:52 pm

I make sure that we are prepared to sow new crop fields so our population doesn't go hungry again.

I am looking out for commercial partners among the other houses on the Silver Coast.

Fortune rolls:
I rolled a 20. With my influence of 2, it brings the total result to 21, which gives me GROWTH.

I improve two resources with one point each; Lands and Law.

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