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Committee for Democratic Constitution (Bradley2000, WhiskeyWhiskers, bingcrosby7, KarbinCry, grifinknight)

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Gollvieg wrote:Is everyone currently working and living in Echain on a permanent basis automatically citizens?

I will add that to the Provisional measures, good catch.

To grifenknight: Dual citizenship means dual loyalty. If we implement it, we would have to require oath to Constitution of Echain.

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OOC: Protected from undue surveillance? That's like my entire job. How am I supposed to do investigative journalism without the express permission of the subject? Wear a hat that says: "If you read this you have given your consent to be filmed, smile!"

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OOC: the constitution prevents you from undo Government surveillance. As long as you don't like break into people's homes you should be fine.

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Yes, it means government surveillance. Will add it as "surveilance by the State"

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OOC: So... It's totally okay for corporations which have an active incentive to exploit you are allowed to gather all your information and sell it to each other without your knowledge, permission or consent, with none of the proceeds going to you?

While at the same time the government which is actively supposed to monitor threats against you and respond before harms befall you are not supposed to do jack?

*clap* *clap* *clap*

(Really, I understand people's reasons for why they would not wish to be under watch 24/7)

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OOC: well, first of all, private surveillance cases could be argued against some provided constitutional rights, second, Law can still prohibit it. It's just that our Constitution focuses almost entirely on the State, on the Government.
Unlike, say, the Socialist constitution, we deal mainly with political system and protections against state; we do not go into economic system etc.

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OOC: And let's just say, we know how humans work... so we know how communism would work in our country...
Forced equalization regardless of merit...
lack of incentive...
Willingness to reach the end with any means... even if it means killing millions of people...
Doesn't value creativity...
Didn't really help the working class...

I could go on and on and on...

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OOC: but, should the people of a region choose to, they can have a pretty much full-communist regime, only it would still have to fullfil all requirments of the Constitution, i.e. be truly Democratic

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Be thankful by any means also includes helping draft a constitution. A dastardly and creative plan if ever there were one.

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