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The birth of the Echain Constitutional Party(now merged with the International Echain Party)

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*The party has now merged into the International Echain Party due to many significant similarities and agreements*

The Echain Constitutional Party stands to make sure that our nation is not divided into multiple parts and weakened, but kept together under a strong central government where everyone is equal no matter their race, gender and religion.

We push for a new and industrialized Echain.  we will strive to make Echain an industrial power house to power our war machine, decrease our reliance of foreign exports and push us into the global stage.  Meanwhile, we will also attempt to stop too much industry from destroying our glorious homeland and we will attempt to preserve our beautiful nation.

We also stand behind the mysterious "heir" that we have heard off as well as establishing a new monarchy(if this "heir" is not found) to help solidify our government as well as gain the support of the traditionalists, which are a big part of our nation.

If you want anymore information on my party, send me a PM. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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We did not liberate ourselves from our traditional monarchy, but we liberated ourselves from the Japanese tyrants that conquered our glorious homeland during WW2. By finding this "heir", we will be able to solidify our position as the true Echain government. Also as stated in previous discussions, the monarch will be give little to no political power and will just remain as a figure head.
Establishing a monarch not only gives us the support of the majority of the population, but his lack of power will give the senate the ability to deliver the needs and wants of the people.

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The previous ruler was never a puppet king. Our Majesty was butchered along side his family when the Japanese first invaded our Glorious Homeland. Also as stated earlier, the heir will be more of a figurehead than a political figure. Finally, we are uncertain if this "heir" remains, but we believe that even if the "heir" is not real, a newly establish monarchy would help strengthen our government as well as solidify our support among the people.
OOC: Have you read the background? No where does it state that the king was a puppet.

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1) How can you be so sure a centralised government is most conductive to economic development? Isn't it better for each region to specialise on their own, so that a farmers doesn't weld metal and a carpenter doesn't fish?

2) How can you call yourself "Constitutional party" if no constitution has been drawn and agreed upon?

Now, I do sound mighty abrasive, for which I am sorry; the point of these question is for me to better understand you, and, I hope, vice versa.

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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