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Player Characters

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1 Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:21 pm

Here you can join the Game by posting your character information. Who are you? Where are you from? Chocolate or cheese? Or both?

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2 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:26 pm

Just to remind people; your "character's" name is your login name. If you don't like your login name, you can change it if you click on Profile.

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3 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:33 pm

Name: Mega Zun Erox, pronounced Maygah Zoon Ayrrowx (convenient so I don't have to change my forum name  Razz )

I do be a local of South Port with a thick Southern Echain accent (a dyin' breed, I know). I do be rememberin' bein' a young sailor before the Japanese invasion. While occupy the Japanese occupied Echain, I did be workin' as a smuggler, smugglin' in provisions to prevent the Japanese from obtaining tax on it. From this work, I did obtain much knowledge about the Pacific trade. Now my focus does be to promote our place in the world economy and be makin' sure that we have a level of local autonomy among the regions of Echain.

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4 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:39 pm

Place and Date of Birth: Versberg, February 13 1913 (32 years of age)
Political view: Regionalist, Classic liberal (moderate)

I was born on February 13 1913 in Versberg to a moderately well-off family; my father was a local lawyer. My parents were quite old when I was born as an only child. My family are old Versbergians.
In 1936, a year before the start of the Occupation, my parents decided to flee, fearing the expansionist Empire of Japan. We moved to Paris, when we stayed with a friend of the family, a reasonably rich former client of my father. I went with my parents, well, because I was 13, still a kid. I received a very good further education in Paris, because of patronage of above-mentioned friend of the family who took a liking to me (intellectually).
In 1940, we tried to flee again, this time to Spain. In the Pyrenees, there was a glut of refugees in which I lost my parents; I later learned they were killed by the Gestapo (but the records are spotty).
In Spain, I became a moderately popular author of detective and romance novels, and I also worked with the Catalan resistance. By 1942, I had enough money from book deals to buy passage to Echain (Spain-Argentina-Chile-Echain).
I arrived in Echain in early 1943, and quickly rose through the ranks of Versbergian resistance due to my skills as ideologue, interrogator and strategic thinking (but it was known about me that I am mediocre at best in direct combat and sub-par in tactical matters). My loyal supporters is quite small, consisting of quite a few other intellectuals and small, but expert (on Insurrection standards) fighter teams (the intellectuals, mostly physically inferior, provided support).

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5 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:48 pm

Hello, some of you may know me, others may not.
I was born and raised in Versberg where my father made enough money to send me to Australia for schooling. I learned my academics and military science. In Australia I learned enough to get by and came back to my home.
I led some men during the revolution, as I'm sure a lot of you did. Some of those men didn't make it. I hope to represent those men as well as others in the fine city of Versberg.

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6 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:02 pm

Place of Birth: Northport

I was born and raised just outside of Northport. My family owns a farm on the island, though most of it is under the airstrip that was installed during the occupation. It has been a daunting task to remove the asphalt and replace the contaminated soil.

During the occupation, before the airstrip was built, my family was involved in getting food to those fighting to liberate our islands. Though near the end, we were discovered and our farm seized and land covered by an airstrip as part of our punishment. My father took several soldiers with him to the grave in retaliation, though that left our family without leadership.

I stepped in to lead our family back to our life of relative comfort, though we were not rich by any sense of the word. I was asked, by our community, to serve in forming a new government. Since most of Northport was either displaced or killed, there weren't many left to send, so I don't see this as some sort of laud.

I will attempt to do the best I can to guide our wounded nation back to prosperity.

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7 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:04 pm

My Name is Ba dwo lfhub (Very thick German name) I use to lounge around near Southport when I was a young boy and basically stayed there for the most part scared of the outsiders that came to the place, My political view is Fascist, Considerable Right Wing Citizen. I worked all my life as a cobbler with experience of the political world but never found myself to get into that sort of thing. When I was 22 years old I moved to Toronto for a couple years to learn the art of Suh Fa Swe (An Ancient Canadian fighting style) and when I knew I started to grow weak when I was 25 I moved back to Southport where my family of a mother and a sister went on.

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8 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:05 pm


Place of Birth: City Central
Political view: Centralist, Royalist, Moderate Conservative

At time of writing this, I am 36 years old.
I was borne into one of the old aristocratic families and raised as a strong supporter of the monarchy and believer in old traditional as well as the old values.

Sent to study abroad, I was sent to universities all over Portugal but was never satisfied with my existence there, some would even say I was bored out of my mind.
In 36, with the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War I saw my values threatened by communists and socialist alike. On my own money I travelled to Spain and joined the Nationalists as a volunteer.

After more than two years of fighting I was disillusioned with our cause and returned to Echain.
Short time after my return, the invasion of the Japanese on our very shores took place.
I used my knowledge of warfare acquired in Spain to organise resistance groups and fight back to free our people and to avenge our king.

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9 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:09 pm

Name: Bradley Steele (3000)
Place Of Birth: Southport
Date Of Birth: June 21st 1895 (50)
Political views: Non partisan (military focused)
Occupation: Former Commander of the 3rd Army, General and Minister of Defence

I was born in Southport to a military family my father being a Colonel and my mother a Captain. It was a normal life for a child I got to go out with my friends and attend public school but when I got to the age of 14 I was placed in the Imperial Military Academy where the best and brightest once went to learn strategy and leadership in the hopes of one day reaching the upper ranks of the army and more importantly have the ear of the King.

There was another in my class whom I as infatuated with, the man who was a prince. He was amazing and we even formed somewhat of a rivalry in the early years over who was the better commander (I will admit he was better) but that went away and we became the best of friends. I was going to confess my attraction at our graduation ceremony but just a day before it was announced that he had been betrothed to another and was soon to be wed thus ending any hope I had.

I graduated the Academy and was the top of my class coming out of the Academy with the rank of Captain. I was part of the 3rd Army (the largest of Echain's armies) under my father who was at that time in his 60's and about to retire. After serving a number of years and because of my fathers commission being up for grabs I was promoted to the rank of Colonel and became the Aide-de-camp of General James McGovern whom I idolised.

I would soon find  a challenge in my career when a small rebellion in Plainsdale fostered into a full on revolution. I lead the army in place of the General as he was attending to the King and Queen. I crushed the revolutionaries with a loss of only 246 men to their 2387 men and was subsequently promoted personally by the King to the rank of General. Things settled down after that even though the occasional revolt would foster. I also developed a close relationship with the Kings uncle whom was my age and a fine man.

I met a man named Alexander who was campaigning for women's rights and who constantly presented petitions to the King, we fell in love and in a few years time had adopted a son by the name of Bradley2000. He would later move to London to escape the Japs.

Of course then the Japanese came and ruined everything. I was given command of the 3rd Army and was charged with the defence of Central City which had a garrison of some 10,000 men and women who were poorly trained and exhausted I held the Capital for 2 whole months and lost nearly 7000 of my men. The King ordered our surrender it was crushing like all my work and sacrifice had been for nought. Then of course the Japanese slaughtered the King and his family including the Prince and there was nothing I could do.

I signed their peace treaty and went into hiding with my son where he would later join the revolution and fight for his and his countries freedom. One fateful day I received a letter from the postman stating that my husband had been killed in a German air raid over London and all I could feel was anger. That was when my son burst through the door and told me of his failed raid on the armoury and how his men had been captured. I told him of his mother and then an alarm went of signalling us to go the town centre. When we arrived my sons men were tied to a pole and the Japs were about to shoot them when I called out.

"Halt what you are doing and allow these men to go" this of course was stupid of me.

"Who do you think you are?" the Japanese Captain responded while my son was freeing the prisoners.

"General Bradley3000 and I will not allow you to talk to me this way"

The Japanese Captain talked on his radio for a while before shooting me in the head at which point I blacked out. I woke up again in an infirmary and I looked in a mirror to find a massive scar on my face but what was worse is that I was in a prison camp. I asked where I was to another prisoner and he said with a cool look "Japan". This signalled my years long imprisonment by the Japanese that not long ended.

After I got out I spent ages scrounging money to return home which I barley managed only to now discover my sons death. It has not been an easy life but I hope things change now is a new and free Echain. Long Live The Republic!.

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10 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:02 pm

Place of Birth: Lurem
Political view: Left, Marxism–Leninism

TomRP hails from the poorer region of Lurem, although his family owned a small string of textile factories, so upon inheriting the businesses he gained sizeable wealth - although nowhere near the same scale of financial success as businesses from Southport or Eastport. His position naturally granted him a sizeable influence over those under his employ and those living within factory-owned housing estates.

TomRP's businesses flourished under the Japanese occupation, as he established a collaborative relationship with the occupying force, more out of a satisfaction of watching his wealthier rivals businesses purged than out of any sympathy for the invaders.

Eventually however, he became an undesirable during the increasingly erratic rule of Yokoi Keiji, and was forced into hiding. Undergoing something of an epiphany, TomRP reemerged to disavow his past life and used what remained of his hidden fortune to equip and outfit former employees and other pockets of the disenfranchised around Lurem to take part in the revolution.

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11 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:21 pm

Name: Bing Crosby
Place of Birth: Aberisk
Political Views: Classical Liberal/Social Libertarian

Crosby was raised in a working class family in Aberisk. For the first 16 years of his life, Crosby worked in a lumber mill with his father. He was then recruited by a local private school that worked in conjunction with the National Echaini Library, wherein he was exposed to the great Western writers. Crosby was later sent to Australia to attend university as an undergraduate in rhetoric and political theory. After attaining an undergraduate degree, he sought graduate level education at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Crosby spent two years teaching classical liberalism to Chinese youth in the French Quarter in Shanghai’s Bund district; however, as the War ramped up, Crosby was forced to return to Aberisk for fear of execution by corrupt police. Upon his return, Crosby spent one term as a low-ranked officer in the Echainian military. He now seeks to re-establish the University system under a constitutional republic.

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12 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:49 pm

Name: Para Dox
Place of Birth: Eastport.

I was born and raised in Eastport. My families' always been in the trading business, exporting fish and other goods to Australia. My father, along with my older brother, tried to protect our nation from the Japanese invaders, but my father lost a leg and an eye, and my brother was take as a prisoner. I was but a bab, too young to risk my life and play at war, and my mother reminded me of that everyday. One time my mother tired to smuggle me to the USA, start a new life there, but it was too late, Eastport fell to the Japanese. Life under them was hard, our ships were impounded, our goods confiscated, and we weren't allowed to export goods to the ailed controlled Australia, our only source of income. It was no surprise that I joined the resistance movement, not only to get revenge on them, but to hopefully rescue my brother. My sisters joined the fray as well, against my wishes. My older sister survived the war, leaving our country and raising a family in America. My younger sister also survived, manly because I was able to convince her to leave the resistance, and live through the hell of this occupation. I was good at tracking, and working explosives, hell, I was one of the soldiers that punched a hole through their damn base...Never found out what happened to my brother though...Probably died of thirst, or worse. After the occupation was lifted, I went back home, started back up the family business, even continued my education...Now I just want to put my land back together.

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13 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:04 pm

Name: grifenknight
Birthplace: Central city

Ever since I was born i was surrounded by politics. My father was a minister in the old regime and was brutally murdered by the Japanese in WW2. I was only 18 at the time. Soon afterwards, I joined forces with the rebels and started guerilla warfare against the Japanese. I helped the US by stealing confidential Japanese plans. Now, I plan to rebuild the land a fought teeth and bone for.

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14 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:52 pm


Born and raised in Aberisk before the fall. Studied business and economics there in the universities, an education cut short by Japanese occupation and bombardment. Served in a revolutionary army for a time as a quartermaster before being caught in a shrapnel blast by a stray Japanese shell which took out the armory. Came out relatively intact, all things considered, and moved to Northport whilst it was still merely an airstrip with a few houses around it. Started a manufacturing company that focused on taking the local natural resources (timber and steel) and transforming them into cheap but durable goods. Exports included toys, car parts, weapons and rudimentary electronics.

Old habits die hard, and Axecack Enterprises (AE) was supplying the revolution with arms under the table and under the Japanese's noses for years. With the carnage over, and the war (mostly) won, the arms segment has been gradually focusing more on exports internationally, throughout the immediate region. Now, with the creation of the new government, it is top priority of AE to ensure a peaceful and prosperous local environment in Northport (and all of Echain) and to focus on the industrialization of the nation, the strengthening of the military to deter further Japanese hegemony, and the upholding of classical Echainian ideals of honor, family, duty and sacrifice.

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15 Re: Player Characters on Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:59 pm

Name: Gollvieg
Place of Birth: Peking, China

Born the son of a British Shipping Magnate and a Chinese Opera Singer, Gollvieg enjoyed a level of opportunities not commonly available to an average Chinese citizen. Gollvieg was able to attend the University of Oxford upon his father's recommendations. Graduated with a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering, Gollvieg was ready to help his father expand his company into telecommunications when WW2 happened. When the Japanese came into the country, Gollvieg with his knowledge of radio infrastructure helped the Chinese Resistance on the Nationalist side as a Saboteur, Spy, and Codebreaker. When Mao Zedong became much more powerful and began eliminating Nationalist's and Intellectuals, Gollvieg escaped to Echain where he continued the fight against the Japanese until the end of the war.

Using what remains of of his wealth Gollvieg established the Echain Flame a news outlet, Headquartered in Waltens. Gollvieg is also the primary financier of the Promethean Orphanage, which raises war orphans left behind the wake of the Japanese Occupation. (OOC: I always wanted to build my own orphanage ^_^)

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16 Re: Player Characters on Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:37 am

Name: William Z. Small
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii

Dad deserted the US navy in WWI and used to be a smuggler of rare stuff between China, Japan, and the US. That is until Japan's invasion caused a little more chaos than he was comfortable with. He settled down in the territory of Hawaii. He and I fled when Pearl Harbor was bombed to an old fortified hidey-hole south-west of Plainsdale. Since then I grew up, learned how to fish, hunt, farm a little, and fight when the occupation needed to be overthrown. Dad and I played a part in our revolution organizing and arming the local fighters and although the Japanese killed my father, I fought all the harder for my island home Echain.

While I never had the chance to earn a degree, only basic country schooling, I can help the newly forming government in a number ways with my skills and experience. I can continue as a local official, mayor, representative or lawmaker in the national senate, or I can focus more on the military or intelligence fronts. I can be wherever I am needed.

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17 Re: Player Characters on Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:35 am

Name: Spirit of Memory.
Political Views: Monarchist, Conservative

A former colonel in His Majesty's service SoM was defeated and held prisoner for much of the occupation. His health was shattered but the old cavalry colonel is still kicking. Proud and stubborn he is devoted to protecting the old order.

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18 Re: Player Characters on Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:39 am

Spirit of Memory wrote:Name: Spirit of Memory.
Political Views: Monarchist, Conservative

A former colonel in His Majesty's service SoM was defeated and held prisoner for much of the occupation. His health was shattered but the old cavalry colonel is still kicking. Proud and stubborn he is devoted to protecting the old order.

From which major city do you hail, kind sir?

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19 Re: Player Characters on Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:17 am

Name: ProfessorTerrible
Home: Versburg
Current Residence: City Central
Profession: Political Commentator - "Echain Post" Newspaper
Ideological Leaning: Echainian Nationalist; Classical Republican; Pro-American

- Born in Versburg. Frustrated during Japanese occupation with their use of Echainian resources at the expense of the suffering of the Echainian people.

- Circulated and authored "propaganda" for the revolution to remove the Japanese from power during the American advance.

- Founded the "Echain Post" with a handful of other like-minded journalists to try and advocate on the new Echainian Government.

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20 Re: Player Characters on Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:36 am

Province of birth: Plainsdale
Current Residence: Guerrilla camp in mountains north of Plainsdale.
Profession: Former historian.
Ideological Leaning: Radical anti-authoritarian Left, opposed to the USSR, friendly to China due to their history of libertarian socialism, wary of direction Mao is apparently taking the party. Strongly anti-imperialist.

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21 Re: Player Characters on Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:19 am

Name Craw Ler
Place of birth Eastport
I was born and raised into a lower class family in the centre of Eastport. My father was a merchant trading with Australia but he was struggling. I had three brothers and four sisters and since them they have all been killed or gone missing. Since my father had ties to Australia, once word of the Japanese began to spread, he took us on his boat trying to escape the country and flee to Australia. Unfortunately our ship was captured by the Japanese and my father was killed. Me, my mother and my remaining siblings were taken to thensure general and forced to work for the Japanese empire. I was twelve.
Once the revolution hit Eastport, my siblings all went and fought for our freedom, however my mother was very sick due to the horrible conditions we were living in so I stayed behind to look after her. I also fed the rebels and worked on the back lines like a medic. I never saw my siblings after the revolution.
Now, I am interested in helping the cause to set up a new government to help the people in towns like Eastport who are struggling, not knowing what to do with themselves after the Japanese have left.

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22 Re: Player Characters on Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:58 am

Born in Southport in the summer of 1897. I was raised in a military family of minimal importance with my father being a captain in the reginal military division attached to Southport. I grew up on the water and had good sea legs and a good feel for the sea, or so my father told me. At the age of 16, 1913, I traveled to Germany to attend Technische Universität Berlin and study Aeronautical Engineering. with the begining of the great war in 1914 the possibility of leaving the country evaporated. I was pressed into service in the German Navy and served aboard the SMS Von der Tann as an artillery officer for the 15cm guns. I served with distinction and was know to have a fondness of High Explosive ammunition. following the end of the war, when i was released from service, I returned Home to southport. having seen the effectiveness and necessity of having a proper navy during the war, I became an active advocate for the modernization of the Echain Navy. sadly this bore no fruit and Echain was not prepared for the Japanese invasion. During the Japanese invasion I was in Australia bartering for their recently decommissioned ships to be added to our navy, unsuccessfully. with the outbreak of war between the US and Japan in 1941 I was given command of a Danae class cruiser and crewed by Echainians who had fled the Japanese. we operated as a raiding ship and hit weak supply lines but avoided major confrontations. At the end of the war I brought my ship back to Echain and am working towards the creation of a proper and modern navy for the protection of Echain.

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23 Public Knowledge on Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:15 pm


Place of Birth: North Port
Political view: Center Right Nationalist with common sense

28 years old Ex military. Could not live with the shame of occupation and fled to Australia was approached by British Commandos to liberate my country. After a year and a half of training I arrived back in late 44 to start an underground operation / living off enemy supplies, hatred, and drink.

Mother was killed by Japaneses no one knows why. Farther was arrested and beaten badly but returned home in 45 but because of illness and treatment of the Japanese died 49.

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24 Re: Player Characters on Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:49 pm

Name: Unknown
Alias: Grinning Cat
Place of Birth: Unknown
Ideological Leaning: Unknown

I am a business man looking to start a venture in this newly liberated location. I have a fine line of Bars, Hotels and Casinos. All of which could help bring revenue to a country desperately needing income and jobs. While some see risk in settling into a unstable Echain, I look not to the Echain of today but the Echain of the future. I can not wait to make connections with the locals and help spread The Grinning Cat Franchise TM.

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25 Re: Player Characters on Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:23 pm

Name:Mr. Nowere
Province of birth: Plainsdale
Current Residence: Plainsdale
Profession: Politician, Botanist
Ideological Leaning: Regionalism, Green Party
Background: Always fascinated with plants from a young age, Mr. Nowere lived in Plainsdale in which his father was a politician, however, his father had been grooming him since the age he could walk to follow in his footsteps and have a role in the government. I attended college primarily in the United States and during the war I was studying abroad in the jungles of South America, studying the crops and plants that grew there. When I returned after the war I found my father had died and a new government was being established, one I want to be part of. I wish to follow in my father's footsteps by not only being a key proponent in the governing of Plainsdale but also revolutionizing our agricultural industry with the skills I have learned from my studies.

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