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Characters that improved your playthrough:

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1 Characters that improved your playthrough: on Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:34 pm

Ok so a slight twist on the favourite character question as I think it's easier to either do it this way or create categories. Maybe it's just a chance to discuss games, whatever it is I hope you'll add the things you like. I'm not choosing my all out favourites, but my playthrough would have been much lessened without them and I'm very fond of these characters. Spoiler free.

Alistair (Dragon Age: Origins): I usually play RPGs as both male and female. I also like to play different roles, treating characters differently so I can see a different side to them. That's probably one of the reasons I love Dragon Age as not only did they make the characters multi faceted but they truly reacted and changed to your actions and dialogue. I was honestly dissapointed to see the guy hurt when I tried a very evil playthrough and I couldn't continue it past orzamar. I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed being a spectator in his romance and how much I felt he cared for his relationship with the female avatar. When I played a male, I appreciated slowly becoming his friend and reaching the end game as a team. He's an excellent companion (not a rarity in this game), but I was particularly invested in his backstory and the Mission he undertook in the game. Plus it helps that he's hilarious

Joel (the Last of Us): So he's the player character, but hear me out. The emotions and provoking content of the game aren't conveyed thorough one character, but through he and Ellie. He's an anti-hero from the start, a realistic portrayal of a man not only going through a personal and the actual end of the life he knows. Hes the typical damaged survivor in a post-apocalyptic game, that you're in control. Not a hero above normal emotinal scarring. You get to see the reaction of somebody who is given a taste and an actual chance to regain what has been ripped from his life by first people and then the apocalypse. What I experienced as the spectator was a disturbing type of redemption that left me questioning what I would do in similar situations and how my own scars make me react to situations and the walls we all put up as life's survivors. I could go on but its a very personal game for a lot of people I believe and an experience I couldn't have had without the way they wrote Joel.

Andrew Ryan (Bioshock): Also a character that embodies some of the games main messages. To learn about Ryan's journey is to learn about the the criticisms the writers put forward towards some very interesting political and moral views. A lot of them hypothetical close enough to make the point. Simply a great voice actor and great writing all through the game. The character was used fantastically in the game and pointed out what it meant to make a choice like a man as again you are forced to watch the results about your actions as a player. I prefer to choose what I do in my games, but if I have to be railroaded then I'll be reprimanded by Andrew Ryan any day.

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Luca Blight (Suikoden 2): To me the game was the most interesting whenever he appeared on screen. He was hated in an entertaining way.

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Haven't played the game and know it's hard to get a hard copy of. The building your forces that I think goes into the game sound great though and I've heard Arche mention Luca and he sounds a true villain.

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Just realised I should have replaced alistair and made it an integral character to understanding the game thread. Vaas (farcry 3) would've done nicely. Oh well.

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FlowerPowerShogun wrote:Haven't played the game and know it's hard to get a hard copy of. The building your forces that I think goes into the game sound great though and I've heard Arche mention Luca and he sounds a true villain.

If you have a PS3, it's now available on PSN. That's how I played the game.

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Given that her relationship with Monkey managed to elevate an already excellent game, I would have to choose Trip of Enslaved. Watching the uneasy alliance between the two of them develop into something more intimate over time was at the heart of the game and I enjoyed how Enslaved shifted the power between them throughout their adventure. Excellent stuff!

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Half-Life's G-man.

Any and all of his appearances are, IMHO, various degrees of chilling and surreal. They made me feel like there was a barely glimpsed, unexplained additional layer to all that was happening on-screen. They made me doubt if the character I played as was indeed the person everybody around assumed him to be.

G-man is, in my opinion, is a wonderful addition to the games that greatly inceased my personal enjoyment of them.

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8 Re: Characters that improved your playthrough: on Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:02 am

I can agree about gman. There are many theories about him despite so little being known that probably lead to questioning what the silent player is even doing as much as whats going on in the story. Very subtle and mysterious.

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I actually enjoyed Fi's theme from Legend of Zelda Skyward sword.  

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10 Re: Characters that improved your playthrough: on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:26 am

Jade Curtis: Talses of the Abyss

For anyone who has played this game the anwser is ovious. For anyone who hasen't well...

Or his exchange with Dist the first time:
Jade: Why if it isn't Dist the Runny!
Dist: The Rose! R-O-S-E, Rose! Dist the Rose!
Dist: I, the genius Dist, once counted that duplicitous snake Jade amongst my friends...
Jade: Which Jade is that? I don't know any Jades with such poor taste in friends...
Dist: What did you say!?
Jade: Ah-ah, careful now... You know how your nose runs when you get mad...


That is just a small sample.

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11 Re: Characters that improved your playthrough: on Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:43 pm


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12 Re: Characters that improved your playthrough: on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:08 pm

Garrus becuase well its Garrus ME would have been much less without him.

Liquid Snake in metal gear solid the original i don't know he really isn't super interesting or anything but the voice actor just sold it for me.

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13 Re: Characters that improved your playthrough: on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:17 pm

The Black Whirlwind in Jade Empire. He had a savage nature but was funny. Weirdly he never came off as evil despite his bloody past....and present.

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