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PUBLIC: Advocacy for Committee for Democratic Constitution

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To the Dedicated and Honorable Citizens of Echain,

Since the shocking revelation of Zeiss’ parentage, and since his abdication and public proclamation, it has come to the attention of the constitutional framers that transparency has become a perceived issue. We are public servants who wish to remain as transparent as possible; and, as such, we are assembling a committee that will act as a third-party supervisor who will ensure that the four constitutional framers are advancing a constitution that protects each individual citizen from tyranny.

Bearing this in mind, we require the assistance of various individuals from each major city in Echain. We have already filled positions from City Central, Northport, Versberg, and Southport; however, we need volunteers from Aberisk, Plainsdale, Waltens, and Lurem.

Individuals from these cities will be brought into the constitutional drafting process as observers who will provide insight into the individual needs of the citizens; however, your main objective will be to telegraph the framers’ activities to the public in order to reassure the public that the framers are drafting the constitution with the people in mind.

If you believe you are a good fit for this task, please contact me via private message. Thank you for your time; we look forward to working with you to make the best constitution we can.

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The current list stands

Braigwen - Northport
Chaos_Ryder - Versberg
MegaZeroX - Southport
TheUltimateParadoxs - Eastport
grifenknight - City Central

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OOC: It has to have PUBLIC in the name so that it is public. I just started writing one, should I finish? I mean, this forum is getting quite cluttered with all the parties and our 3+ threads Very Happy

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KarbinCry wrote:OOC: It has to have PUBLIC in the name so that it is public. I just started writing one, should I finish? I mean, this forum is getting quite cluttered with all the parties and our 3+ threads Very Happy

I think it will be fine I would not worry.

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KarbinCry wrote:OOC: It has to have PUBLIC in the name so that it is public. I just started writing one, should I finish? I mean, this forum is getting quite cluttered with all the parties and our 3+ threads Very Happy

OOC: I'll change the title of the post--didn't realize it needed the word PUBLIC >.<

Edit: Is there a way to change the thread title?

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OOC: Yes, just edit the first post

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There is no television, or radio towers. Just relaying information given by the Lorerunner on Twitch.

There are press machines though.

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Committee for Democratic Constitution - Press Release 01
We, the Committee for Democratic Constitution, apologise.
We apologise for not actively communicating our intentions and process to the people from the beginning. While we never made secret of our meeting, we should have talk to people more.
Now, to remedy this situation, we are instituting the Advocates for Committee for Democratic Constitution (ACDC) made up from supporters of our mission, who will be in direct contact with the people and us, giving us the suggestions and opinions of the people, as well as explaining our positions and decisions to them.

These Advocates, so far, are:

  • From City Central, Lorinbas and Grifenknight
  • From Northport, Braigwen
  • From Versberg, Chaos_Ryder
  • From Southport, MegaZeroX
  • From Eastport, TheUltimateParadoxs

You should contact your closest representative, who will then relay your input to us. We hope others will join the group, so that each island has at least one of our deputies.

Now, the CDC never claimed any legitimacy, it never claimed to have the power to grant Echain people the Constitution; we merely saw the inefficiencies of writing a constitution in the entire Provisional Government - thorough discussion of issues was practically impossible, and as such any wider agreement was impossible.
To fix these problems, the four of us, with support of some members of the Provisional Government, split of and created the CDC.
In truth, we are a diverse group - one is a centralist, one a staunch federalist, with a moderate and a neutral. This composition serves to make different viewpoints heard, to ensure everyone outside the CDC has a member sympathetic to their grievances and so to make a truly consensual Constitution.
Upon deciding on the final draft, we shall present our proposal to the public, who will then vote whether to pass it or not.

As for what we have already agreed upon, I present to you our envisioned Bill of Rights:

  1. All people shall enjoy the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion
  2. All people shall enjoy protection against being compelled to being a witness against yourself in a criminal case.
  3. All people shall enjoy their freedom, as no man can own another
  4. All people shall enjoy the right to own property without undue persecution
  5. All people shall enjoy the right to equal representation within the Government, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion
  6. All people shall enjoy the right of habeas corpus
  7. All people shall enjoy freedom from Governmental prohibition of movement both inside and outside the country, barring lawful imprisonment
  8. All people shall enjoy protection from Eminent domain, as each such case has to be decided by a special trial by jury
  9. All people shall enjoy protection from unjust and unethical practice of Capital punishment

Now, alongside the Constitution, we propose a companion document, called Elaborations on the Constitution, which will be formed by our initial notes and later added to by Precedents in court cases pertaining to the Constitution, to explain and go into more detail on the function of Constitutional provisions.
The Elaboration on Bill of Rights reads thus:

  • The freedom of press is protected under Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of property protects against targeting specific groups; it does not protect against universal direct taxes and punishments based on the criminal code

As for other important issues, so far we have agreed on a Republican form of government, and on the use of jury trials, where jury can only veto punishment, should they think the Defendant is innocent. Discussion over areas where jury trials should be used is ongoing.

As we stated in the beginning, we eagerly look towards yours, people's, reaction and suggestions.

Last edited by KarbinCry on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:45 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added "without undue persecution" to Right 4, as this formulation more precisely entails our envisioned meaning of it. Added "practice of" to Right 9 since it sounds better and repaired "for" therein to "from&quo)

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