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Turn 2-1066

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1 Turn 2-1066 on Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:19 pm

Laventino sent a massive force of troops to occupy the old siege-towns have constructed a port at the dip of the serpent.  House Chlothar moved most of his army to the northeast as a screen.  Chu is displeased with this action and moves a sizable force of their army and some of their ships as well, just in case.

A crow drops off a missive.  “Your messenger arrived.  Will keep him until spring for his safety and health.  Clear out the rebels if you can.”

House Fortune Results:
House Zenna- GROWTH
House Scala- GROWTH
House Skitter- BOON
House Stinger- BLESSING

Your cavalry keep your lands secure, but report no attempts of incursion from your neighbors.

House Hidegard have moved troops to occupy their new fort.  The only other news of movement from the Silver Coast are those of traders from an island in the middle of the Drakon Sea having reappeared in force.

Ninritut Quy (a dark-skinned pointed-ear female) presents herself to your court.  She bears a gift in the form of a ball that spins in place under steam power.  She expresses her desire to continue her work from within your court.

Your neighbors to the south have withdrawn from lands they conquered from you to more secure positions.  Those looking into the rumors of the revolt were unable to find any leads.  One of them, however, was caught and hung.

No bandits are forthcoming with attending religious ceremonies or turning over their leaders.  The scouting mission was a phenomenal success.  They came back with such in-detail knowledge of the location and layout of the enemy camp that you can launch an attack against at any time of your choosing.

House Wulfen is not all that pleased with your missive but the Lord of the House will abide by it as long as you protect his daughter.

The gnolls are defeated without much of a battle.  4,000 in all were captured and are awaiting your decision on what to do with them.  Construction on the university has begun with a projected completion time of 132 months.  The trade your merchants engaged in have garnered 3 Wealth.

Your immediate neighbors do not wish to do business with someone who doesn’t possess a means of reliable trading.  However, a diplomat from something called the Seven Isles Union arrived from the Drakon Sea looking to open up relations and trading with you.

OOC wrote:From now on, each player rolls their own House Fortune rolls.

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2 Re: Turn 2-1066 on Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:01 am

The gnolls, not putting up much of a fight, are allowed to be assimilated into the seven isles union. They are given full rights and taught the common language, if they do not know it. They are educated as well to the best of their abilities so they can follow the laws of the union and not be rule breakers too often and this is done over time until they are fully integrated into society.

The merchants continue their trade, also buying what is cheap in Chu and bringing it to the silver coast now as well. With diplomats working hard, better trade deals are attempted to be negotiated with those along the silver coast and with the Chu to get a stable trade route going (Includes Zeiss's house, will PM by tomorrow to start negotiations and general relations). With the warships freed up, the great frigate classes of ships are disguised as normal merchant men and put onto the trade lanes, loaded up with a bit more soldiers then they normally carry for boarding actions. When a pirate attempts to pull up and board, with the warship pretending to surrender, all guns are brought out and full close range broadside is initiated against the pirate ship with the ship's true colors flown at that point. The top guns are loaded with grapeshot and fired across the tops of the ship to decrease the number of enemy combatants and lower guns armed ball and shot (Steam and shot). A boarding action is then initiated and it is attempted to capture the pirate ships, as well as the pirate captain and lieutenants themselves are brought to court and then jailed for acts of piracy against the union, with their ship now either serving as a proper merchant ship or a navy warship, depending on what the ship originally served as. Crews of pirates and some officers, and very rarely captains (has to be very special circumstances) are also allowed to be pardoned and work within the primary city of the union and become citizens.

The Small army and Navy warships not engaged in anything begin drills to raise their veterancy.

With the foundation of the university in place, the pop allocation to construction of these facility is elevated from 1 pop to 10 pops. Focus is put onto getting branches up at a time so classes may start being taught and more people within the union can be well educated. Underground though there will be a secret R&D branch to be completed where experimental weapons and devices that are top secret and not to be leaked out to other houses/nations will be kept. This will most likely be towards the middle of the project. (Talked to Silver already on this) The current estimate on constructing the university puts full completion at 13.2 months away (13 turns)

Current Stats of House Glearre:
Def: 5
Inf: 9
Land: 0
Law: 35
Pop: 39
Pow: 0
Wealth: 2+3

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3 Re: Turn 2-1066 on Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:56 am

The training continues as planned, whether or not House Agra joins in the exercises. King Valganis orders Lord Protector Edward von Keller to make a survey of the nearby kingdom, their Lords and Castellans, as well as their honor and loyalty on the field of battle and towards Nestav from the last twenty years from the archives that Court Mage Merylin had accumulated over the ages.

At the excavation site, the teams have found the first artifact of worthy note. An enchanted blade, though hundreds of years old, yet still worthy of frontline duty with the best blades forged in Nestav. A note was made of its manufacture, enchantments, and who or what group could have produced such a weapon.

It isn't long before the residents of Nestav was abuzz with the news. An ancient blade unearthed and tales of mystical events from Nestav's long, shadowy, enigmatic past. Tales of heroes and villains, the foundation for the fairy tales and bedtime stories of today. And yet, this was only on the first few floors. There are many, many more down below, and the prospect of ancient treasures and lost history has caught the attention of Nestav's people and the few merchants that make their rounds in the region.

Finally, Court Mage Merylin sends a letter over to Heinrich Lanore of the namesake's House on the Slaangu Coast. It seems she isn't going to be able to take some time off this year, with such activities going on.

Fortune Roll:
For House Ythri: 7d6 = 26 + 6 = 32 Growth; Add 2 to Power (Power Total = 2)
For House Agra: 7d6 = 21 + 5 = 26 Blessing; Add 1 to Power, Add 3 to Wealth (Power Total = 1, Wealth Total = 3)

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4 Re: Turn 2-1066 on Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:12 am

Training of the levies will continue apace, with the patrols kept up just in case.  Lord Thrand will seek to reopen the old trade routes, exporting tools, weapons, horseshoes and the like, all of dwarven craftsmanship.  Speaking of dwarves, Thrand will ask his engineers to aid those of his banner house in fortifying the outer defenses, including Grimnar Citadel and the building of watch stations along the roads.  If trade resumes, the trained infantry will be used to escort caravans, along with a hundred of the trained cavalry.

7d6 + 8 = 32 (Blessing) 1d6 = 4 Land

New House Stats:
Defense 8, Influence 2, Lands 4, Law 28, Population 21, Power 3, Wealth 2

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5 Re: Turn 2-1066 on Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:09 pm

The Master of the Guard will be sent to confront the head of House Wulfen. He will take an audience with the lord of the house and confront him about damning(10) evidence found in regards of a plot for Lord Heinrich's life. This will be a quiet affair as to not make House Wulfen's subjects upset with their head. He will be quietly interrogated and told of his options: Honourable suicide on his terms and protect his loved ones, or a public trial with the court of House Lanore that could strip his family of all rights of nobility. The Master of the guard will also place half of his men present in the Wulfen Hall while the rest continue training the Army of Wulfen. (8 turns)

Additionally, the Forging of a Ring will begin using the crystals of power that Lanore has collected. There will be Nine smaller rings forged as well which the main ring will be able to grant some of it's power to (IE, allowing the use of fire magic and then denying it.) (14 turns remaining)

A hamlet will be constructed in the ruins of old Brakenburgh. Finally the palace, market square, and church will have purpose. Lord Heinrich will personally oversee construction as he did with Otterburg Fortress.

A college will also begin construction within the 'city' that will focus on technological innovation rather than magic, as few magic users can be found in the house's lands. (Small castle size)

Of the bandit prisoners: 3,000 will be pressed into service as raiders. The remainder will be released with orders to tell the story of those who do not take Lord Heinrich's offer of a pardon. Now, however, the offer is 6 years of service and a pardon or death.

The army will continue training it's Levies. (3 turns remain)

The scouts will proceed to look for another bandit camp.

There will be an envoy sent to the lands of Shu to assess the situation. Rumors have spread of a genocide against Yuan-ti. These were heard from the Yuan-ti refugees that live within the house's lands.
The envoy will seek out Yuan-ti locals or nobles and assess the situation in Shu before reporting back with all haste.


First Battle reward: 4 land, 3,366 prisoners were taken (3,000 pressed to service, 366 released), 2 glory
New stats:

Def  +05
Influence +1
Lands +0 (-10 used to make a hamlet)
Law +25
Pop +24
Power +03
Wealth +1 (-5 used to build college)
Glory: 2


4,000 Garrison (Green) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 5 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) Awareness, Endurance 1, Fighting 1

3,000 Royal Guard (Green) (18 power) (Discipline Modifier -6)(Athletics +1) (Armour 6, Pen -3) (Defence 4)(Morale 6)(BD: 8 ) Athletics 1, Endurance, Fighting 1

16,000 Levies in Training (Green) (16 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Animal Handling , Awareness 1, Survival 1

1,000 Scouts (Green) (2 Power) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 3) Awareness 1, Endurance, Stealth 3

2,000 Garrison (Green) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 5 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) Awareness, Endurance 2, Fighting 2

New Units:

Commander Aleksander (Green)(Inf Command, Fighting , Warfare 2)

3,000 Raiders (Green) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics+1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 6)(Agility, Endurance 1, Fighting 1)

Last edited by JaxVaeus on Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:50 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Messed up on math)

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6 Re: Turn 2-1066 on Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:50 pm

House Purchases:
House Fortune Upgrades:
House Zenna + 1d3 Influence (2)
House Scala + 1d3 Law (2)
House Skitter + 2d6 Law (10)
House Stinger + 1d6 Population (6)
House Sonaglio + 1 Law (1)
Updated Stats:
House Zenna
Influence 5

House Scala
Law 20 (house fortune -5)

House Skitter
Law 24 (house Fortune -2)
House Fortune +5

House Stinger
Population 7 (25) (House Fortune +1)
House Fortune +4

House Sonaglio
Influence 33
Law 11 (House Fortune -5)
House Fortune +2

Upon receiving the missive, House Zenna calls an internal meeting. Upon hearing of the rebels in the region a unanimous decision is reached to really cut down on any of the remaining bandits in the area. However Arn Segels hopes of meeting with the surrounding is dashed as Bern Harris refuses for his son to leave the Tip until further notice. Against his father's wishes Arn Segel sends a missive to their neighbour House Da'Boléro inviting them to The Tip.

House Fortune Rolls:
House Zenna 30 (28+2) Blessing
House Sonaglio 15 (13+2) Growth
House Scala 24 (21+3) Growth
House Skitter 25 (20+5) Growth
House Stinger 32 (28+4) Growth

Last edited by Arcacius on Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:38 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot stat change)

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7 Re: Turn 2-1066 on Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:47 pm

Silvina is very intrigue and welcome Ninritut Quy in to her court, send letter of condolence to the family of the person who was hung, assess the land that was occupied and find out the enemy new position

fortune :
for Amberheart
Total:32= boon
boon = 5

Def 0
Inf 3
Lands 0
Law 15
Pop 26
Power 0 +5 = 5
Wealth 4

for runelight
Total:36 = blessed

blessed =4
Def 7
Inf 4
Lands 0
Law 10
Pop 1
Power 0
Wealth 0+4 = 4

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8 Re: Turn 2-1066 on Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:27 pm

OOC for everyone:
Sorry for the late post, I was waiting for a reply from Arcacius. Also, aren't Fortune Rolls supposed to happen once every three turns?

I order to investigate how to gain the resources necessary to build reliable means of trading, such as a port. Which means we are looking for Land and Wealth resources. I ask support from my banner houses on this matter.

I invite the representative of the Isles to a meeting with me, being very cordial and offering them any beverage I have available, and talk with them about how we can open relations with their people.

I start working with Arcacius' house to write a document that will make our alliance official.

Current stats:

Def 6
Inf 2
Lands 1
Law 18
Pop 20
Power 0
Wealth 1

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