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PUBLIC: Wherein Regional Advocates Address Their Regions

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People o' Southport, I do be thankin' you for all the support you 'ave shown so far. I do be 'earin' overwhelmin' support for reducin' the tariffs on pacific trade. O' course, right now, the tariffs be decided regionally, as the provisional gov'ment do no' 'ave the power to decide that. I will be doin' me best to lower this for this interim period.

OOC: I will spend much of the day with the local powers of Southport to make this happen after this speech

IC: O' course, when a full national gov'ment forms, I do be doin' me best to ensure tariffs are as low as possible. I do be promisin', that, at the very lease, they are lower than they are now.

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Dear citizens of versberg,
                        Over these last couple of days I have seen a lot of you about issues that face this country. First and foremost, the constitutional vote just around the corner.
                        I have heard your trepidation and would like to address some of it. I do believe that this document will allow versberg to remain independent enough to allow the people of versberg to be independent but at the same time be a part of a larger group that would allow us to have more influence on a global stage.
                         However, if it truly is your wish to Have increased regional freedom I will support you every step of the way, I grew in versberg so I doubt I could change any of your minds once your set on something.
                        Versberg what hit hardest during the occupation, the greatest military presence was here, as well as the relocation or elimination of "Troublemakers". I understand the desire that only versberg can control versberg, however I would plead to vote for one of the constitutions and then advocate for regional freedom. However I am your advocate and I will represent you.
                        As always my door is open to anyone who wishes to discuss anything. (also bring some drinks, my cabinets are running dry, Ha.)

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Friends, I have handed in our royalist proposal to the lists.
Friends, whatever will happen now lies within the hands of fate. Yet I say let us not be dreamers.
A republic will happen if we want to or not, but how we deal with this fact, that is up to us.
I say let us wait and keep our heads cool.

I know many of you will say "How dare he! Was not he one of the most offended by this possible republic?". To this I say yes, I was, I still am. But over the last few days I had time to think, time to reflect about what was said and done. Whatever will happen on the coming Sunday. I implore you to stay calm. We must accept the outcome, for the fate of our very nation is at stake. We have seen more than enough blood through the last few years, have we not?
What ever will be the outcome, we will face it with dignity, respect and honour. As it to be expected from men and women, such as us!

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OOC: (Guess we aren't using this thread anymore, but just in case.
      Relevant notable event is my recent vote for the Socialist Constitution which occurs after all my other actions and just before this one).

Adamemnon travels to Plainsdale in casual attire. He begins by going to a few farms a day: to help with the morning and evening chores (farm work in the day, entertainment and dinner at night). Adamemnon can make a mean vegetable stew with almost nothing courtesy of his penniless time in America during the Great Depression. And farming is nothing new to him for the same reason. Adamemnon listens to the people's concerns to see how best he can serve them in the government. He also looks to hire a perceptive and loyal aide while there.

After visiting a few farms in that town, gathering support, he travels to the town square to give a speech to the effect of the following for as many population centers as he can get to:

"My friends, I have had the pleasure of your hospitality and generosity for the past <insert time dependent on the turn length here>, and I could not be more humbled. You have even agreed to tend my farm and befriend my wife while I am away. You have my thanks.
My time as an Echainian Freedom Fighter nearly drowned me in death and fear. I was always overwhelmed by the generosity and optimism the Plainsdale fighters showed even in the darkest of times. You are a breath of fresh air in a time of tumult and loss.

Yet still I worry. Not for myself, but for you.

You provide for your families and all Echainians with bread on their plates; With food in the bellies of their children. But the growing government has yet to acknowledge you even exist. I’m sure they mean well, as all Echainians should, but most of them don’t consider the farmer, the distant provider, when they eat their fill. They need guidance from us.

Please let me be your voice in this new Echainian Government so you will not be abused by its power as the Japanese Occupiers abused you! Let us make sure they do not forget the most important people in Echain: You who sustain us all. I have already tried to protect your rights and future with my vote on the Constitution. Let me be your voice. Let us all be present in the new Echainian Government!

For Echain! For Echainians! For our families!"

Should anyone doubt his Echainian loyalty or intentions due to his Japanese father, Adamemnon will point to the dirt on his clothes (washed like the rest of theirs), grit on his hands, the fact he has farmed most of his life, and his time spent behind enemy lines in service of Echain to dissuade those voices. He will highlight that perhaps his blood is part Japanese and part Echainain, but his heart is fully Echainian.

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