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ATTENTION: For The Creation of Private Groups & Threads

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After some serious arm twisting and some trickery I've worked with the Forumotion people to get private threads to be a thing.  Here's how this works; I can lock sub-forums such that only members of a specific group can see/post/etc. in there.  This means that anyone wanting to have private discussions for Party matters or otherwise will need to petition me for a group to be made for them, as well as a sub-forum, AND a full list of all members, as well as updating if any members should be added or deleted.  If you do not do this, I cannot help you.

It's a bit arduous I know (trust me, it's worse on my side), but it's what I got.

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The Lorerunner
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Oh one other thing. I will also need to know your group's preferred color. (for safety pick like three or four, in case they're already taken, or use nonstandard colors)

The Lorerunner
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