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Wasteland 3 in preproduction, tell your friends

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Wasteland 3 has had a successful campaign on Fig.com, too late to pledge on the site. By iNxile, the same guys who gave us Wasteland 2.

Check out the latest video. Leaves top-down perspective during dialogue (LOVE that) with talking heads (love THAT, and with body animations), plus mounted guns in combat. Plus armored vehicle(s).

As of this post, they are 128,000-something short of the "Bizarre" stretch goal. You can still pledge here:

We could probably get us a little closer, don't you think? Hope this isn't old news to most of you. Lowest pledge possible is $33 for a digital copy of the game and early access. I think it's worth it.

There's more: one last "stretch goal" of sorts that can be reached by liking, sharing, following on twitter, retweeting, cosplaying and drawing fanart, to reach "twenty stops" and they'll "enhance and expand our death animations, so you can watch your enemies die the inglorious deaths they deserve."

You want that, don't you? Me too.

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