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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Three Proposed Constitutions of Echain Are Found Herein

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No draft Constitution, as none would be required or even requested, but the outline of its function is as follows:
Chief Executive of Echain would reside with the current Monarch, male or female (as Echain has traditionally allowed both Kings and Queens equal right and power). The Monarch has the power to represent the Nation at a Federal level, and that power resides solely with them and any they appoint to an office designed for such purposes (for example, a Queen might grant Office of Defense Ministry to, say, KarbinCry and as such his actions would be treated as with the Queen's Authority).

The Monarch's power stems from and is supported by the League. The League consists of any member of the Aristocracy so recognized as being a part therein. Any member who is added to the League, by definition, is now an Aristocrat as is their family line converted into a House, to allow the line to continue. League members may be added or removed by the Monarch, by a supermajority vote of the existing League, or by overwhelming majority of the populace of that House's populace.

The League's purpose is to handle the bureaucracy of running the Nation on a Regional and internal level. These include tax collection, levies, education, food distribution, judicial, post, medical care, police, fire, and safety.
The Monarch's purpose is to handle the National level of events. These include National economics and the minting and distribution of currency, functions and management of the military, Diplomacy at all levels with foreign powers, Law-making, Law-interpreting, Law-removing, Direction and management of research and universities, and overall supreme executive power to over-ride and over-rule all other established governance in the Nation.

Socalist Party

The Socialist Party Constitution can be perused here.

Representative Republic

The Republic Constituion can be perused here.

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The Lorerunner
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Herein shall be found the OOC version of these three for those without the time or inclination to peruse the full documents.

Three Options: Monarchy supported by Lords.  Socialist Party.  Elected Representative Republic.

Monarchy Supported By Lords

With the passing of Zeiss, the players would have to find or elect a new Monarchistic line.
This Monarch would then have the power to appoint members of a new League, who's family lines would become League Houses.

The Monarch would control things at a federal level and have the right to appoint members to any positions they choose, who will act with Monarch-level authority.

League members will control things at a regional level, and have to play against each other and the Monarch to accomplish things.

Summary: Monarch runs country, Leagues run regions.

Socialist Party

Each 'Expanse' (region) has a ruling government known as the Syndicate of the People (SoP).  SoP must consist of locals.  
Expanse SoPs are in charge of local governship and have the power to treat internationally independently.  Also required to adhere to APC's whims.
All-People's Council is in charge of the nation as a whole. Two sub divisions of APC: Commons and Review.
Commons contains 1 Prime Speaker from each Expanse's SoP.
APC elects a Commons Speaker and a Chairman.
Commons Speaker: Neutral conductor of meetings in chambers, approves yearly budget, and represents Commons Assembly.
Commons Cabinet: Enacts will of Commons Assembly.  Elected by Commons Assembly from SoP Speakers. (Commons Cabinet might be filled with NPCs if not enough players)
APC Chairman may take emergency powers under certain circumstances

Reviews Assembly exists only to state opinion on actions of rest of APC. (Might be filled in with NPCs depending on number of players)
Consists of 1 representative from all nationally registered national entities outside government proper.
Reviews Assembly elects Review Speaker.
Review Speaker presides over meetings, represents Review Assembly.
Review Assembly also has right to privately or publicly publish results of their examination or opinion on proposed legislation.

Summary: Commons Assembly is in charge nationally, Expanse Syndicate of People is in charge locally and adherent to the Commons Assembly.  Expanse members are voted for on a per-region basis (IE each Region decides their own voting method).

Representative Republic

Regions run by Governors and Assemblies, voted for by Regional natives.
Nation run by President, Senate, Council
President & his/her appointed Ministers: President has power of veto and to appoint Ministers. Ministers must be approved by Senate because the Senate has the real power.
Ministries include: Foreign Affairs, Finances & Transportation, Defense, Justice & Education & Culture
Vice President serves in President's stead in different time zone for RL purposes
Senate: In charge of Nation, effectively.
Council of Governors: Approves of laws by simple majority

Elections for Senate: Complex, involving Candidacy lists proposed by Political Parties which are voted for, awarding staggered Senate seats based on results.  Individuals/Parties get two weeks to campaign for Senate positions.
Governors are elected via simple majority on single-round elimination
President is appointed by simple majority of Council of Governors.

Summary: Senate runs Nation, Governors run Regions, both are elected, both nominate other positions

Draftees of these Constitutions: First I applaud you on your efforts, it's been wonderful watching you work.  If I am mis-representing these Constitutions (I am typing this all up at the crack of dawn after all) then please, please say something.

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The Lorerunner
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OOC: I support the election of the Representative Republic because their proposal for the creation of a National Bank is not LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

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Representative Republic

There are 4 ministers: Foreign Affairs; Finances & Transportation; Defense; Justice, Education & Culture

President is only nominated by single majority of the Council of Governors, then he has to propose a cabinet and that must pass through the Senate vote of confidence

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you state in the summary of the representative constitution that "...Governor run regions..." This isnt true. Regions are run by their legislature/assemblies and the executive of the region would be the governor. The governor, also, is able to represent the region on the national level in the Council of Governors.

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This is a barebones visual representation of division of power in Constitution of August 29th

EDIT: the image is not showing, so here is a link

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@Grifenknight: True, but A: Summary and B: The likelihood of enough players playing to allow for a Senate, President, Supreme Court, Governors, and Assembly is unlikely. Thus, from an OOC perspective, the most likely outcome is one player will be playing Governor (or Assembly) from a Region.

The Lorerunner
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OOC: I am not merely one man, but a man composed of hundreds of thousands of other people (Don't ask how we did that)

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OOC: I am legion

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Extremely Important: Per consensus all players please vote for one of these three governments IN THIS THREAD with a post. I have a full list of all active players and will be using that to count the vote manually.

The Lorerunner
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I would like to cast my vote for the Constitution of August 29th.

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I would like to vote for the republican constitution

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Representative Republic

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I would like to vote for the Socialist Party Constitution

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I cast my vote for the Constitution of August 29th.

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I cast my vote for the Constitution of August 29th

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I cast my vote for the Republic Constitution.

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I do be castin' my vote for the Const'ution o' August 29th (Republican Const'ution)

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I, Killerbean would like to cast my vote on the Representative Republic!

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22 The heir is dead. on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:48 pm

Representative Republic, for stability we have no choice.

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I vote for the Socialist Constitution.

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I as well vote for the Socialist Constitution

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I place my vote for the Socialist constitution!

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